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  1. why those illogical mechanisms?

    I agree on the deer. One deer, a decent sized deer, will feed you for months in real life. The amount of meat we get from deer in this game is a little low. But besides that. If you want to do more exploration just play on voyageur or pilgrim. The hunger and thirst isn't so bad on those and there's no shame in playing the easier difficulties, because it's all about the experience you're looking for. Personally I like surviving for more than a month at a time so I typically play on voyageur. I only play stalker when I want a challenge and have only tried interloper once. Named my save file "the grim reapers Sprint." It was very appropriate. Survived 20 days on that one first try. Oh and there's also custom sandbox. Tailor your experience. Turn your hunger down. It doesn't effect achievements. There are plenty of ways to address this issue
  2. Where is Great Bear Island?

    I always thought it was based on an island off the coast of British Columbia called the Great Bear Rainforest
  3. Merry Christmas, fellow survivors. Sit down by the fire, grab your coffee or herbal tea, and let us rejoice with this lovely serenade... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1220073458142462&id=100004194584343
  4. Okay... hinterland, you have outdone yourselves once again, and have, in my eyes, fully redeemed my trust from what was "predux" and so, I wanted to give some feedback of what I loved, and disliked the most about episode 1 and 2 redux. Starting with the intro. I loved it. It gave us a small glimpse into the old world as well as teaching some core gameplay mechanics in a way that didn't feel at all "tutorialy" to me. I love how you redid the treck to Milton. Because honestly, in predux I felt like I was about ready to turn the game off and play something else because the walk was so long and boring. In fact, much of predux made me feel that way with all the going back and forth and long journeys. But in this new version I felt completely soaked in interest the whole way through as you did away with some of the more lengthy walks and going back and forth. I'm so glad you picked up on this, it'll be a lot easier for new players to keep interested. Dialogue. The dialogue is absolutely magnificently written, it's so interesting hearing what everyone has to say, and your character development is SPOT ON. I love this new dialogue system and it's unlike anything else I've seen. It's fresh and new and original and I love it. While I do partly miss the animated cutscenes, this somehow works even better given that the rest of the game is also in first person. As I said before, bravo with your character development. Before, gray mother seemed like an old selfish witch. I wanted to take her rifle and leave her to the wolves in predux. But in redux, you actually had me feeling for her. And having Mackenzie offer to bring her supplies instead of being told, that was an amazing decision. It made it feel less fetch questy and showed that Mackenzie has a heart and is feeling toward this poor old woman who was attacked by the "bad men." By the end, when it's revealed that she suffers Alzheimer's and she says "I'm sorry, Mackenzie... I thought I was helping you..." and learning about her daughter and how she got confused and thought that's who you were looking for... that part had me in tears. I have a grandmother who suffers from the same disease and it really hit too close to home. But I loved it, it had me feeling for this character in a way that I can only feel for the likes of videogame characters like the main protagonists from the red dead series. And it wasn't just gray mother. I felt hate - actual hate - toward Hobbs, whom I chose to kill. I felt companionship from Jeremiah and a sense of mystery and wisdom from Methuselah. These characters felt like real people with real problems, and I only wanted to go the extra mile to help in any way I could. I even returned Jeremiah's rifle, even though there's absolutely no consequence to keeping it. I felt like he would need it more than me. At first Methuselah's presence in the gas station seemed pretty pointless, like a "just because" thing, but once I saw him the second time it became apparent that he's here to chronicle my journey, and his presence made more sense. Him sitting outside the Carter hydro telling you "this story is not yet complete" is a little videogamey and immersion breaking. While I appreciate what you're trying to do with that, I feel that part of his dialogue needs to be taken out and that the player should be left to make these discoveries on their next playthrough. Because come on, who's NOT going to play through redux a second, or even third time? The story writing. Just. YES. You gave Milton such a good backstory, with the prison bus crashing and the max security inmates escaping to wreck havok on the local town to loot in the middle of the blackout. That was amazing, classic storytelling that kept me so interested and wanting to see more. Same with the story of the old bear and the legendary spear! This new story writing is so lovingly crafted and original and I absolutely LOVED playing through the wintermute redux this time around. Predux was so bland I didn't even finish it. But man y'all did so good this time around. Keep that same storytelling up! Also wanted to use this opportunity to mention how much I appreciate the homage to my favorite movie, The Edge, with the "what one man can do" chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, even if the bear killed me more times than I'd like to admit. It was fun and exhilarating, and I hope to see more sections like this in future episodes. And since I'm very excited to get off here and start my new survival sandbox, I'll leave this post with the ending. A CLIFF HANGER! WHYYYYY!? I NEED MORE!!! I NEED EPISODE 3 RIGHT NOW, DON'T DO THIS TO ME!!!!!! The ending is fantastic and had me on the edge of my seat! And then the cliff hanger, while some may not like that, I love it! I'm SO excited to see this story continue and hope to see episode 3 soon! Keep up the good work, hinterland, and thank you so much for this lovingly crafted adventure and story you have laid out for us. This game is a work of art and I cannot WAIT to see it continue to great things! I think it's safe to say that this game, has made my year. It's been a hell of a journey and I'm here with y'all, and with this amazing community, to see it through to the end! Much love, my friends - nay - my family, and I'll see you on the other side. Soon, we'll all have to choose how far we'll go to survive the long dark....
  5. Hunted challenge broken?

