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  1. I'll have to agree with @Stormwolf1O1. Quincy's Quonset is the best long term base in my opinion. It can be quite dangerous, especially for inexperienced players, but for those who are experienced enough exploit the potential dangers, it can be quite a bounty. Not only do you get a lot of meat, hides, and guts, but archery, and cooking skills improve quickly. The townsite pack isn't always there and culling them only uses up 1-2 arrows and will make the townsite quite safe for about 20 days. Apart from the townsite pack, there are two deer areas (there used to be four), a local bear has a foraging route right through town, and there's a rabbit area right up the hill, past the bear cave. The houses contain a lot of cloth from curtains as well as potable water from toilets. Also... tonnes of storage. Apart from the Quonset hut, Hybernia would be my second choice. Again, wolves and bear close to shelter, easy to harvest. Deer and rabbit area just a short walk to Little Island. Forge nearby at the Riken which makes Hybernia the perfect starting base for me. Then there's the coast right outside for beachcombing. Third would be the Mountaineer's Hut. The problem with this place is the absurd lack of storage. In stalker it always ends up cluttered after the assault and the subsequent inflow of stuff brought back from the summit. Fourth would be the Old Spence stable (not in interloper though). As long as you're kitted up well and have matches/ferro rods and a mag lens, surviving the night shouldn't be a problem. It'll use up your hatchets like disposable razors but there's a forge right there. Wolves and deer close by and the bear can be lured using a slice of meat. The rabbits however, are quite far. The biggest problem is the 300 meter, sometimes wolf-ridden, walk to the cave for curing hides, guts, and saplings. Camp Office takes fifth. It's pretty unspectacular but it's quite in the center of things. The bears are always quite far though. Lake cabins have harvestable cloth now which is good. The farmhouse would've been higher in my list if only PV's climate was better. I swear, whenever I think about PV, it's the wind and the blizzards that first come to mind. The Prepper's Abandoned Cache would've taken sixth if only the bear that forages around the blind spawned consistently. It's still in PV but the terrain helps block the wind most of the time. It's also a good storage area for the loot from TWM. The Trappers cabin takes eighth. Except for the severe lack of storage space, it's not bad (it's not a problem in the Old Spence stable because FM doesn't have a lot of stuff to store). The biggest problem with Trappers is that Camp Office is just right there. Everything reachable from trappers is reachable from camp office just by spending 2-3 more game hours. The maintenance shed is okay but BR just lacks resources in general. Has anyone found any birch sapling in BR yet? The bear is far which is a bit of a problem. The barn sits at tenth. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so dark. It doesn't have a bed but you can sleep in the truck without using up your bedroll if you store your bedroll before you sleep. About five arrows on the target outside in all difficulties except interloper. Although the hunting lodge has a bed, a windproof fire, and a workbench, the difficulties one has to go through just to harvest the bear from this place is ridiculous. This, along with BRs lack of resources, puts it at dead last. The most efficient way would be to go down the rope, pick up the stuff and go back around on the road. Even if you don't use the rope back up, you'll still tire yourself much more than any other shelter with a bed, a windproof fire, and a workbench.
  2. You're making things look more complicated than they really are. Astrid didn't "just leave," she went to get help. There was no way she could get to Will and help him on her own. There was a 15 meter cliff, a death sentence for anyone stupid enough to test such a drop, especially when they just barely survived a plane crash. She went to get someone who knows how to rig ropes, enough manpower to help lift Will out, maybe even someone to help her with emergency care (she just survived a plane crash, not to mention she's probably exhausted, her judgement could be compromised), ropes, and a spine board or rescue basket.
  3. Walk around in circles like an idiot looking at the warmer/colder indicator in the UI to see if I was getting "closer." My first ever spawn was the spawnpoint just east of lookout too so there was nothing I could use to orient myself.
  4. Because Will Mackenzie cares about her and wants to make sure she's okay.
  5. Wow... This version is really old. If I'm not mistaken, in this and many of the older versions, you could keep the wolf from attacking for a while using a flare dropped just in front of you while you brought your rifle (did this version have the bow yet?) out and shot it.
