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  1. You passed the hardest part. Keep up.
  2. 350, but then I stopped play. I still have the game saved, and use it to run some experiments.
  3. Sometimes, after you finished the cooking process, when you don't pick the item, and use the move button instead, the meat will ruin instantly. I don't know if this bug was solved.
  4. There is a third, in a fixed locatiom, near the rope to Timberwolf Mountain
  5. Very nice. I made one of these myself, but your are very well done! Thanks for sharing.
  6. That car is a known location for a rifle, since I remember, long time ago. One of the places I use to look on CH.
  7. When you are in a rock like that and shoot a bear, when he's going behind you to maul you, just drop to the other side of the rock, the bear will flee from you and you'll be safe.
  8. Don't leave food on lockers, it will vanish if reaches 0 condition. Drop it on the floor, and it will last forever (if you have level 5 cooking).
  9. When you need to use the Rosehips tea to get calories, drink 9/10 of it and leave only 15 calories, so you can still use it to heal sprains.
  10. This one I know well. I use to spend a few nights there every week, to fight cabin fever.