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  1. Dev Diary - November 2018

    As I mentioned above, what's the alternative? Would you rather have a rushed pile of dung like episode 1 and 2 were (no offense, hinterland. But to be fair they really weren't near what was promised.) Or do you want them to get it right this time?
  2. Dev Diary - November 2018

    This game is amazing. I took off work for the August release and I'm taking off work again this month solely for the redux and survival mode update. Yet another postpone is irritating, yes. That's a given. But we have to assume hinterland is working as hard as they can to get this game out to us. Let's look at it from their point of view. We all rushed them to release it, and we're disappointed with the finished product. So much so that they had to go back and remake it. This time around they are more focused on releasing a finished product to us than a half assed in demand one. And that's still not good enough for the majority of the community? Look at what gaming is, y'all. Most games released these days by triple A devs aren't finished at all. You have to commend hinterland for taking their time and putting care into their work. I for one fully support this game and company and hope y'all have a long career and go on to work on many new projects after this one.
  3. Oh sorry about that, I forgot to include my platform. I'm on Xbox One. And yeah, flares used to be very effective for me up until the last update, using the tactic that @JAFO mentioned above. Since the last update the wolf will simply walk right over the lit flare or torch without flinching. That's with no scent at all.
  4. Thats exactly what I do. And it just doesn't ever work for me.
  5. I appreciate it! I've been here for two years and I still sometimes get confused where to post haha!
  6. Alrighty here we go again Blood trails and prints don't work. You can't see the blood or footprints until you're RIGHT up on it. This makes hunting a very very annoying, tedious task when the animal you're tracking decides to change direction. This problem didn't exist in previous versions. The grass. Oh god the grass. I figured this would have been fixed by now, as the issue has been present since before launch. But when you walk past grass you get this weird issue where the 2d model for it doesn't face you and you end up looking at it from the side. It's immersion breaking and just plain weird Flares are now worthless. At least in stalker and up. No I'm not saying flares should work EVERY TIME. Especially on harder difficulties. But they don't work at all anymore. I can't remember the last time I got a flare to actually scare a wolf away in stalker mode. I can understand this as an interloper mechanic. But not in stalker. They should at least work SOMETIMES in stalker. This all being said, I don't make these to bash the game at all. I love this game and I see it as a work of art. But it has some very very annoying little kinks that really need to be worked out.
  7. Cutscene issue

    Will do, I'll give it a shot and let y'all know. I'm on xb1
  8. Cutscene issue

    The cutscene which plays in wintermute after picking up Astrid's hardcase just freezes up in my game, latest version. The audio plays but the video just becomes a still image shortly before the aurora appears and the plane goes down
  9. There will be, no worries! I'm actually just waiting on the weather down here to cool off before I make another one. Those plaid shirts like that are actually pretty warm in the summer time haha and I don't think it would be quite the same without it I have many ideas for these kinds of vids which will also be up on my YouTube channel when I get that back rolling. Will post a link
  10. The Long Dark Hotfixed to v1.36 [39433]

    Why make the pulling out the metal shard bit automatic? I know some people had issues with it but wasn't that resolved? I actually quite enjoyed that little detail. It makes it that much more hardcore when you're the one actually pulling it out manually
  11. Dev Diary - August 2018

    So we are getting the redux along with episode 3? Why not release the redux before episode 3 so we have something to keep ourselves busy while we wait? Don't get me wrong. This is a GREAT game. But I can't get into it when I have to wait soooooo long for new things to do. I haven't played it in 2 months simply because, I'm bored of it. You need more regular content or extra activities to keep us more involved in the game while we wait. December is a long time from now man. That being said, great announcement. I'm very excited and really can't wait
  12. All chairs are created equal!

