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  1. Exactly.. and if you read my original post.. thats exactly what i suggested.. a bucket.. a rag and soap.. thats it
  2. Love the idea.. call it "Charred meat" and as you stated low calorie and weight, but eatable They really need to add salting foods in the game =D
  3. Yeap. and most of them lived up to around 30-50yrs. lots died due to infections and diseases. So yeah.. not exactly healthy for you =D Thats actually correct, i wouldn't want bathing to be life and death, nor a health spam ordeal, but more as a secondary treatment for overall health. You "don't" have to bathe or forced to be bathed, but it will affect your % chances of catching diseases/infections raising the overall risk factor. So at your convenience it would be suggested to bathe and keep yourself healthy. Btw its already on the roadmap to include primitive fire making skills http://hinterlandgames.com/the-long-dark/roadmap/
  4. That a good point.. Since there are tubs ingame, its not so hard to model them like the Toilet (water container) but you are allowed to xfer water into the tub.=D love the rest idea also! Little details like that will add to the game!
  5. I like the idea and 100% agree!!, as long as the act of making clothing items helps increase the mending skill tree. This will help alleviate the stacks of pelts people horde up. lower skilled items degrade faster and have slightly less heat/wind resistance then higher skilled items. Kinda agree, my only concern is the limitations of materials to make bows and shafts. I don't think the maple/birch trees respawn over time no? but i do love the idea tho. Flinting arrows and knives should be in the game IMHO. its how arrows where made back in the day. I never understood how you have to "forge" arrowheads. i think metal arrowheads should be made by using the hammer on the workbench. Stone arrowheads should be made by flint knapping, requires higher skill in archery (4?) Long term injuries that last weeks or are permanent. Broken bones, wood chopping accident mishaps. You can heal up eventually, but not quite fully. -- i would love this idea and have suggested something similiar before, but this should only be reserved to Stalker/interloper mode only.
  6. One of the biggest overlooked feature in long term survival is hygiene. Hygiene plays a very important factor on overall health. The longer you stay dirty, the easier you are susceptible to bacteria and viruses. In other words.. yes, you do need to bathe! Considering we are carving carcasses and battling wolves, we need to take care of ourselves! My suggestion: Add the ability to bathe to the game. On your health/injury screen add a slow buildup of dirtiness... 1%..3%.. 5% etc. that will take days, weeks (whatever devs feel comfortable). The longer you go dirty, the easier it is for you to get sick. (catch a cold, flu, fevers, infections, etc) Your character must regularly bathe in order to keep yourself healthy. Items needed: Towel: Make towers lootable ingame. You can still harvest cloth from them in inventory, but now you can use em to give yourself a shower. Soap: Make soaps lootable ingame, found in homes. Have them work like whetstones in such that they degrade over usage. Bucket: Add a bucket lootable ingame. Buckets can be found in random locations. How to bathe. Bucket needs to have water filled in. You cannot use snow, you must use clean water, i would say 4L should be enough? or 6? Soap in inventory and a towel. You must remove all clothing off your character (you are bathing after all) Bathing will take around 20-30min? The act of bathing will lower your body temperature as you are wet. So make sure you are nice and toasty before you start. And tada! you have kept yourself clean and tidy! other thoughts on hygiene: You should also wash inner clothing (your longjohns, socks, toques and sweaters) should also be susceptible to getting dirty as it is in direct contact with your body. You need to wash them and dry them out in order to keep them clean. You need to use the soap and water to wash out your inner clothing. (30min?) and then you need to hang them to dry. (2hrs to dry?) This could add synergy to indoor activities as you do other things around your shelter while you wait for your clothes to dry off. Other ideas: Buckets should be used to collect snow to melt, always found it strange i can be indoor and magically make snow appear to melt and boil. Use a bucket to collect snow outside, then use that to melt on the fire. Pots: Pots should be lootable ingame as well. Pots are needed to boil your water. No pot.. no water, Simple as that. Thoughts?
