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  1. Let us make bandages great again!

    Please devs, re-iplement the 4 hours rest time needed to heal sprains ! It was more realistic before than the miracle of pills.
  2. Proposal on how MP could work.

    No multiplayer please. Just coop. Survive with your friend. That would be great.
  3. Customized parameters problem ?

    You need to remove that thread before you get banned.  It clearly shows your game as being modded and Hinterland expressly forbids that on their Official Forums.  Just a heads up to keep you out of trouble.

    1. Vinceofpyrenees


      Ok, I just added "better items placement". Thank you, I'll delete it.

  4. Sprains treatment

    Anyone think it was better before ?
  5. Fire chance - cedar and stick

    Is that normal that a piece of cedar and a stick provides the same fire start chances ? I have the feeling it wasn't like this before.
  6. A key to Drop the all backpack

    I posted it in january !
  7. A key to Drop the all backpack

    Any idea if Hinterland's team have read this subject ? I still think it is missing to the game.
  8. breath effect brightness/glow

    Me too... There is no difference in Ultra settings.
  9. Theory about Wintermute

    An experience from HAARP (a geomagnetic giant tool) ?
  10. Fishing Milton Basin

    Totally agree.
  11. Your response is concerning the balance of the game. I agree, why not. However, this logic is irrational in terms of realism. But, I agree with @MarrowStone, clothes' weight, which are weared, are better distributed, and that is rational.
  12. Why clothes we wear are lighter than ones are in the backpack ?
  13. Suggestions for the Custom Sandbox mode

    +1 for preset saves.
  14. Visual clothes layering

    Since the beginning of the clothes system update, the external layer is not well displayed. You see on the picture that the Mackinaw red shirt is not displayed. It is a little strange, and finally it dosen't reflect how the character looks like. I know how your clothes system visually works, but I was wondering if you'll consider to rework it.