    You just made my night!!! I remember this scene! Oh I miss this show, I haven't watched in years
  13. Improve some annoying mechanics

    Okay so I have a few small pet peeves with this game that aren't necessarily huge, but are very annoying nontheless. Here's a small list: I can't cancel some actions such as repairing or making a fire. I should have liberty to choose to cancel these actions whenever I please. It would have saved my life if I could have cancelled making that fire when I heard a bear walking up behind me. Medicine doesn't work if taken / drank from the inventory. It has to be taken via the medicine menu to work properly. It's all going to my stomach. I shouldn't have to tell it what to heal. Some chairs are breakable by hand and some require a hatchet. Why? I can break a huge wooden crate with my hands alone but I require a hatchet to break a shelf. Why? If anything I could more easily break a shelf by hand than a giant wooden crate Old bedrolls and pillows require a hunting knife to break down and can not be broken down with a hacksaw or hatchet or by hand, while most other cloth items in the game are broken down by hand. The bedroll in our inventory doesn't even require a tool to break down. This makes no sense. All in all these are small problems, but really kill immersion and result in waste of good materials. And this game being mostly about managing materials and inventory, that makes it a big deal. What inspired me to write this post was just now, I wanted to repair a mackenaw jacket I found. I only had one cloth however. So I wanted to rip up an old pillow. I had a perfectly good hatchet to help me with that. But I HAD to have a hunting knife. Oh well. I broke down some old socks instead. Except I accidentally hit repair and could not cancel the action. There went my Spare piece of cloth. The whole situation left me saying WHAT?
  14. Medical overhaul

    Yessir, many people really underestimate the need for decent hygiene in a survival situation. My dad and I fancy ourselves peppers and often talk about survival kind of stuff and even he doesn't understand the importance of hygiene in the wild, even though he's spent far more time in the woods than I have, stating "hygiene is the last thing you're going to be worried about If you're stranded" There are bars of soap in the game. The only one that comes to mind off the top of my head is in the forest lookout in ML. But it's there solely for decoration. It's like they imply that they know hygiene is an issue. But we just have to use our imagination on that one. Which is fine. In a videogame standpoint, I'd rather not add bathing to my list of things to do every day. That would be very tedious. I just assume this is something our survivor does on his own time. But using these bars of soap to clean wounds would be an interesting, welcome addition
  15. Medical overhaul

    On my latest stalker game I was just thinking about how much of a problem i have with this games current medical system. There are plenty of things that make no sense even in a videogame view point. So here's a small list of suggestions for the medical actions: Why do i take painkillers for specific injuries? If I have a sprained wrist and a sprained foot, some painkillers will treat the area I choose. I'm not gonna ask for 2 weeks of healing time for a sprain, as you would need in real life. It is a videogame. But choosing which injury you treat is where I draw the line. It's as if we say "okay look here painkillers, when I eat you I need you to work real hard to treat my foot, and not my hand okay?" I suggest a dose of painkillers healing both sprains, or maybe reducing rest time for both sprains while fully healing if you have one sprain. While we are on painkillers. That's not how they work. One night I had a little too much to drink and fell down some stairs. Wild night. I sprained my foot. It took 2 weeks before I could stop limping and I could not stop thinking "man I wish I had some of those magic painkillers like in the long dark!" As i stated above, that would be a terrible idea for the game. If I want to see what a sprain is really like again I'll get drunk like last time. But, I do want to make one suggestion. Make painkillers temporary. If you take painkillers in the field, your injury will read as "treated" but the painkillers will only last a couple hours. It's just so you can get back to base or if you need to fend off a wolf. Then you still need the appropriate amount of rest to fully heal your injury. Antiseptic does not work 100 percent of the time every time. I was once sitting on the porch whittling on a nice fall evening. I was probably too young to be handling such a large knife, but hey, how else am I gonna learn? So I'm whittling on this piece of wood and the blade slips and nearly skins my finger. Got it right on the serrated part too, it wasn't a fun sight for such a young'un as I was. So my parents immediately get some antiseptic on this massive gash on my finger, blood all over the porch, and clean and bandage it for me. It still got infected. It was a pain to let heal naturally too, we had no insurance. I probably needed stitches but it healed anyway. Still got that scar. Anyway, story time is over, the moral was that antiseptic doesn't always work. The changces of getting infection from a wolf bite in this game after you apply antiseptic is astronomical. And that's just not how it works. There should still be a chance of infection after treated, just a lower one. And old man's beard should have a low chance of working. It's moss. Not medicine. It's improvised, not ideal. Bandages are fine. Changing bandages would be an annoying and tedious chore for the game, so I think they're good as is Tea. Once again you have to make a habit of telling it where to go. Unless you drink it from the treatment menu, it doesn't work. And that's extremely annoying. I made reishi tea for my infection. I drank it from the cook menu. Well now I have to go find more mushrooms because apparently the tea got confused and doesn't know what it's supposed to be treating because I didn't tell it. What.