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  1. Tales Of Tasha (1.45, SW7)

    They're really just lonely and want to play. @Timber Wolf could tell you, he made friends with one.
  2. Tales Of Tasha (1.45, SW7)

    I see - thanks for the explanation re difficulty level. That's right. Next time it will be Deadman-Sasquatch. And you're only allowed to eat raw bear meat
  3. Tales Of Tasha (1.45, SW7)

    New story I can follow from the beginning.... excellent So it's essentially Deadman with a bit of recovery while awake and rest not as resource? And minus the feats.
  4. A Few Dead Men

    Yep, considering the area of the map (36 km2 compared to 16 km2 of ML), the bear density is not too high.
  5. A Few Dead Men

    Glad you enjoyed! When a thousand suns set behind the Dam, the man from the Styx shall return, so the prophecy says.
  6. A Few Dead Men

    It probably is. I arrived at the top of the rope and saw the bear below, so I made a campfire and decided to wait for it to leave. Before the water was done, I saw another (?) bear approaching me at the top of the rope, so I quickly packed up and climbed down. I thought I was surrounded by bears, but perhaps it was the same bear in both cases
  7. A Few Dead Men

    Yeah sorry about that. I'm not in the TLD state of mind these days. I wouldn't make a good run Thanks for giving me bearings on that bear. This means I met four bears in PV in two days. One at Signal Hill, one under Signal Hill, one at the Farmstead and one at the Barn. Unless I'm mistaken, there are four possible bears in PV in addition to these, for a total of eight. It's Bearville there.
  8. A Few Dead Men

    I still don't get clear direction & distance from the howls, so for me it's not a radar - just permanent howling all over the place I think a lot people are happy with the extra capacity. I often read survival accounts going like "I'm hauling !@#$ kg of stuff from base A to base B". Players that like to hoard supplies - and carry them to their bases to look at them there - will always welcome more capacity because hauling stuff isn't fun. On the other hand, I often get to the situation where I decide to leave valuable things behind simply because I need space for other, even more valuable things. That's the kind of decisions that makes the game interesting.
  9. A Few Dead Men

    By the way: I met a bear near the PV Barn - is it the same bear as the one at PV Farmstead?
  10. A Few Dead Men

    Although I'm not in the mood to start another deadman, I launched a few short runs out of curiosity about the latest update. Observations: some nice visual improvements were made to frozen water surfaces and to fires (both campfire and torch) wolves now howl so frequently that it becomes annoying game sometimes crashes when saving (either complete crash or the screen turns dark) - this wasn't happening before the update I like the stats of the rabbitskin hat, it's a great addition and does not make the wool toque redundant I don't like the well fed buff, it adds too much carrying capacity for too little effort and, to a large degree, removes the need to decide what to take in the backpack and what not to. 30 kg capacity was, in my opinion, the optimum to make this decision-making interesting. I'd prefer having a 2-5 kg penalty for starving to an easily achieved 5 kg bonus for not starving.
  11. V1.44 Interloper Run

    I see a consistent push to take this type of exact information away from the player - some two years ago it was possible to get exact clock time from the journal and hours remaining of daylight from the UI overlay, now all we have is the sun/moon symbol. I expect that calorie store will go next. I'm fairly indifferent about it - it was helpful initially to understand how the game works, but at this stage I no longer care what my condition exactly is.
  12. V1.44 Interloper Run

    That breath effect (and, in general, any other glowing fog effects in the darkness) annoys me too. If there is no light source, how can it glow in the dark?
  13. V1.44 Interloper Run

    @Hotzn returns!
  14. The name is Walker, Sleep Walker

    You mean, TWO POINT EIGHTY-ONE LITERS. I'm wondering how far one could get the rifle skill firearm without ever firing the rifle.
  15. A Few Dead Men

    Thanks for following the story! I also feel that the terminal encounter with the wolf is inevitable. No matter how good you are, at some point something will work against you. The wolf growled after I dropped the bait, which was probably an indication it was still following me, I should have paid attention to it. I've never been in this situation before and won't repeat the mistake next time, but I'm sure something else will happen anyway. I'm thinking of launching another deadman after the holidays, until then I've just got too much on my plate. I should also watch some games of cricket to get some tips on rabbit hunting.