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  1. When it looks cold even with a fireplace lit.
  2. Yup, I'd also like to disable the fire UI. It's just unnecessary. You already had the three tabs for fuel, water and food, and they looked better. It makes no sense AT ALL (for me) to change that for a dull black screen with 3 options. Sadly though, I don't even believe a Dev is going to read this thread.
  3. This!!! Please make a forum post in the wishlist section here about it!
  4. Agreed come to think about it. I am all for a more immersive experience with uncertainty and guesses whenever possible, so if there was an option to turn off the arrows I'd be all for it. Listening to the character non-verbal feedback and the ambient sounds around seem way more fun than having an indicator telling you precisely what is going on indeed. Another one of the reasons I liked the old UI was that the hunger icon would be over the "hunger line" on its bottom. So basically when reaching about 200 calories (if I'm not mistaken) the hunger icon would look as if it was empty. It was a bit like hitting the reserve fuel on the car and not knowing when it would go out. There was an odd but pleasing feeling about it as I'd be desperate to find more food.
  5. I was watching some "Predux" videos to help me getting out of Hushed River Valley and couldn't let of noticing the UI. Really, comparing both is sad, the old one was simply so much better and it blended so well into TLD environment. There are some unnecessary changes and decisions the Devs make that I'll probably never understand.
  6. Temperature (and taking notice of when you're doing more effort depending on the steepness of a slope on some occasions).
  7. Although he might be talking about the PC version, on the Xbox, if at all different, simply changing the HUD size is not really that effective. I made a thread here asking for an option to bring the UI back, stating why changing the HUD size does not fix the problem and that the size itself is not the only problem, but so is the brightness and proximity of the arrow to the symbols:
  8. Same here! I was thinking I was the only one to be bothered by it, but it seems like not. The colourful and bright pictures with a small text just takes your mind off what you should be thinking about and breaks the immersion so much.
  9. Performance is a lot worse in the xbox as well. I'm not sure if it has to do with the Story mode, but ever since the start with the plane crash up to checking the Gas Station for supplies (where I left) the FPS is noticeably lower.
  10. That's another reason why I liked the older one better, you must have kind of a feeling for it, not absolute certainty - although if you wished to know in details your calories at least you could always open the menu. Hahaha same. It disturbs me SO much! I'm always expecting it to go clockwise and it goes the opposite direction, it's so weird. Gonna be some time getting used to it.
  11. Hello. I'm not sure where a feedback about the latest changes should normally be posted, so I decided to post here on the wishlist anyway. I'm really loving pretty much all the changes made both to Wintermute and Survival after the "Redux" patch, nice work guys! But also, while I didn't want to be that guy, I must say that for me the new UI feels like a serious downgrade. While the last one felt so much more immersive, having a beautiful draw style that looked so The Long Dark-ish, this newer one feels like some sort of compacted mobile game duller one. So, not only I have to say I absolutely didn't like the design and art style itself of this newer UI, but the symbols/icons are also either too small or too big (when selecting the HUD size presets) and the arrows pointing down/upwards by the side of those symbols -that indicate whether a necessity is increasing/decreasing - are barely visible, once they are just way too small and too close to the symbols themselves. Please, allows us to play with the old UI again, perhaps making it an optional setting or just reverting it as a whole. Thanks.