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  1. Hej hej! I think smell should increase by the mass of meat or gut, that i have, not per unit. its unrealistic, that 0.04kg of meat ahve the same smell increase, that 1kg has. Same is relevant for consumption times of food and drinks, it all takes the same time, no matter how much. And for increasing the intestinal parasites level.
  2. 1. Footsteps at rocks (at the top of Crystal lake overview) 2. stubs at the ravine basin (i guess there should not be any human presence there before) 3. Cat-tail in the bottom near Camp Office at the crystal lake 4. Not working charcoal map at ravine basin
  3. I feel the same (my fingers hurt like hell and it does exactly the same), but as they added the option to switch back to the old way I dont care.
  4. "All profile data will be preserved, however -- this means that all Badges, Feats, and Journals will still be saved." From the save wipe-tread. Well mine are gone. completly (Win 10)
  5. Cant wait to start a new game now^^ Good Job Hinterland. Waiting payed off.
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  9. just read over the anouncements^^
  10. although i like the idea I am not sure about it - as we re in a place far a way from any civilisation or bigger city, who would have those stuff?
  11. I like this!
  12. discussion

    I think you play to many shooters^^ I dont see the nessessarity for this as TLD is not about weapons, but about the silent apocalypse and the decisions you have to make.
  13. I really like those ideas. would love to see this implemented. One thing I am woundering about is, if you would walk faster on normal ways? Those spikes could in some desperation wolf struggles also work as weapon.
  14. Hej hej! I tested some decoy-mechanics today and I realised, that a wolf (and also a bear) just walk to the dropped decoy, eat it instantly and then move in the opposite direction, away from the player. I think it would be better, if they behave like with a hunted deer or rabbit: standing there and eat for a while, maybe sniffing suspiciously on the decoy, maybe scaring a food competitor (the survivor) a bit away or watching him/her if he/she will get closer (which would lead to a charge).