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  1. I picked up a stick
  2. I'll try to guess at yours though. when I saw that screenie the first thing that popped into my head was.. hunters lodge?
  3. Yep! I'll give you a hint - it's on the new map added by the story mode update
  4. Guess again!
  5. Okay I'll bite. since I have NO idea where that last one is, I'll go ahead and post my own here. where's Will?
  6. Nobody get me wrong. I mentioned above that I absolutely love this game. And I never said that hinterland did a bad job, rather that there are a lot of things that need to be approved upon. us long time players had our bars set high with the mentions that hinterland made in the past, which sadly never came to be. and as this is no longer in alpha and is a fully fledged game, we have to assume that what we have is what we are now stuck with. That's how most games work, that is. And that's a disappointment to me. the time for adding things in and taking things away and changing game mechanics is now over, we have the finished product and the finished product didn't meet expectations of long time players. That's always disappointing. there's no hate nor negativity coming from me, just honesty. this game holds a dear place in my heart and it probably always will.
  7. Apologies, @Mel Guille. I never meant to insinuate that there was no play testing, and I speak for everyone here when I say we didn't mean any offense to that. as I said, this thread is not to attack hinterland, but to offer constructive criticism so that you'll know how to approach future episodes and content. the point of my statement was simply saying how it FEELS. I didn't mean to point fingers or make assumptions. That being said, this is what I personally want from this game: what was shown, borderline promised to us in the roadmap which for some reason has since been taken down, but MOST IMPORTANTLY I just want interactive survivors and meaningful choices. the slogan of the game is "how far will you go to survive," and imagine how bad that will look when that question isn't even exercised. granted, this game hasn't let me down as much as no man's sky did, but it comes close. really no offense, that is my honest opinion and I tell that to you so that yall can use it to build on the game.
  8. Believe me, I didn't feel let down at all at first either. the first few hours were magical. I was like a bloodthirsty wolf in a scared human store. But it's just the more I thought about it, the more disappointed I got. especially after I encountered my first game breaking but and had to start all over again. upon looking it up, I discovered just how many bugs the game is riddled with. so many people are having so many problems. some couldn't even get to the first cutscene because of bugs. it's like they didn't even play test it. in alpha, that is acceptable. But not as a full fledged release.
  9. Green wolves? .... But why? I hope there is a solid scientific explanation behind this, as having green wolves that sound like zombies (anyone notice the new audio? they sound like zombie wolves) kind of tears me away from the realistic immersion that I always loved about this game.
  10. Everything said here shall be discussed in a friendly, level headed manner, or I shall make use of the report button. play nice, kids. Okay. so let's get it out of the way. show of hands, who else feel a little let down about the first two episodes of wintermute? Don't get me wrong. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this game. And I have nothing but love for the studio behind it. everything said here is in pure constructive criticism. I have no desire to insult or attack hinterland or the long dark. But I felt like what was promised, for example, on the road map, just didn't make it in like we were all expecting. instead we got the same update we've been playing for months, with some half voiced 3d models who don't even move all that much that shovel us out bugged out fetch quests with no real decision making, and what few decisions we can make aren't very meaningful ones as we progress along a completely linear storyline. I still feel like this game is unfinished. props to them for the voice acting and cutscenes and aurora, I was impressed with those. But everything else is really just... nothing new. when are we gonna get moose? a revolver? primitive firemaking? interactive NPC survivors that wander the world like us that we can trade with, be attacked by, or attack? How about some meaningful choices that change our game and have an effect on us as a player? I get it. hinterland is still a small company. But hell, they're big enough that they have a full team and their own studio and have had way more than enough time to work on their game. And, as amazing as the game is, it is still very basic for their ambition. ambition is a good thing, don't get me wrong. But you don't make a promise that you can't keep. And they should have held off on Launch until the game was ready. it feels rushed. But despite its flaws, I do love it and I am enjoying it. But for as long as I've been playing it And supporting hinterland with undying loyalty, roughly 3 years, it should be a lot more. it hasn't changed much at all since I first played it. Just my two cents. What do you guys think?
  11. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! 3 MORE DAYS!!!!!! However, I'm not seeing evidence of non-cutscene npc survivors in this trailer. but it shows plenty of combat against wildlife. let's hope they're just trying to surprise us
  12. It's gonna be a damn good game, that's what I think. Heck, it better be! My girlfriend, dad and I have taken off work for it and i even put down a batch of pickled eggs a month ago just for the occasion
  13. I'm not gonna agree or disagree on this. although you can probably guess my personal opinion. We should all show respect to eachother here. lead by example and all that. so you should try to refrain from actively calling someone out like this. Whereas I directly approached him and asked him politely to be civil, talking about a user like this should be avoided. if you and I see any more of this kind of behavior, we should remember to make use of the report button for the proper Internet authorities to handle it my body is about the same way. I've tried everything. dieting, exercising. I even went on a juice diet for a month. it was agony. and I'm still stuck at the same spot on that scale xD I'm only 18 aswell. they say if you wanna lose weight, you gotta do it before your 20s. I call bull, because I can't lose any of it. I gave up trying a long time ago I am guilty of hibernating myself, though I did always think it was a cheap tactic. I think the cabin fever is an effective fix, as it is a very real thing. if you're stuck indoors for days on end, you get a lack of vitamin d which is very unhealthy, and in the world of the long dark you'd basically be sitting in the dark staring at the wall all day, it's not like you can just jump on facebook or youtube to entertain yourself xD and it would begin to eat at your psyche. although having to sleep outside for a day is not a fun endeavor.
  14. Ooh, one time a wolf chased me to the edge of a cliff, leading to a very dramatic final stand. hell, I thought about jumping for a second. thought that was relevant xD