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  1. *non-chalant post-2018 bump* (Pretty pretty plz, @Raphael van Lierop... <3<3<3) -H
  2. *quietly looks up from tidying his shelter* Huh. Could have sworn I heard something just now. ... *shrugs and goes back to arranging matches* -H PS. Awesome idea. Holler if you found one.
  3. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    I'm aware it was touched on in their Reddit AMAs. I wanted to give them a chance to speak to it again here, free of a separate or social-media-specific context. I'm not much for the reddit wing of the TLD community. They espouse and protect toxicity way too much in there. -H
  4. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    One of the most compelling — and surely daunting — ambitions the team has ever disclosed to the community has been making The Long Dark's sandbox have all four seasons instead of just one. Is this still on internal roadmaps, and can you talk about some of the challenges and opportunities it would present? -H
  5. *nonchalant post-update bump* -H
  6. Goodness, I love you people. -H
  7. Been teasing this one for weeks and it is finally out! Spread the word if you know someone trying to learn the game, and please feel free to join us in the comments section to share tips & answer questions. Hope you all thoroughly enjoy. -H
  8. breath effect brightness/glow

    I. Cannot. Emphasize. Enough. How much I agree with every word from the OP. This is the easiest change, too. Just tweak existing transparency of an already transparent set of layers by ~50%. I really hope it makes it into the coming update. Including the troll hallucinations. -H
  9. Little Things

    @Fuarian, after reading this list, I think I might love you. Hope you're okay with that. -H
  10. @stratvox Adding a dreaming mechanic the way you described it would be incredible. One of the most fitting suggestions from an atmosphere standpoint that I've read in a long time. Can you imagine the increase in immersion, particularly once Cabin Fever was integrated with the dreaming mechanics and you started to see hints of psychological changes (maybe even other future psychological states like @Raphael van Lierop has teased in the past?) manifest in the dreams. One thing that excites me about this is that nothing helps fix shallow mechanics such as CF like deepening the surrounding systems to create more robust options to address the problem. Another thing is that, art design aside, I can't imagine this would be terribly complicated to add to the game. Certainly more complicated suggestions have been made. Plus, the idea of leveraging the community to help create some of the dreamscapes is nothing short of genius, @KinoUnko. -H
  11. Honest criteria of TLD

    I concur with @StrayCat; #1 is an excellent observation. I hope to see future sandbox updates add this in. #2 is a little tougher, as I think the game mostly already works that way (*hat tip @LucidFugue*). I think what you're proposing is kind of a different version of what the game currently does, but it might not be as different as you perceive. Essentially, you're proposing a "variable items at fixed spawn points" instead of a "fixed items at variable spawn points" approach; the game currently uses the latter when it comes to certain valuable items, like rifles, and uses the former for the rest of the more common loot. So the game already uses what you're suggesting; you're just saying that the spawn points of certain valuable items should be less predictable, I think? If I understand you? In the case of some items, like Prepper Caches in Mystery Lake, the game guarantees that they will spawn *somewhere*... but you don't know where. Sure, more spawn points could always be added... that might approximate the effect you're going for, because even a player going down an exhaustive list of spawn locations would have a much longer list of places to check. Even then, whatever Hinterland does to expand upon the current spawn points to add more randomness will always incur certain players endeavoring to map out every possible place things can spawn, because that's just how some people like to do it. So I'm not sure it would achieve the full effect you expect. Definitely in favor of having custom difficulty sliders built into the game so we can tweak the heck out of Sandbox runs to suit our playstyle. Side note: Judging by the context of the rest of it, I think you meant to use the latter word of the two below in the title. :-) cri·te·ri·on noun plural noun: criteria a principle or standard by which something may be judged or decided. --- cri·tique noun a detailed analysis and assessment of something, especially a literary, philosophical, or political theory. Good ideas. Applaud you for taking the time to articulate them. Cheers! -H
  12. Add some things of Story mode to Survival mode

