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  1. I don't think the coffee is the problem here. It's the fact that you can't rest because you're 'not tired' even though you character is nearly dead that did it.
  2. IMO quartering should be better but require some levels in carcass harvesting to use.
  3. I think if rest as a resource should continue to be a thing it needs to be more forgiving. Basically the only way to sleep through the night is to work yourself to exhaustion which leaves you weak if you end up in a wolf fight. Since they changed the game such that nearly all activities require light and running light sources for hours to do some time wasting activities (like repairing clothes) is just an insane way of resources that part of the game both doesn't feel fun and doesn't feel intuitive.
  4. If you are cutting off the hinges I don't see how jamming them is an issue.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. I don't understand why it 'ruins' the container so you can't open it. What is that exactly supposed to represent happening?
  7. IMO rest as a resource is one of the least immersive aspects of this game. I having to constantly consider if my daily activities will make me 'tired enough' to get a full nights sleep is not something that the game design should be encouraging.
  8. Any kind of multiplayer would require radically changing core design elements. There are no plans for this.
  9. Yes there is a single deer spawn in the heavily forested side.
  10. Seems like the kind of WIP graphics you would see in an alpha. That said they are talking about a release soon so maybe they didn't have any plans to add this.
  11. Marsh Ridge is a great place to live in FM using a snow shelter inside the half cave area. There is the cave with loading screen if you need to cure guts or a blizzard gets too intense, deer and rabbit spawn, lots of wood, and you never need to worry about wolves in your home base area. The one downside is that it is far from the crafting bench and forge.
  12. That sounds fine as long as it doesn't slow down the game and increased saves doesn't increase the chance of save corruption. The biggest issue I have with saves right now is with Forlorn Muskeg because interiors are so uncommon and there's no good way to force a save often I have to lose some significant progress or sleep in a position that is a bad idea if I need to quit playing.
  13. I don't think it would make a less compelling experience at all. It just feels wrong that a perfectly healthy person could die from cold without ever waking up (https://www.woot.com/blog/post/the-debunker-will-sleeping-in-extreme-cold-kill-you) as if you were mauled by a wolf in your sleep and the game didn't wake you up but simply let you die. I'm all for game difficulty but given this is a survival game it's important that the way the player interacts with the world *feels* natural and realistic, note that this is not the same as *being* realistic. It's also important that the game feel fair, which is why bears don't ever just maul you to death even though that would be more realistic. Another example of a game mechanic I dislike for very much the same reason is the 'rest as a resource' mechanic. The idea that the best was for my extremely injured character to heal quickly is to go out and repeatedly climb a rope to exhaustion so he can sleep more just feels all kinds of wrong. And the constant minigame of trying to manage your rest bar so you can sleep through the night but not suffer extreme penalties just feels very gamey and not fun. It pulls me out of the experience. Does it make the game harder? Yes. Does it make the game more fun? No. There are so many ways the difficulty could be increased that would make the game more compelling without feeling unfair or unfun. Just some examples: Dramatically reduced healing rate Reduced wildlife spawn to make hunting harder More danger from wolves Reduced loot (esp tools)
  14. I still think this is terrible game mechanics. If you go to bed warm and your reach freezing you should wake up. That's how it happens in real life and it would benefit the game if it worked this way. A death like that just feels cheap and it cheapens the game experience. If you go to bed cold on the other hand....