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  1. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #23

    The way I look at it, Wintermute is a commitment that Hinterland have made to their customers. Survival Mode isn't. You could perfectly argue that Survival Mode is 'finished' in terms of the product. The fact that HL have continued to update it (for free!) with new features as well as fixes, and have consistently indicated that these (free!) updates will continue in future, is fantastic for us gamers, but it's not incumbent on them to do it. It is very generous of them nonetheless. But the game was and is marketed as including a 5-part story-mode as part of the base purchase. Until that base commitment is completed, I just think it looks bad if you start charging money for new content. I'd happily buy DLC before or after Wintermute is finished. But I don't think it's a very good idea from a customer relations point of view to release it before Wintermute Ep. 5. I've read several times @Raphael van Lierop over the last couple of years commenting on how he and the company take review score averages (on Steam, for example) and customer feedback pretty seriously. That's a good thing, I think. He's also admitted to having made a couple of mistakes when it comes to player feedback and relations - the 'countdown to the countdown' thing and the initial Wintermute release in August 2017 not being up to their own standards are examples. I think releasing paid DLC before completing Wintermute would have a similar negative effect, and they're wise to be reluctant to do it. I don't think they should.
  2. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #23

    I disagree. I think Wintermute ought to be finished before any paid DLC is released - Wintermute is supposed to be part of the base purchase of the game, and the full release version isn't truly 'finished' until Wintermute Episode 5 is out. I'd be really excited to purchase and play new paid DLC after that, though. Looking forward to the new Devblog, by the way!
  3. Episode 3?

    Wintermute is supposed to be a "Season" of episodes. You can't release one episode every year and call it a Season. I think 3-4 months between episodes is about right. Six months would be pushing the limit. Otherwise, people will forget what was going on in the story and lose interest.
  4. Poacher's Camp my new favorite hunting grounds

    I haven't set up camp there since I was attacked by a bear while asleep in that train car. If this is still a possibility, It'd rule it out for me.
  5. Regarding The Choice With Hobbs

    The problem for me with this choice was that I am not Will. I'd like to think that if I found a badly wounded criminal (even a murderer), that I would do what I could to ease their pain. Except, I don't know how I would react if I knew that that criminal had harmed, possibly quite badly, someone close to me who I care deeply about. Will is clearly angry with Hobbs for that reason. But I'm wasn't. I know that Astrid is probably alright, because I know that Astrid plays an integral part in the story later on. But Will doesn't know this. As a game/story choice, I think it would have had much more impact on the player if we ourselves had been given the chance to make some sort of emotional connection with Astrid before coming across such a dilemma: if this type of decision had been presented to me in Episode 5, after I'd spent hours in-game playing as and getting to know Astrid and her story, then it's likely that I would have felt something more genuine about a character who hurt her, and it would have affected what I did next much more. For me, it wasn't a very convincing moral choice, for that reason. I pulled the knife out because I reasoned that it probably wouldn't make any difference to the story or my progress in the game either way, and I didn't feel like killing someone just for the sake of it when there didn't seem to be any reason to.
  6. Funny Moments

    I got killed like that once. I was in the middle of breaking down a crate in the Maintenance Shed when the aurora started, and I must have been standing on a cable. Zap... Dead.
  7. Old Bear's cut scenes continuity issue

    Yep. I thought exactly the same thing at that point. It made me think that perhaps I was meant to have had an encounter with the bear during the trek across Forlorn Muskeg, and had somehow missed it. There was no apparent reason for the bear to be "not so cocky now" because I hadn't had the chance to "go full Grizzly Adams" yet. All I'd done was make the spear at the forge and walk back. I wasn't even carrying it in my hands, so how did the bear even know about it?
  8. why those illogical mechanisms?

    This could be an interesting new mechanic if they introduced it. They could have the same relative ease of walking across the top of shallow snow on hard ground as we have now, but restrict it to the common paths or main routes across maps. There could then be deeper snow, which would be slower and more hazardous to traverse in more 'off piste' areas. Places like TWM would be primarily made up of the latter, making the trek to the summit (and back) more challenging - and therefore more of an accomplishment. Desolation Point and CH would be primarily easy walking along roads and trails. Mystery Lake and Pleasant Valley would be more of a mixture. It would make certain short cuts or wolf avoidance routes more treacherous, but perhaps giving a risk /reward balance.
  9. My ideas

    There is no point in adding more guns. There's already 3 different items that can be used as weapons to kill animals (soon to be 4 when the bear spear gets into Survival mode). And aside from bears, which you can avoid by just keeping your distance, there's fire torches and flares to help deter dangerous animals. The only reason to add more guns is some whimsical notion of "variety". But why not add more variety to food items, clothing items, books, tools, animals, etc., before you start putting more guns in?
  10. New World: Siberian Wilderness

    Don't start!
  11. Allowing Research to Occur in 0.25-Hour Increments

    Ah, you can do this! You can cancel the fishing action. This means that you can put a fish on the stove to cook (say 45 minutes), then start fishing for 1 hour; when the accelerated time progress bar reaches 3/4 full, thats 45 minutes and you cancel the rest of the hour to tend to your cooking. Maybe they could implement that for other time-accelerated tasks like reading or mending?
  12. Allowing Research to Occur in 0.25-Hour Increments

    Yes. But it's better than it was before when you didn't even have the option. It would be nice if you could read or harvest items or mend items in smaller increments to fit your cooking time, but if something is cooking for 45 minutes, you've generally got time to spend an hour-and-a-bit doing something else before it burns, anyway.
  13. why those illogical mechanisms?

    Dragging tree limbs would be cool...
  14. why those illogical mechanisms?

    I agree with general premise of the OP that making things more logical to real world experience is preferable. I think that if you base the mechanics on the real world (or at least the effects of the mechanics line up with with real world experience), then they tend to balance themselves against each other. When you start abstracting them too much, you end up having to fiddle with everything to make them fit, and you probably create weird loopholes and exploits. To address the above quote directly, you can create that sort of experience for yourself if you play in a certain way. By forcing yourself to live in the Mountaineering Hut on Timberwolf Mountain, you bring collecting firewood as a crucial daily task into the survival equation. You can make hunting more difficult by turning up animal detection ranges as far as possible in the custom menu. You can turn their population rates right down as well. That doesn't totally solve the problem you're identifying, but it goes some way towards it. You're not going to be able to change the harvesting time for branches and tree limbs, probably until modding becomes officially supported. And when that happens, I expect there will many different mod versions that try to make the game more true to life.
  15. why those illogical mechanisms?

    Start a new game with Custom settings and turn the hunger rate to its lowest setting. That should mean you have to eat a lot less. But if advise you to also turn the loot availability and animal populations right down as well, or else you might well find that you have so much food that you don't have anything to do. Finding food is what drives players to get out into the world and expose themselves to danger. That's why the calorie consumption is unrealistically high (and animal meat yields are unadjusted low) in the standard modes. Without that, you're just sitting around waiting to get cabin fever.