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  1. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    This was an odd idea I had, and not sure how it would work with TLD lore: can we expect functional microwave ovens during the aurora? It would be great being able to heat that freezing cup of coffee or tea during one of those cold aurora nights when you just don't feel like or can't make a fire, and could use that extra warmth bonus together with some caffeine or tea to keep moving or recover some condition.
  2. I am not one for titles nor intros

    Upvoted, though I don't agree with everything. I don't think this would have any gameplay impact really. Who's to say he wouldn't drop the rifle while harvesting anyway since it's just an animation. Would be cool if the devs have the time, but not anything necessary I'd say. Not sure how they would implement #2. The main problem about fog isn't not telling a house apart from a lake as you stated, but telling where you are in relation to other markings you've done. I'd like having more uses for chacoal and, mainly, a way to decrease the time, which is the number one reason I don't map locations as I hate losing time and freezing/starving/getting thirsty outside while I could be on the move, especially on interloper. I believe this is already in the game. Interesting. I would also like an increase chance of spraining an ankle when sprinting over uneven terrain with heavier or worse shoes/boots (maybe also proportional on the item's condition). I'm not sure if this is the case already, but sprains seem much more like a random event than an immersive player-related one. Absolutely. I really wanted a reason not to starve during interloper, which I basically feel like a mechanic exploit. This with the malnourished/well nourished debuffs/buffs related to the character conditioning as well would be awesome! Yes! Based on last Milton Mailbag posts, the devs already stated that a scope is not in the plans and wouldn't be that simple to implement unfortunately.
  3. The Long Dark Hotfixed to v1.36 [39433]

    *[WINTERMUTE] Removal of Metal Shard at the opening of Episode One now happens automatically. But, why though??
  4. 'Wolf Fear' working as intended?

    Why doesn't this comment have dozens of upvotes?! Please, post this on the wishlist! The wolf behaviour you described would be so awesome!
  5. Toggle Old Search Bar mechanic back

    Exactly! This is just what I felt. The mechanic seemed like a small thing, but only after losing it I could notice how awesome it was.
  6. Toggle Old Search Bar mechanic back

    Yup, even though I'm a console player, I do think that too. Although I prefer the older (and, in a way, simpler) UI. Guess I'm an odd console player xD.
  7. Toggle Old Search Bar mechanic back

    Please, read it again. If it were written yesterday, this quote from the article "as that once innocuous 'Searching' bar takes on a whole new level of urgency and importance: whereby the closer it gets to completion without spoils, the further your heart generally sinks." wouldn't make any sense. So yes, it would read differently.
  8. Toggle Old Search Bar mechanic back

    Yeah, I don't get why they changed it. Same for the windchill cover icon. It used to be a wind symbol by the side of a shield icon, it was intuitive and everyone playing would know what it meant. Now with the current symbol, I still don't know what that's supposed to mean (looks like a tribal tatoo or something haha). I had to googgle it to understand the first time, thinking it was a new implementation of scent or something.
  9. Toggle Old Search Bar mechanic back

    I believe you didn't quite get it or did not have the game when the old mechanic was present. The antecipation is not quite the same since items, now, only show up after the search has been completed. Before, in the searches that could take a few seconds, this antecipation was really felt since you had a chance of finding an item during any part of the search (be it at the first second or the last second before the search completes), therefore it would make you feel more and more hopeless the more the search bar moved and nothing was found. So no, it's not the ring, it's not it being in the middle of screen, it's about the mechanic, which has been pretty well explained in the article.
  10. annoying eclipse circles on screen

    I noticed this as well on the Xbox, like circular layers of different brightness. It's exactly like the OP said, the different coloration does not seem seamless, but in layers. This doesn't annoy me, but I think the game would look nicer if it was seamless.
  11. Yeah, although challenges already exist, it would be nice of Devs to focus back a bit onto the challenges, as I feel like they have been forgotten since story came out. Maybe they could create more complex ones and update the Nomad one with the new regions.
  12. Greetings from Texas!

    Welcome, mate! I can relate to you. I downloaded the game from the Alpha/Preview version and was amazed. The 60 minutes trial expired, so I got into another account and played for more 60 minutes, deciding to buy the game right after. Although the game is officially out already, it's still being developed and enhanced. In case you hadn't checked yet, here's the latest Dev Diary update, where they mention about some of the planned features: Also, I'm an Xbox player as well. Although my console is out for repairs (I believe the HDD is dying), feel free to add me if you want - GT: Arch3rAc3. Cheers.
  13. Dev Diary - February 2018

    Thanks! Made a thread here: Would be nice if we could get some reactions there, so it won't be lost in the limbo of the wishlists xD
  14. Keep TLD As It Is.

    Maybe, they are. As a new player during the Preview/Alpha version of TLD, the first thing that came to my mind while climbing the lookout on Mystery Lake was "Nice! I'll probably find a binocular up there and be able to scan the area so I can find a house/shelter to go towards later on", and even after not finding those binoculars up top, I was still decided to find one somewhere else, until I decided to search on the internet and be dissapointed that they were non-existant in the game. I won't have the need of them there now, as I already have the whole map on my head (taking away the amazing feeling of being lost), but I do think they would be pretty cool in identifying structures far away. As a second example, the Comms Tower/Signal Hill on Pleasant Valley. I'd always see the tower far away and only after quite a lot of time playing on that region, I decided to go towards it - since I thought it was just a far away landscape unaccesible texture. If I had a binoculars, I could have seen that the mountain was climbable by rope and that there were objects around the tower, becoming aware that it was much more detailed than the landscape textures (not objects) and probably accesible to players. The use of the binoculars would not be to survey an area for wildlife (as TLD uses a spawn by proximity/point of view feature - which is a shame but probably done like that so our systems won't have to keep track of every animal in real time), but to find far away objects and buildings (like those darn houses you're sometimes going towards in a time of despair just to find out, when you're freezing and there, that they were all destroyed and you should have went there another time). It would also have been pretty useful for me as well in Forlorn Muskeg, so I could have seen which areas were accesible and what possibly could be there, helping me decide when/where to move. Of course, they should be pretty hard to come by and would barely have any use in bad weather. But it would help, especially new players, and would be a cool, immersive and natural addition to the game (unlike, again, the Orbital Defense Grid). Cheers.