  7. I think the act of sitting on the couch should give a minor rest bonus as you are comfortable sitting.
  8. This right here, also there are shelters that have multiple exits.
  9. You will need to run your rear off and go get the reishi shroom that is your life and death. So over and get the shroom. As Scyzara mentioned you need to grab every bit of twigs you see along the way. to start a fire Can you find some small furniture to destroy in a nearby house and get some reclaimed wood? That will help your fire last longer, may be able to make your tea and rest a bit for an hour outside or two (weather permits) If you can make that fire hot enough and the weather holds.. you can sleep outside for a few hours. Option B: There is a cave right below the Lookout tower in the top of the Map (will need to slide down the side of the mountain or use the mountaineer rope if its there) You will need to do your best to haul ass over there and try to make it in there. Do you have Coffee with you? this will help you combat the Fatigue loss and give you a bit of calories.. if you do.. make 2-3-4 cups of coffee and run back to indoor shelter. Use that to coffee to survive the cabin fever indoors. Even if it means you got to wait RL time for daybreak. Gluck!
  10. Archer, it gets VERY VERY COLD, more cold than normal, so even if it looks clear and nice outside, the temperature is like -40 outside and inside! You have to have fire pot inside house and start a fire quickly before you freeze to death
  11. And thus the reason to have a portable shovel with you =D
  12. + Empty Highway to nowhere - A long stretch of Highway going through the wilderness..The highway stretches around a winding mountain.. with a steep cliff drop to one side then winds down to a flat landscape of emptiness. cars just frozen solid in a giant collision with a tipped over Tractor Trailor (Could be the log tractors delivering from coastal highway) logs spilled all over the place. Corpses still in the cars as a result of fatal collision. A small Rest area on the highway abandoned. (possible man made shelter) the highway ends at a long broken suspension bridge crossing a giant river. The bridge will have a maintenance door leading down to some basic tool supplies, somewhere in the middle of the highway will have a smaller road intersecting it with its on and off ramps. There will be a road sign saying "Route 61A North - Nelson's ski Lodge" on one side, and "61A South - Cooperstown" on the other. A small gas station is nearby all empty and neglected. A small trailer park Sunnyville is nearby the gas station with a few trailer homes. + Emergency Rescue / Ski Lodge: The side road that came off the Highway above will lead to a landscape semi rugged with high hills,and a mountain with a small ski lodge on top. The Ski lodge is abandoned, with some small cabins for guests to rent. There will be the typical ski lift that had its wires broken and the seats splashed all over the place on the snow. An intact cable wire zips down one side of a very deep ravine where small tram would move people from one side of the mountain to another (Will you dare to zip across the cable onto bottomless death? run out of stamina and its bye bye) at the other side is a small station for skiers to hang out with a small winter bar, The skiers prep area to go down the other side of the mountain. On the opposite end of the map is hill that will have a a very small airfield with two frozen/destroyed helicopters, one is on its side destroyed, maybe half sliding off the mountain as it attempted to take off but failed catastrophically.. debris scattered everywhere. the other is semi intact. this one has an open bay as most rescue choppers have with some 1st aid supply. A Small Control Tower with a Maintenance Hangar and a "red cross rescue flag" flag post with the flag waiving in the wind. a refuel vehicle beside the hangar, and a small facility for the rescue men to live and eat. some bunk beds, a small kitchen etc... in between is rugged expansive terrain with hills and mountains for the skiers to enjoy. + Cooperstown: The other side of that same 61A going away from the lodge is Cooperstown, a small town which is nestled in a very small valley between mountains. Unfortunately for you, Cooperstown was victim to a GIGANTIC Avalanche, two thirds of the town is completely buried in snow. You can only make out a few rooftops, also a colossal boulder came careening down the mountain with it and wiped out a good chunk of the town. You can see the gouged trail in the side of the mountain where that monster rock just slid down and ate the town. Smaller ones smashing into cars and the side of a house or two. There are only a few houses/markets still intact and some houses semi accessible due to being half buried in the snow. The rest of the terrain is semi flat, and has part of that river where the highway ended. It has an abandoned small furniture factory roof caved in and exposed to the elements. (possible fire?) Where they would pickup the logs delivered and manufacture them. There is also a small frozen Marina with several boats locked in place. One has a small bed inside and is habitable. Thoughts?
  13. suggestion

    i concur, little more taste of realism.
  14. love the idea!