    Thank you! Didn't see that, I'm not too active on the forums these days
  6. Hunted challenge broken?

    So I noticed, upon starting the hunted challenge, that the skeeters ridge basement is now no longer accessible. How are we supposed to have any chance in this challenge mode without the basic supplies and distress pistol given to us and a safe place to get warmed and healed up? Given, it probably is POSSIBLE for veteran players. But very improbable given certain circumstances
  7. Dev Diary - November 2018

    As I mentioned above, what's the alternative? Would you rather have a rushed pile of dung like episode 1 and 2 were (no offense, hinterland. But to be fair they really weren't near what was promised.) Or do you want them to get it right this time?
  8. Dev Diary - November 2018

    This game is amazing. I took off work for the August release and I'm taking off work again this month solely for the redux and survival mode update. Yet another postpone is irritating, yes. That's a given. But we have to assume hinterland is working as hard as they can to get this game out to us. Let's look at it from their point of view. We all rushed them to release it, and we're disappointed with the finished product. So much so that they had to go back and remake it. This time around they are more focused on releasing a finished product to us than a half assed in demand one. And that's still not good enough for the majority of the community? Look at what gaming is, y'all. Most games released these days by triple A devs aren't finished at all. You have to commend hinterland for taking their time and putting care into their work. I for one fully support this game and company and hope y'all have a long career and go on to work on many new projects after this one.
  9. Oh sorry about that, I forgot to include my platform. I'm on Xbox One. And yeah, flares used to be very effective for me up until the last update, using the tactic that @JAFO mentioned above. Since the last update the wolf will simply walk right over the lit flare or torch without flinching. That's with no scent at all.
  10. Thats exactly what I do. And it just doesn't ever work for me.
  11. I appreciate it! I've been here for two years and I still sometimes get confused where to post haha!
  12. Alrighty here we go again Blood trails and prints don't work. You can't see the blood or footprints until you're RIGHT up on it. This makes hunting a very very annoying, tedious task when the animal you're tracking decides to change direction. This problem didn't exist in previous versions. The grass. Oh god the grass. I figured this would have been fixed by now, as the issue has been present since before launch. But when you walk past grass you get this weird issue where the 2d model for it doesn't face you and you end up looking at it from the side. It's immersion breaking and just plain weird Flares are now worthless. At least in stalker and up. No I'm not saying flares should work EVERY TIME. Especially on harder difficulties. But they don't work at all anymore. I can't remember the last time I got a flare to actually scare a wolf away in stalker mode. I can understand this as an interloper mechanic. But not in stalker. They should at least work SOMETIMES in stalker. This all being said, I don't make these to bash the game at all. I love this game and I see it as a work of art. But it has some very very annoying little kinks that really need to be worked out.
  13. Cutscene issue

    Will do, I'll give it a shot and let y'all know. I'm on xb1
  14. Cutscene issue

    The cutscene which plays in wintermute after picking up Astrid's hardcase just freezes up in my game, latest version. The audio plays but the video just becomes a still image shortly before the aurora appears and the plane goes down
  15. There will be, no worries! I'm actually just waiting on the weather down here to cool off before I make another one. Those plaid shirts like that are actually pretty warm in the summer time haha and I don't think it would be quite the same without it I have many ideas for these kinds of vids which will also be up on my YouTube channel when I get that back rolling. Will post a link