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  1. JAFO, could you remember where on their site I can see the team details. It was easily visible before but I can't found it anymore.
  2. Yes I realised it, but I don't know how to move it.
  3. I have three wishes for features I'd like to see someday. I could enhanced the atmosphere : a new climate : thunderstorm, with sound of thunder and lightning. I miss this atmosphere. And shooting stars, with a rare occurrence. I'd like to see them sometimes in a beautiful night.
  4. Hello. It took some time since I have Brought the official soundtrack, but I finally finished my own CDs (and another one for my best friend). A volume of four CDs
  5. Are fishes sizes statistically equal on Pilgrim and Interloper for example ?
  6. WTH ! 6,18 KG. That's really impressive !
  7. Oh ! Great Bear Island record ! Nice. Thanks to shared it.
  8. It was the biggest fish. But nice catch ! It's a big one for a smallmouth bass. And show us if you discover a bigger one !
  9. Since the last update, it is not very beautiful to see this blurred cat tails and imprecises shadows. I play with maw settings by the way.
  10. I never saw a lot of bugs like that : floating trees, misplaced trees, etc... I also have reported that on atlassian bug list, with additional pictures.
  11. of ALL TIME. Yes.
  12. I agree with that.
  13. No, because I have all that elsewhere. And bones clearly (visually) are let on the ground after quarterring.
  14. From this 4,95kg bag, I can only collect 2,50kg of meat. I know Hinterland says they always choose the balancing rather than the realism, but sometimes it is not the good choice. Survival isn't a collection of balanced choices and balanced items. Some things don't be worth other ones. Quarterring doesn't deserve to be penalized like that rather than in situe harvesting. Why 2,5kg of extra weight ?
  15. And the next real-time cooking mechanic implement will normally solve the problem of the time for this.