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  1. Thanks everyone for your support! I'm actually far from mastering the game, for instance I still cannot hit anything with the bow or rifle, unless it stands in place. So I'm still going to have a lot of fun with TLD. Incidentally, life has caught up with me as soon as I hit 100, so I will be posting fewer updates. Snowball 47 lives!
  2. I waited until the character said "Looks I survived another night" and then measured one hour to get the exact time at sunrise But it's easier just to check when the temperatures are lowest.
  3. Thanks guys! I'm surprised myself how far I made it... I'm using up non-renewable resources, but in terms of food and firewood it's pretty much sustainable. TWM is a survivable map on Interloper, without bedroll and improvised tools. How much fun you can have there is another matter Exactly, and it makes perfect sense when the survivor is not supposed to have watches. The experience and measurements made before we lost the clock will be a unique source of behind-the-scenes information until they change everything again. There's still a way to measure min/max temperatures of the day by checking the stats regularly at dawn and in the afternoon. For TWM on Interloper I can say with good confidence that post-Day 50 temperatures are in the -40 to -50 range in the morning and -30 to -35 in the afternoon (without blizzard).
  4. Snowball 47 / Day 101 Snowball 47 has survived 100 days in Timberwolf Mountain. Only 20 matches are left, but at the current rate they can last at least 60 more days. The deer did show up: several days late, but it did. And you know what? I'm leaving it alone. Fish are plentiful enough to feed me. The only reason I really want the deer is the hide, because I will need to repair my first pair of deerskin pants in about ... 50 days. Or maybe earlier, to keep my temp bonus up. At the same time, I don't feel like investing an extra match and firewood in the hunt and in the processing of the deer. If the deer survives into my next counter-cabin-fever session due in 3 days, and the conditions are suitable, I will get it then. Firestarting: 20 matches, 1.42 L fish oil Medical: 12 pills of antibiotics, 2 bandages, 2 OMB wrappings, 1 stim, 5 rosehip tea, 19 rosehip buds, 13 resihi mushrooms (2 processed to be ready for making a drink) Clothes: Thin wool sweater (73%), wool socks (63%), cotton toque (19%), wool toque (82%), wool scarf (61%), deerskin boots (93%), 2 pairs of deerskin pants (97%, 83%), rabbitskin mitts (91%), trail boots (98%). Bonus is at +11°C / +7°C Food: 14.9 kg cooked fish, 10.5 kg raw fish, 60 cattail stalks, 3 boxes of crackers, 3 herbal tea and 2 coffee Fuel: 195 sticks, 6 coal, 4 cedar, 1 fir, 10 reclaimed wood Tools: Flare pistol with 2 flare shells, hacksaw (24%), heavy hammer (46%), 1 flare, 4 fishing tackle Material: 5 cloth, 5 leather, 2 rabbit pelts, 3 guts, 3 scrap metal
  5. Yes, or it was moved somewhere where I couldn't find it. The journal only shows full days survived.
  6. Snowball 47 / Day 100 It appears I missed the deer train. Deer was supposed to appear on Day 97. I planned to spend that day (and Day 98 as well) in the fishing hut to fend off cabin fever, but I lost track of time due to the brief distraction of the Story mode. Instead I mostly remained in MH with a short and very successful stick collection run towards the bear cave at Echo Peak East. Surprisingly, Day 97 didn't bring cabin fever risk, and the deer did not appear either. I was looking out for it on Day 98, already from the fishing hut, but when there was no trace of the deer, I went back to my fishing routine during the night. While fishing, I think I overheard the characteristic "moo" sound of a deer dying, so I believe a wolf got it while I was occupied with the fishing tackle. I caught more than enough fish, though. Unfortunately, the survival clock was removed from the journal and it is no longer possible to determine the exact hour and minute. This is going to kill many branches of "TLD science" that depend on reasonably accurate timekeeping. I can't properly keep track of indoor/outdoor hours anymore, and I can't pinpoint the right time of the day to take temperature measurements. Determining the fire duration bonus, like I did a while ago, would be nearly impossible now. I know I've never been supposed to do this, but I'm going to miss these options.
