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  1. I think you are right. I've also noticed that adding a coal dramatically increases the range at which the heat can be felt away from the fire. An absolutely amazing run, keep going!
  2. Yeah... extreme interloping isn't for everyone, most survivors probably prefer to sit on the patio on a sunny afternoon, sip birch bark tea and watch rabbits hop around in the snow
  3. True. I tweaked it a bit, it should now be 8MHM-/z8M-Dw++-AcKm-fgAA
  4. It's a nerfed down deadman I started for test purposes: 8tnA-/h8P-Dw+r-wZhG-eAAA Because of low weather variability and high blizzard frequency, an eternal blizzard engulfed PV and I was forced to cross it. I kept drinking birch bark tea along the way to keep my condition up, checking the % in the journal in a similar way as @LkP shows.
  5. I believe the old one still applies - 8MHI-/z8M-Dw++-wSWm-bAAA This is what was unthinkable on a pre-birch deadman... running around in a blizzard.
  6. Strange - I have all condition recovery set to none (asleep or awake) and BB tea works, I get 5% condition after every dose.
  7. So that looks like design decision rather than a bug with the blizzards. I've just exited into a blizzard, thinking it was a fog - I had to check the dropping temperature to find out what the weather was But the removal of background music surprises me - I thought Hinterland considered its approach to music a success - although I turn it off, because music is not a deadman thing, you have to listen up at all times. And yes, I was approached by a silent wolf recently too. Go ahead and give deadman a try - it's still one of the hardest modes out there. I think it's an achievement to live 30 days in it, birch bark or not. Once you hit 40 or 50, things become quite easy. Funny, stairs don't seem to be a problem to me, or I just don't notice.
  8. I put Deadman 13 to rest and started a new sandbox to play with custom settings and try out the new features. It is based on deadman, including no healing, but stalker base loot (although with inteloper densities), rifle, low animal populations, medium item decay and low weather/wind variability. The improvised head and hand wraps came in really handy and I still wear them on Day 8 because I just didn't luck out with clothes. I like the idea, they are an interesting option without making things too easy. Birch bark is a reliable elixir, you don't find it everywhere - but the Ravine is a birch bark paradise, I found 14 pieces there. Sprains do make more sense and there's more of them in store for me now. If I have to pay for situational awareness with sprains, then so be it. People get eaten on the beaten path. Revolver ammo is common, I've found enough bullets to arm a few bandits and rob the Bank of Milton. No revolver yet though. The new aiming mechanic looks good, makes sense too. Energy drink makes you rested for a while but the effect is gone fairly quickly. It is followed with a headache that has next to no effect and goes quickly too. Could be useful for climbing a rope or outrunning a wolf when tired, not much else - unlike coffee, it doesn't extend your day. Blizzards have gone quiet. I miss the howling on the wind, indoors and outdoors, it was a really nice sound effect. I can't believe someone thought it would be a good idea to switch it off. Or is it just on my PC? They put a wolf on the sprainy hill between the lake, river and railroad tracks in Mystery Lake . Nearly killed me. Birch bark starts with a B. Cattail head starts with a C. Do you know what it means?
  9. I don't know yet how much tea you can make - I haven't been able to find more than two pieces of bark in one place. The fact is I haven't been paying any attention to bark until now. Maybe the amount of birch bark spawning in the world was reduced. That's true, but then I can make a rule "Anytime I see a cliff, I must run and jump off" As @BareSkin says, I'm looking for rules that come naturally because they are part of custom settings, or at least are easy to follow. It's fine with stims, because there are few of them, or with outerloping in regions like TWM, because it really takes a decision to leave that region. But dying surrounded by magic birch bark medicine seems just stupid
  10. Every new option added to the game makes it easier... and since Hinterland thinks that 'punishing experience' means recovering 30% each night, we shouldn't be surprised that we get 5% from a cup birch bark tea. This is a punishing experience: recover nothing. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nichts. Nada. Be a deadman.
  11. Deadman 13 / Day 24 Deadman 13 wakes up into a post-update world - Steadfast Ranger. I plan to start a new game, but for now this deadman can be used as a testing platform. The main question is: does birch bark kill the deadman idea? As soon as it is passably warm, I move to the westernmost cabins (only one is standing) to reunite with my supplies. While resting there, I regain my well-fed bonus, which is going to make the rest of the journey to Trapper's much easier. Instead of the Lake Trail, I climb the rope and take a shortcut to the Rail Tunnel. I pick up two pieces of bark on the way and fully test the sprain mechanic on the slope above Rail Tunnel: I sprain a wrist. Apparently now I can hold a gun as long as I have one good wrist. The pain effect is enough to be annoying, but not enough to warrant the use of painkillers. I return to Trapper's and meet an old friend. I am out of water - I let that happen on purpose, to save weight - so I quickly make one liter to stave off thirst, then start making snares while two full pots are getting ready (impossible until the previous update, remember?). I make three and place them on the rabbit run, then return to the fire and prepare three doses of birch bark tea. I take one tea before sleeping for 5 hours and see my condition improve by 5%. Then I repeat for another 5%. Deadman 13 / Day 25 I begin working on deerskin pants - I'm not retired yet but I figure some proper clothing will be helpful for my trip to FM - and especially back from FM. However, food is the priority, and while I manage to get 5 hours of work on the pants, the rest of the day is spent processing 4 rabbits - two from the nearby run and two caught at Max's. Whenever I'm outside, I keep one eye on the moose, but it doesn't give me trouble. I test the third birch bark tea - the healing benefit seems to be quite fast, I estimate it takes about 2-3 hours the get those 5%. I end up at 69% condition. Deadman is dead - there now is a free, renewable and relatively abundant source of health - and calories. It's still a challenge, but the spirit of deadman - condition as a finite resource - is gone.
  12. I only watched the video, but it looks like another fantastic update. It's going to steal many more hours of my life Thanks!
  13. You hereby forfeit the right to use the name "Bareskin"