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  1. [Xbox] Can't download the game

    Update: Yes, as I thought, after switching the system location to United Kingdom, the game shows up as the first result after the search "The Long Dark", and it allows me to install it on Xbox. There seems to be a bug going on with the brazilian store page then. Quite a lot of people saying the game is gone here. It's also weird how the game seems to work after installed even if I switch back to Brazil in my system location. It just doesn't let me install it in Brazil.
  2. [Xbox] Can't download the game

    Hi. Thanks for the reply, but it's still not working. When I search for it on the store, "The Long Dark" does not show up in the games list. If I get to the game hub and then access the store page, it says it's only available for PC. This seems like a regional problem though, when checking the game rating in portuguese (brazilian) I can see there are a lot of 1/5 stars rating and people saying the game is gone from the store. I don't see any bad rating from comments in english though. When accessing microsoft store page in portuguese-brazilian, it also says the game is only available for PC, as if it was taken out from the brazilian store somehow: https://www.microsoft.com/pt-br/store/p/the-long-dark/9nfkn56zbmr0 - I wonder if you access the link it will show you the same thing. When I get back on my xbox, I'll try changing the system location to US or UK and check the store again to see if the game is available for xbox in these regions. Thanks.
  3. Hey. I bought The Long Dark a couple of years ago during preview, but been able to play ever since. A couple of week ago, though, I had to restore my Xbox to factory settings, deleting all of the games installed, trying to troubleshoot a problem I was having with a console update. But now, for some reason, I can't find The Long Dark in the store or in the "Ready to install list". On my PC, I went here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/the-long-dark/c41zdfq82m1g and since it says I already own this game, I clicked on "Install on Xbox One", but nothing happens in my xbox. Browsing through some screenshots I took, saved on xbox live, I managed to access the Game Hub and go for the Store page in my Xbox, but I do not have the option to install the game, it simply says it's not available for this device. Scrolling the screen down a bit more, I see only "PC" listed as "Available On", as if the game suddenly was not available for Xbox anymore. Any idea of what's going on and how can I install the game again? Thanks.
  4. Hello. Seems like there's a problem with some of the custom values, which are: Starting Weather Wolf Spawn Distance Wildlife Detection Range All of these values reset to the default when I start a new custom game, and I also believe they're not being applied in game. Now, although it's hard to tell if the Wolf Spawn Distance and Wildlife Detection Range are working as intended, I can easily notice that the Starting Weather is not. I'm always trying to start a new game with Heavy Fog and I always get random values, as if I set it to random instead of Heavy Fog. On the last 5 games I started, I got two clear weather, two heavy/light snow and one light fog. Since I can tell this is not working and it's one of the 3 values that's resetting to default everytime I start a new custom game, I'm also afraid that the two other values are also not working. I've checked the last patch notes and I didn't see any fixes for this, so I believe the issue is still present.
  5. Less Smoking

    And I assume it also emits light? Because it's so dark outside to the point that you can barely see the reflective snow, but at the same time you go blind from your own breath.
  6. New Region: Deep Woods

    Yes, totally, +1 (for this highlighted part!) I actually agree with everything you said besides that this wouldn't be an interesting region. I'd love to have a huge forest, risk getting lost and be forced to hunt - this, with the features you mentioned.
  7. Pause for a Journal entry

    Agreed. I simply can't even think about doing this in interloper since every second counts, and every "freetime" I have by the fire I'm actually doing something important that will help me in my long term survival, unlike in Stalker or difficulties under. Also, time passes faster in TLD than it does in real life, so I really don't think my character would take that long to write something (even with shaking hands) - especially not as long as I take in the xbox, so unless someone has a USB keyboard connected to the console, it takes like 5x more time to write notes. Maybe it would be nice if time slowed down to 1 for 1 real time scale, we wouldn't freeze time - as the character is doing an activity: writing - while it also wouldn't take a imense unrealistic time that can doom your survival playthough.
  8. Extended map discovery based on elevation

    I believe marksmen in the military must learn how to judge distances and draw sketches of the area, both by using their own eyes as by using optical gear, such as binoculars: So really, I don't think that's any near impossible, it's just a skill one has to learn. Now, I don't know how skilled a bush pilot would be in this case.
  9. Revert UI? (Optional maybe?) [RANT]

    At least on consoles, there used to be a HUD option on the settings where you could choose from "Full", "Minimallistic" and "Off" HUD modes. Now, only the first and the latter are available to choose from. I thought that maybe we would be able to change the HUD style by using this option, but they managed to make it even simpler, forbidding players from choosing what they like. I just wanted the old search mechanic/overall interaction system back...
  10. Revert UI? (Optional maybe?) [RANT]

    Thus the "optional" at the thread title.
  11. Revert UI? (Optional maybe?) [RANT]

    I know, I stated that in my last comment. Again, it doesn't apply to everything (such as the radial), neither does it revert to the old searching system, as I was hoping it did. The circle in the middle of the screen still has to fill up the same way. I did not complain about the radial. I complained about the radial not staying open with a single click (as a toggle mode instead of a hold mode - this is one of the things that doesn't change even if you activate the hold mechanic on the settings). I like the radial, it's very useful. Do people want to go back to the "days of excessive text everywhere with no images"? Who said that? The inventory icons are cool enough for me. I don't believe the old status UI (without the icons, but the bars) were excessive text as well. As for the clothing system, it works, although not perfect. I do like the new clothes details, but it's kind of weird how you can't equip items directly.
  12. Revert UI? (Optional maybe?) [RANT]