  7. I regret to say that I gave up after a few in-game days. The game is easy, insanely slow and tedious. I'm just tired of fetching stuff in exchange for "knowledge" and looting a never-ending supply of drawers and cabinets. The real value of TLD is in the Sandbox/Survival Mode, and that's where you'll find me.
  8. Thanks.... I remember whenever I fell though the ice in FM I've pretty much had it. I didn't know it doesn't drain you completely on Voyageur.
  9. Doesn't falling through the ice automatically induce hypothermia? How do you cure hypothermia and move around so heavily loaded (incl. rifle) when hypothermia makes you almost immediately tired?
  10. You learn quickly. I read a tip somewhere on this forum that dramatically improved my success rate, to the point that I completely stopped using snares. It's an interesting feature and I like it, but in my opinion, there's no choice at all. If you don't need the rabbit, there's no point in trying to catch it in the first place. You always kill. I only released it once to see what it looks like.
  11. Oh, those exciting first days of an Interloper run Thanks for continuing to share your story. It's 30 minutes now. I think it used to be 20. In my experience, you can sleep safely for 10 hours before dehydration stops the healing. It makes a huge difference - the 10th hour adds 4% to your recovery.
  12. Yes, I wouldn't be surprised if there are small differences. I started gathering data but it will take forever.
  13. Snowball 47 / Day 93 At the end of the successful fishing session I calculated the moving average of indoor hours over the past 6 days: I spent 102 hours indoors, so one two-day session in the fishing hut per 6 days can keep me free of cabin fever risk. With the second pair of deerskin pants I can also survive outside temperatures of -50°C inside MH. Therefore only an inconveniently timed blizzard can force me to spend more than one match per 6 days. And indeed, since day 81 I've only used 3 matches - 3 matches in 12 days. If I can limit my consumption to 1 match per 4 days, then my matchless day is Day 181! Interesting development. But before that happens, I will run out of cloth, and this will, in turn, reduce my clothing bonus and force me to start fires more often. Let's see who wins in the end: hacksaw, hammer or matches. Or a wolf
  14. Snowball 47 / Day 91 During the last counter-cabin-fever fishing hut session I finally reached firestarting level 5, again, as the first Snowball in history. Some time ago there was discussion whether the combination of outdoor fire duration bonus and firestarting level 5 could allow me to run permanent fire in the fishing hut, eliminating the need for matches. The answer is no, as I can clearly see now: since day 51 I've been collecting 16 sticks a day on average, not counting coal and sticks brought in from more distant areas. To keep a fire burning for 24 hours, with all the bonuses that are available now, I would need about 90. No way. Based on your advice here I decided to keep track of time spent outside and inside. Here's my current record: Day 88: 23/1 (indoor/outdoor) Day 89: 22/2 Day 90: 22/2 Day 91: 21/3 In total, I spent only 8 hours outdoors over the last 4 days and the benefits of the last stay in the fishing hut will soon evaporate. I'm running out of food anyway, so Days 92 and 93 will be fishing/cooking days. Firestarting: 23 matches, 0.88 L fish oil Medical: 12 pills of antibiotics, 2 bandages, 2 OMB wrappings, 1 stim, 5 rosehip tea, 19 rosehip buds, 10 resihi mushrooms Clothes: Thin wool sweater (77%), wool socks (70%), cotton toque (29%), wool toque (89%), wool scarf (66%), deerskin boots (94%), 2 pairs of deerskin pants (99%, 84%), rabbitskin mitts (94%), trail boots (99%). Bonus is at +11°C / +7°C Food: 4.2 kg fish, 8.7 kg raw fish, 60 cattail stalks, 3 boxes of crackers, 3 herbal tea and 2 coffee Fuel: 234 sticks, 7 coal, 4 cedar, 1 fir, 10 reclaimed wood Tools: Flare pistol with 2 flare shells, hacksaw (24%), heavy hammer (48%), 1 flare, 4 fishing tackle Material: 5 cloth, 5 leather, 2 rabbit pelts, 3 guts, 3 scrap metal 90 days survived.
  15. Oops... In that case I'm moving the piece of fir I've been saving from "material" to "fuel" I've already scrapped the tools. I think it's still very likely that the hammer and the hacksaw will both outlive me, but if I were to live for 150 days or so (i.e. if I had one more box of 12 matches), not repairing these tools would be a serious mistake.