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  1. Bear Spear (hype?)

    I kind of hope this bear spear means they're going to fix the deer AI to stop them running at/through you when they're fleeing. If you're going to be able to hold up a spear to impale a charging bear or moose or wolf, it'll bring what is already a pretty dodgy behaviour in deer into sharper focus.
  2. RNG Gods

    Think of it as a bonus. You can now eat as much bear and wolf meat as you want and it makes no further difference. It also disables Rest as a Resource, so you can sleep as long as you want to recover condition and/or save calories. Al you need is a few pills/mushrooms, and it doesn't damage you much anyway.
  3. Supplies at risk?

    I'm just going to delete my saves and start a new run, I think. I want to play in a world where I know where stuff is in places I've been.
  4. WARNING! Personally, I'd rather delete my save and start a new game than wreck up my current one by moving things to a new region ( and back again ) because of a game update. But if you're looking for an excuse to up sticks and move bases to a different region, I guess this is it.
  5. Milton Mailbag-- Dispatch #18

    Yeah, I think they're a good addition to the game, and give some people a project to work towards. I personally don't use them because I prefer to start new games with a fresh character unaffected by my previous ones. As long as we can always choose not to use them, I'm happy. I'm not terribly bothered whether they expand on them or add new ones.
  6. Bear Spear (hype?)

    My guess is that it'll either be a forge-crafted item, requiring a LOT of resources and time, or else it'll be a fairly rare loot-only find. If it's not forge-able, my guess is that it won't be available in Interloper, or "Baseline Loot: Low" custom games.
  7. Many items

    A lot of houses and cabins have curtains and bathroom towels in them which can be harvested without a knife for 2 or 3 cloth pieces each. There is an incredible amount of cloth available in the game from this source. For example, the Coastal Townsite alone has about 200 pieces of harvestable cloth, depending on how many of the houses are intact.
  8. Harvesting Charcoal

    What would be cool (if it's not actually completely unrealistic?) would be if you could heat up charcoal in a fire, then put it into a recycled can and take it away with you to use as an ember for starting your next fire. It could have a certain time-limit for remaining hot enough to be used in this way, and be 'ruined' after such use, so that you couldn't map with it.
  9. Bear Spear (hype?)

    I like the idea of that! It'd make for an exciting set piece moment in the story. I'm interested to know what they've done in the Redux regarding the mission to take Jeramiah's broken rifle to the workshop to fix. It bugged the hell out of me that you weren't allowed to use this rifle on your way back. I had a working rifle, I had ammo, I came across a bear on the railway tracks in Forlorn Muskeg, and I couldn't use the rifle to try and see it off. It just felt ridiculous.

    I'm kind of hoping they're going to adjust the clothing slot system for headwear with this update. Otherwise people will just wear two rabbitskin hats all the time, and scarves will become useless. It's just about plausible that you can wear two wool hats, one on top of the other, and that gives you more warmth than a hat+scarf combo, but two rabbit hats on top of each other doesn't seem like it'd feel right to me.
  11. Many items

    You did. When you cook fish, you get a small amount of oil from it, which you can then use in your lamp.
  12. Many items

    Have you ever tried fishing?
  13. Will dogs ever be added in-game?

  14. Milton Mailbag-- Dispatch #18

    I would like to! I think this is a pretty cool system and kind of under-utilized right now. I agree they are under-utilized. I've never used them ever.
  15. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    What's the thing you're most excited about in the Redux? The biggest improvement as you see it?