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  1. I'd quite like that mix as well, SweetNightmare. It'd be a good 'Hatchet' combo, where resources are slim and survival against the elements is hard, but the wildlife is in line with reality. I mean, Voyageur is still my favourite mode, but I would like to time-out from the wolf-fear now and again and have that balance. I hope they consider it as a difficulty option.
  2. I'm not a completionist by nature, and I know deep down that there are certain achievements in The Long Dark that I will never be able to master, so the pressure's off so to speak in 100 percenting TLD. I am trying to find all the caches though, and I think the game strikes a good balance in giving you enough information. The only time I spoilt myself in Wintermute was when I was feeling anxious and just had to check a Let's Play to see if Fluffy was inside the dam in Wintermute, because although I've over hundred and fifty hours logged in this game* I still am terrified every bloody time I hear those wolves growl and bark. That sound design is just too good. So I wanted to be forewarned, as laundry bills aren't cheap. * [Only Cities: Skylines surpasses it, a game where I can happily spend a week trying to make the perfect leafy redbrick Pennsylvanian small-town highstreet.]
  3. I think that's going to be my new sig!
  4. 'I Gained Grey Mother's Trust and all I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt. '
  5. Aye, MacKenzie doesn't know it but he's lucky being on Great Bear Island. One of the strong points of Wintermute is that the background world story is actually quite neatly done, and is a three stage catastrophe, rather than everything rolled into one as I thought it would be. I'll be writing a bit about in a future post, and though I may have beefs with some of the dialogue, I think a genuinely compelling apocalypse scenario unfolds in Wintermute, one that has surprised me in its details.
  6. Every time I wrestle with that trestle, to the point where I greatly prefer starting in other regions to try and put off going over that horrifying bridge.
  7. Have you tried throwing stones to distract them? Before you get to the point where you're usually spotted and jumped. Try throwing a stone ahead of you and see if the wolf goes and investigates, then see if you can lead him to a different place with further ones than the one you want to go to. Or you can try slipping around as Monsarona says by going along the gully to the side of the bridge. Try a couple of Lets Play videos to see ideas too. You could also try waiting an hour in a car and see if the wolf moves on. Lighting a fire in the shielded side of the car from the wind will also keep you warm while you do this. You could pull a torch, creep along the shielded sides, and light another fire along the side of the last car on the shielded side. Even the act of lighting a campfire should scare away a wolf, and if you keep it fed and wait for it to approach, it will run off whimpering from you and your fire, perhaps giving you time to move on. Don't forget you can rest in cars as well, saving the game as you do so. With a fire going alongside you might even regain some condition. Wolves are hard to take on early game as you have little in the way of clothing to protect you. Later, as you wear more, you can last longer in fights.
  8. Hi Pandemic, It would be nice to have for those seeking a relaxing experience, though I think difficulty is tuned correctly. If it's worth anything wolves become a little less pervasive in Episode 2 and the flare gun makes for a great, "Wolf-Be-Gone" instant cure. I've come across 15 shells for it so far and have only had to use two. Once you learn a bit how to avoid wolves and note their patterns it becomes a bit less fraught. I've only been bit once so far in Episode 1. But I sympathise, I still jump a mile when I hear that bark.
  9. Yo Long Dark Main Title Screen Soundtrack, I'm real happy for you, imma not gonna move the mouse and let you finish, but Civilization IV had one of the best title screen musics of ALL TIME! (etc.) Yes, I'm really briefly resurrecting that ancient meme. But yes, The Long Dark's sparse beauty is mighty fine indeed.
  10. You get the ski-mask from a safety-deposit box, I think. I refuse to wear it, as it makes me look like a 1960's Doctor Who monster.
  11. Heh, thanks. Read it in the 'Wonder Years' freeze-frame slow-zoom in nostalgia-narration style and it loses some impact. I've got some fan-fic buried away on this forum too, on hold since what I thought was happening in this quiet apocalypse turned out to be hilariously wrong. Still might continue it though. I honestly don't think the writing's bad on Wintermute, I'm engaged and loving the world-building. But yes, I am finding some of the dialogue exchanges a bit too abrupt and in service of game objectives. However I did leave Milton feeling pretty melancholy about abandoning Grey Mother, so mission accomplished there.
  12. Glad to hear you're enjoying it lots, Madre Veronica! Keep showing those wolves who's boss! Alas, while I'm able to deal with them in a dual without too much damage, I'm still mortally afraid of them. They just make me jump every time when they go for me, and this is after 150 hours into the game! Anyway, I hope you continue to get Gimli on their furry asses. I fear Christopher McCandless passed into the Long Dark for real before the game was ever started, so I guess you might have been thinking of another outdoors adventurer and got the names mixed. It would be pretty interesting to watch a Long Dark - Lets Play by him though, it might settle a lot of arguments about his ability to make rational decisions one way or another. Anyway, fun story and yes, I remember watching Stacy of Stacy's Grape Soda too! I can also recommend Fractured Muffin Cake, she's pretty funny, an inveterate stick collector and knows what she's doing.
  13. Just to clarify a previous post, in cars on the radial menu the bedroll option will appear even if you don't have one, it's a visual shorthand meaning 'sleep' in this case. Please feel free to PM if you're having trouble, and I'll help you along a bit with some advice.
  14. I think I remember it being said by a dev that wolves and wildlife basically move for five minutes of the hour. So they will move along their patrol routes etc, but not in real time to your sleeping. So probably around a half minute to a minute of real time movement.
  15. Pop the Mackinaw on top of McKenzie's jacket and you'll get a nice protection boost, making it even easier. Though I'm a veteran Voyageur player I'm enjoying the level of difficulty, though I think there are a few too many matches, pieces of cloth and sewing kits around, whilst an extra knife found some place wouldn't go amiss - I'm two hours into Ep.2 and I'm still using the plane debris knife! I do play very cautiously though, I've only been physically attacked by one wolf so far and have been able to scare two others away. I think the difficulty level is about right for new players, and it's enough to make me pause and consider before committing to an action, whilst still not being too tense to enjoy the story and mood. I'm yet to die, either! Can't wait for that rifle.