    Haha, you just click on "Quote" and then delete all the text you're not replying to. Afterwards, just click on Quote again and repeat (not sure if there's an easier way xD) Yes, that makes sense, having everything based on intuition. I guess I'll just have to get used to this, although I didn't like it very much yet. Well, so I wasn't the only one :D. Sometimes asking for so much intuition can make things very confusing. Yes, I think they should actually revert the invetory UI/system, this one is only making me waste time on menus. It's difficult to scroll, select and move items, especially on the controller. I really liked the one before the Faithful Cartographer update came out. Not sure, but I believe that before the new clothing system came out, you could equip clothing without having to place it on your inventory first. It would be so much easier if we could do this. It was pretty sad when I saw this gone. It was, in my opinion, one of the coolest features in the game. And it was barely ever irritating, most of containers would barely even have an item. The only time when it could get a bit annoying was when looting the cargo crates at Timberwolf Mountain, since it could have a lot of items - although I never felt annoyed by it. Yeah, I tried activating that one click mechanic, but then it kind of just holds the button for me - so much for me hoping that it would revert to the old looting system. Also, it doesn't seems to affect everything as I was also hoping, for example holding the LB opens up the radial menu, but my button is not working very well, therefore sometimes the game thinks I released the button, closing the menu. I really wished that the menu would stay open after I clicked LB and would close only after pressing the button again.
  13. Revert UI? (Optional maybe?) [RANT]

    But then people can open up a menu and resume on doing the same. The only difference is that now it's about two clicks aways instead of with a single click. The calories are still there as a number for example, we just have to open the menu to see it now. Ttherefore this change still makes no sense for me. I'd really like an UI option on the settings. The last one was perfectly functional, doesn't make any sense for them to throw it away.
  14. Revert UI? (Optional maybe?) [RANT]

    I don't know. It is playable, but, as shown on the article I linked, the last one was way better. I just loved the searching mechanic. It's just too dull now. Yes, they did, although most of the time they'd only show up in the screen when you wanted them to by pressing a key. It was way easier having the bars with the small text on top (saying peckish, hungry, etc). Now I have to open menus to know. It just doesnt make sense the character not being able to tell how hungry he is by the icon, but then telling exactly how many calories he has by opening the menu. It was so much easier before, now everything requires opening a menu for some reason. I'm sorry, but it's not nearly the same. It's not anywhere close as the same. This was the wind icon: https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/intothelongdark/images/6/65/Windshield.png/revision/latest?cb=20170201053204 Now it looks like a tribal tatoo of some sort that nobody can tell what it means. Just like the scent icon made me though my character was partially on fire or even carrying hot food or a flaming torch on the inventory. I had to google it for a couple of minutes to finally know that the scent icon actually meant scent. https://postimg.org/image/bzspkyzot/ And then you have to click again and again so you can start moving items around. I can't even scroll between different categories with other buttons anymore. Now if I'm on the item selection I have to press B to go back, scroll up or down with my D-PAD or Left Stick, press A on the category I want (switching the window focus to the inventory screen) and then move an item around. All the last changes made players have to waste more and more time on menus for things they could easily do before.
  15. Revert UI? (Optional maybe?) [RANT]

    I've had a long, deep thought about this while also analysing older gameplay footage, and - although different from my last opinion while on the test branch for the Faithful Cartographer patch - I do believe, now, that this new UI was a serious drawback. To start with, yes, I'm a console player, and the new hold to interact feature is totally annoying even for us with a controller. The last interaction method was perfectly fine and I seriously just can't see a reason for it to have been changed. I loved searching a drawer, for example, and getting excited while the search bar would be coming to an end, hoping to find an item. Now it's just DULL, you hold the button, the cricle fills up and everything you found is simply added in the end (assuming you found any item). This article says very well what I mean, and I do believe this was one of the biggest drawbacks from recent patches. Please, just *don't* try to fix something that is already working http://www.pcgamer.com/why-i-love-the-long-darks-painstaking-search-mechanic/ Secondly, the status indicators. They looked cool in the beggining, but I'm starting to miss the old ones with the bars showing exactly how much hungry, thristy, etc. I was. Now the hunger icon for example is all messed up. When you have around ~100 calories left you can't even see it on the icon because it's borders take the place where it should be filled. I want the direct, absolute values left. I wanna know exactly how many hours of daylight left my character think there is. I wanna see the status bars as a whole, from empty to full, without having to open menus and menus. I seriously wanted THIS back, please: https://youtu.be/3RNjoahoguw?t=240 3rd-ly: The "sheltered from wind" icon. What in the world is even that icon supposed to mean? Why would you change the last one, it was absolutely intuitive! We had a wind illustration just beside a shield icon, that made perfect sense and even a 5 years old could tell what it meant. Now I can't even make out what the new icon is. I had to check 3 times the icon would show up when I was next to a rock to be sure it meant I was under cover from wind, but I still have my doubts. The inventory. Not only it has totally been changed from a fully functional one, now, after a patch, you also have to click twice so you can get into the inventory item selection itself. It has basically been patched to function worse. I'm sorry if I sound angry, but it's frustating for me, as a player, to see you guys doing all of these bad decisions prior to launch after years of positive development. The game became duller after it was great. It would be so, so great if we could revert to the old UI through a settings option. Mainly because of the (already cited) new interation system. If I, with a controller, am already frustated with this dumb hold-the-button feature, I can't even imagine what PC players felt. If only we would have received the option to use the new UI instead of being forced to do so... This, added with multiple other small annoying undesired and unnecessary changes to the game (which I won't note here, since we'd be getting way off topic) have basically made me not want to play TLD near as much as before. I was so excited to get and start playing it again after wintermute came out, but I have only touched the game twice for a couple of hours since story mode was launched. I have totally lost that excitement and desire to play this.