    All of the above, please. -H
  13. Really appreciate the deep digging. I've just updated the list with the latest ideas from the thread. Hope to see this thread continue until we've really mined as many different perspectives as we reasonably can. -H
  14. Jeez! In one page of replies, you lot have already taken what began as a discussion on bringing the mechanic up to snuff and piled on a bunch of things that can take it far beyond that. Call it "Cabin Fever 3.0." So, as I see it so far, we've got two sets of propositions. I want to keep the near-term set simple, based on the most straightforward fixes we've discussed; i.e., things that can be implemented swiftly and with moderate to minimal effort. I will update this list as more replies come in. Thank you, everyone! Original Post — 11/9 @ 9:55 am ET Updated w/latest discussion points — 11/11 @ 1:04 pm ET Cabin Fever 2.0 — Suggested Changes (Comprehensive; not all listed points would be implemented) Remove total indoor rest restriction in favor of assorted penalties to normal resting process, such as... No recovery of condition (0-100%) during rest (but conditions such as sprains, food poisoning heal normally) — H Or perhaps you can recover, but only up to a certain percentage? 50%? — H This particular restriction is important for preserving the protection against the hibernation exploit that Cabin Fever was designed to provide. Slower recovery from exhaustion during sleep — H Faster degeneration of calorie store (due to anxiety) — H Inability to pass time idly indoors — Fuarian Reduce maximum amount of time one can sleep — KinoUnko Cabin Fever 3.0 — Possibilities (Comprehensive; not all listed points would be implemented) Implement better UI-based indicators of Cabin Fever (CF), for both risky and beneficial activities — selfless Associate Cabin Fever Risk (CFR) with repetitive similar actions instead of with proportion of a given period spent indoors... Passing time repeatedly (Using cards) — Fuarian Sleeping repeatedly — Fuarian Breaking down furniture repeatedly — Fuarian Crafting — Fuarian Repairing clothing, any other form of work / time passage, etc... — Fuarian Tweak CF restrictions based on Game Difficulty (Perhaps ease them on Interloper, see Fu's post above) — Fuarian Chance of success while repairing/crafting/firebuilding/etc indoors penalized — JP Dangerous wildlife encounters (drawing aggro from a wolf, especially a bear) should reduce CFR substantially — JP Reading a skill book should reduce CFR — JP Add recreational reading books as a means of reducing CFR or eliminating full-blown CF. — JP "Locket" or other sentimental items, as original Road Map doc described — Raphael, technically? Musical instruments for same, ability to increase skill (reducing overall CFR over time!) — Prestermatt Give us the chance to become the Bob Dylan of the apocalypse. — JP -H
  15. Hi all, So I'm prefacing this topic pretty heavily up front for those that want some context / rationale for participating in what I hope will be a lively and important community discussion. If you just want to get to the meat and potatoes of what we're talking about, skip down to the 3-point list at the bottom. I did a quick search on Cabin Fever prior to this; I'm not sure if this idea has been raised before and doubt I'm the first to think of it. Seeing as the game's first substantive new patch since Wintermute has been announced, I thought it would be a good time to discuss what has been — for many of us — the game's most cumbersome and frustrating mechanic. As a consequence of the frustration that it tends to cause, Cabin Fever has already been re-balanced once. Patrick said the following** of how it worked at that point (how it still works, I believe), a year and a half (!!) ago: ** If any of this needs to be clarified (looking at you, Patrick/Hinterland, or anyone else who can speak with authority on whether additional changes have happened), let me know and I'll update the post. I have a small set of suggestions that I believe will bring Cabin Fever into what I feel is a long-delayed state of harmony & alignment with the rest of the game's design. Just to set the tone, let me throw some important disclaimers down very quickly. • I both expect and welcome disagreement on this issue, from the developers themselves and/or the community. My goal here is to start a helpful discussion on behalf of those who feel the mechanic needs adjustment, not to simply start a bandwagon. If you're happy with how Cabin Fever works, I want to hear from you. On that note... • I am not interested in seeing any discussion on this topic or another topic related to TLD devolve into finger-pointing and flaming matches. This is, I believe, a contentious discussion point. So I'm asking folks, as I do on my channel, to be measured in their reactions so we can have a quality discussion & continue to raise that bar. • I am not interested in doing away with Cabin Fever. Cabin Fever was added to prevent players from exploiting the game to rack up "days survived" when a state of survival equilibrium, so to speak, had been reached and a survivor could reasonably camp in one indoor location while hunting outside when necessary, rinse and repeat. So, here's my idea. Let me know what you think, and I'll see you next t—oops. Habit. - — - 1. Cabin Fever should no longer prevent players from resting indoors. This is the most immersion-breaking aspect of Cabin Fever for most of us, I think, and it's the component that should be completely removed. While some would argue that some unrealistic and "gamey" mechanics are necessary to maintain the feeling of fun and even escapism in video games, the total inability to rest at all is too unrealistic. Nix this component completely — perhaps preserving the inability to pass time indoors, because at least that makes more sense than not being able to rest (discuss!) — in favor of the following... 2. Cabin Fever should, however, prevent players from recovering any condition (0-100%) indoors. So, you can rest inside all you want. You can recover from exhaustion and afflictions such as sprains, food poisoning, etc., but if your actual condition is below 100, you won't be able to actually recover if you're resting inside, because you have those Cabin Fever jitters. While Cabin Fever should never have a persistent condition drop effect (it does not now; I'm just saying keep it that way), restricting condition gain while indoors would preserve the spirit of Cabin Fever and prevent players from exploiting the ability to perpetually rest indoors without a major restriction on gameplay mechanics (just not as major as not being allowed to close your eyes at all!) 3. Cabin Fever should likewise reduce the rate at which exhaustion recovers (among other suggested tweaks, per discussion on this thread). I think it also makes sense to replace the current full restrictions on rest and passing time with nuanced tweaks to the player character's normal state of being in addition to being prevented from recovering condition. Reducing the rate at which sleeping recovers is one obvious change — you have Cabin Fever, after all; you can sleep indoors, but you're not going to be sleeping well — but what else can be done? Should passive calorie degeneration increase due to anxiety / increased heart rate, requiring players to eat more? - — - Having laid all of that out, please share your candid thoughts and additional / alternative ideas for Cabin Fever. If anyone at Hinterland finds this idea — or even just pieces of it — resonating with them, especially Raphael & veteran team members, all of them (and the players in turn) will benefit from a lively, detailed, & respectful discussion. Thoughts? -H