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  1. Being a bear of very little brain...

    I sort of suspected that, but wasn't sure. Being a bear of very little brain...
  2. Being a bear of very little brain...

    How the hell do you get into the custom difficulty menu? Durned if I can find it, or do I have to start a new survivor? Answers in words of one syllable or less please ( being a bear of very little brain...)
  3. Beach-combing data

    I have an absolute terror of thin ice, which means that this cowboy doesn't do beach combing, and sticks to dry land or the railway only as far as possible in FM.
  4. Aurora and mines.

    Apparently as she started before the storyline, no northern lights for her.
  5. Strategies for hunting Bear with Bow

    As said here, shoot from a tree, I've found that it doesn't have to be that high, the one at the end of Crystal Lake that only seems to rise maybe 3 feet or so will do it. That or be within a few steps of a building such as a fishing hut, or it is one with a loading screen, you need to exit again pretty quickly or the bear heals it seems. If he has lost sight of you, he appears to also lose interest in you. Just my experiences so far, and I suspect that Paddington will cure me of my hubris next time I poke him...
  6. Four Days of Night Event Returns! (Steam Only)

    Or 07:00 GMT 28 Oct.
  7. Blood splash = Kill?

    That's likely what happened with the bear then, Paddington was not a happy camper, and I ducked into a trailer to escape his wrath.
  8. Blood splash = Kill?

    I've shot at a few animals lately, both with bow and rifle, and have seen a definite blood splash, but the animals ( a bear with the rifle, and a deer with the bow) seem reluctant to die even after a good bit of time. I was under the impression that a hit meant a kill, perhaps not right away but with in a day or so, and somewhere on the animals usual patrol grounds. Dunno about the deer, but the damned bear is still toddling about after 3 nights.
  9. Xbox One - No Aurora?

    That's rather annoying, I've got one game running now at 120 days or so, and I really hate to abandon her as she is doing very well.
  10. It's a BEAR!

    The bears can enter fishing huts now? Since when?
  11. Blazing trees

    I know that compasses are out of the question due to the electromagnetic thing, but surely we could blaze trees with the hatchet to mark our way, one blaze outbound, and two inbound. I used to do this all the time when hunting.
  12. Rifles in Survivor Mode

    I pretty much only play pilgrim and voyager, and have always eventually found a rifle on every map, occasionally 2 or three. even without the hunting bunker spawning. I don't even bother carrying a rifle into a new map now, just deposit it in the nearest building or mine when I leave an area and carry 10 rounds or so with me. Right now my character is on TWM and her nearest rifle is at the farmhouse in PV, ammo in the bunker just before the transition to TWM. I've gotten good enough with the bow that I don't really miss it.
  13. Seniors?????

    61 here, old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyhow...
  14. What is the first thing you did in the long dark?

    I spawned on the railway line in ML on a dark and stormy night, and eventually found the Camp Office. I think it took me about ten days to figure out that I could melt snow for water, so I was thirsty a lot, but subsisted on the various sodas, water bottles that I found and peaches.
  15. Aurora and mines.

    Ah... so that's my problem, she did start before the story mode. I hate to abandon her though as she's doing pretty well.