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  1. Me too, but I thought it best to stop short of putting words in others' mouths. People nowadays love to take statements from 3 months, 3 years, even 3 decades ago and assume they're still gospel truth. Sentiments change. General consensus, though, so far seems to be that it's highly unlikely to happen. :-) -H
  2. Raphael and team are not much for the word "never," but let's just say there have been multiple strong assertions aimed at steering players away from hoping for multiplayer. Maybe actually try the game sooner than later? Worst case, you wouldn't like it, but you'd stop yourself from waiting around for something that's not likely to ever come. And you might have a lot more fun than you were expecting. :-) -H
  3. Remember when the last update's preview had an ambiguous description for what turned out to be the Well Fed buff? If their plan was to add variety, that's what they'd say. The fact that it's just one item implies it's something special or unique compared to existing food items. -H
  4. *non-chalant post-2018 bump* (Pretty pretty plz, @Raphael van Lierop... <3<3<3) -H
  5. *quietly looks up from tidying his shelter* Huh. Could have sworn I heard something just now. ... *shrugs and goes back to arranging matches* -H PS. Awesome idea. Holler if you found one.
  6. I'm aware it was touched on in their Reddit AMAs. I wanted to give them a chance to speak to it again here, free of a separate or social-media-specific context. I'm not much for the reddit wing of the TLD community. They espouse and protect toxicity way too much in there. -H
  7. One of the most compelling — and surely daunting — ambitions the team has ever disclosed to the community has been making The Long Dark's sandbox have all four seasons instead of just one. Is this still on internal roadmaps, and can you talk about some of the challenges and opportunities it would present? -H
  8. Been teasing this one for weeks and it is finally out! Spread the word if you know someone trying to learn the game, and please feel free to join us in the comments section to share tips & answer questions. Hope you all thoroughly enjoy. -H
  9. I. Cannot. Emphasize. Enough. How much I agree with every word from the OP. This is the easiest change, too. Just tweak existing transparency of an already transparent set of layers by ~50%. I really hope it makes it into the coming update. Including the troll hallucinations. -H
  10. Hadrian

    Little Things

    @Fuarian, after reading this list, I think I might love you. Hope you're okay with that. -H
  11. @stratvox Adding a dreaming mechanic the way you described it would be incredible. One of the most fitting suggestions from an atmosphere standpoint that I've read in a long time. Can you imagine the increase in immersion, particularly once Cabin Fever was integrated with the dreaming mechanics and you started to see hints of psychological changes (maybe even other future psychological states like @Raphael van Lierop has teased in the past?) manifest in the dreams. One thing that excites me about this is that nothing helps fix shallow mechanics such as CF like deepening the surrounding systems to create more robust options to address the problem. Another thing is that, art design aside, I can't imagine this would be terribly complicated to add to the game. Certainly more complicated suggestions have been made. Plus, the idea of leveraging the community to help create some of the dreamscapes is nothing short of genius, @KinoUnko. -H
  12. I concur with @StrayCat; #1 is an excellent observation. I hope to see future sandbox updates add this in. #2 is a little tougher, as I think the game mostly already works that way (*hat tip @LucidFugue*). I think what you're proposing is kind of a different version of what the game currently does, but it might not be as different as you perceive. Essentially, you're proposing a "variable items at fixed spawn points" instead of a "fixed items at variable spawn points" approach; the game currently uses the latter when it comes to certain valuable items, like rifles, and uses the former for the rest of the more common loot. So the game already uses what you're suggesting; you're just saying that the spawn points of certain valuable items should be less predictable, I think? If I understand you? In the case of some items, like Prepper Caches in Mystery Lake, the game guarantees that they will spawn *somewhere*... but you don't know where. Sure, more spawn points could always be added... that might approximate the effect you're going for, because even a player going down an exhaustive list of spawn locations would have a much longer list of places to check. Even then, whatever Hinterland does to expand upon the current spawn points to add more randomness will always incur certain players endeavoring to map out every possible place things can spawn, because that's just how some people like to do it. So I'm not sure it would achieve the full effect you expect. Definitely in favor of having custom difficulty sliders built into the game so we can tweak the heck out of Sandbox runs to suit our playstyle. Side note: Judging by the context of the rest of it, I think you meant to use the latter word of the two below in the title. :-) cri·te·ri·on noun plural noun: criteria a principle or standard by which something may be judged or decided. --- cri·tique noun a detailed analysis and assessment of something, especially a literary, philosophical, or political theory. Good ideas. Applaud you for taking the time to articulate them. Cheers! -H