  6. Not enough sticks spawn down there to maintain one.
  7. Some people call him Scruffy... The only remaining indoor wolf, now that Fluffy has been removed. Shoot him with the bow, you won't lose your arrow. He's got nowhere to go...
  8. Yep... Well you could go there in an exploratory run like I did, but don't go don't there in one of your long term stalker or interloper runs. There must be some sort of bug. There are also no resting ledges along this rope climb... Maybe it isn't completely finished. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ On the bright side, the ravaged wolf carcass is still there... Along with two ravaged deer carcasses and what I think is frozen corpse, but it seems to be buried in snow or logs or something, the only indicator are the crows flying overhead and the backpack.
  9. This is from the patch notes of the latest update (v1.14): I'm guessing that "river area" refers to where this wolf is... Imma check it out once I have time to play.
  10. I've found more than one in several games. All in stalker mode. Don't know about the other modes. In the few games I've played in interloper, I've only ever stored rifle books "in case I find the time." I'm playing 100+ days stalker at the moment and I'm current in the process of reading my second copy of "Guns! Guns! Guns!" I'm on my way to the summit of TWM, maybe I can find a 3rd copy in the cave up there. If that happens, I'm pretty sure that will be the first time I've ever found three. I'll post it here if I do find another one.
  11. Good find there mate... One of these days, Imma start a fresh Voyageur run in BR and run right off that bridge to see if I can spot it on the way down. If that's the case, we're screwed... I have never, in all the times I've played, found a Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.
  12. I've never had any problem with hides. I've carried up to 5 raw rabbit hides from Jackrabbit Island back to the Quonset in stalker difficulty, crossing wolves along the way. Got about as close as 10 meters before shooting some, no behaviour change. Never had any wolves turn my direction and start trotting. Basically there are two separate mechanics involved: 1. If the player is carrying smelly items that were directly obtained by harvesting a carcass, the wolf (or bear) will visit the carcass before following the player. If the player drops all smelly items before the wolf reaches the carcass, it will stop and resume regular behaviour. If the player picks up smelly items directly from the ground, the wolf will follow the scent directly to the player. 2. If a wolf (or bear) encounters a decoy item while following a scent, it will eat the decoy item, be distracted for a few seconds, then resume following the scent. If a wolf encounters a decoy item during regular behaviour, it will not eat the decoy item. It's basically an interaction between these two mechanics. Lets say that the player harvests smelly items from a carcass, moves 100 meters away from the carcass, and a wolf has detected the scent. Any decoy items in between the wolf's starting position and the carcass, at the carcass, and/or in between the carcass and the player will be eaten by the wolf as long as the player doesn't drop all their smelly items and either doesn't change position or continues along the previously traveled direction. A wolf will not eat out of a carcass it didn't kill.
  13. My method is pretty much the same as @Mroz4k. The only difference is that I don't necessarily divide the meat into 3 batches (even though it usually gets divided into three batches). If the bear is near enough to my shelter then I'll take each batch to storage as soon as I harvest. My goal when harvesting is to get all but the last batch of meat harvested ASAP. If a storm moves in before I can take the last batch then that's okay since as far as I'm concerned, the last batch is going on the grill right after being harvested. So as long as the last batch doesn't get below 40 percent condition then it's good since cooking raises the condition of meat by 50 percent. After I've harvested all the meat, I might want to take the hide and guts. It might be two days after making the kill before I take the hide and guts but that's okay since hide and guts are always at 100 percent condition when harvested. I little tip: if you have meat near your carcass, don't take smelly items (meat or gut) directly from the carcass to storage. Drop those items first then you can pick them up and take them to storage. After harvesting smelly items from a carcass, as long as you don't drop those items, wolves or bears will visit the carcass before making a beeline to your position. If they find meat near the carcass, they will eat that meat. If you pick up smelly items directly from the ground, wolves or bears, will follow the scent directly to you without stopping by the carcass first.
  14. Before the Wintermute update there was chance of items spawning there, that metal box, cans, pills... I guess that Hinterland just forgot to remove the possibility of that box from spawning after the update.
  15. Don't get attacked by wolves. This old thread is littered with tips on how to avoid attacks: