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  1. That is basically all you hear thus far. Story mode is great and all, but during long treks between areas where your condition will naturally drop - the character simply doesn't shut up. I'm not certain how other people feel about this, but after 30 minutes I was thoroughly irritated at the consistency.
  2. Five minutes to go till 1st August and the 'disturbance'! (I hope - I want to start my new Sandbox already!)
  3. I'm honestly surprised and baffled as to how Hinterland decided that a countdown to an announcement would be received well by the fans. To date I always saw this team as... well, in a word; flawless! We all make mistakes - this particular one was a whopper. Though I cannot help but wonder if the countdown was intended on generating hype and pre-sales. I doubt we will get such a confession - and I want to stress that I am simply wondering if this was the intent - stopping short of accusing Hinterland. I maintain that the game is still fantastic, even in its unfinished state - and for years it was available at a pittance of $20 when the content was so much more than a lot of other alpha titles available. I won't echo what a lot of others have already voiced - I am confident enough that the team have taken this criticism and are now mindful of it. I still have faith in the team and faith in the project. I am certain I am not alone. Just take it as a sharp slap on the wrist. Nothing was done that cannot be undone.
  4. Wolves are Still Too Numerous and Vicious

    If you've reached that point in the wolf fight, I personally feel we have zeroed in on your problem. The wolf 'fight' is about the evasion, not physically fighting them off. If they're on top of you, you have lost the fight. You usually have a lot of lee-way when a wolf spots you. Not facing it and pacing away steadily will less likely invoke it to charge at you. I've led wolves from Carter Dam all the way to Camp Office and they haven't ran after me. I would also recommend using sprinting only to evade wolves. This means to not use sprint at all for anything else, to guarantee you have a burst available for evasion when you do encounter a pack. Last resorts are decoys and waving flares.
  5. My (Probably Unpopular) Opinion

    You should see the thread about the 'realism' of the rifle. A lot of our American friends turned it into an NRA committee. I agree with your post, by the way.
  6. Serenity in a survival game.
  7. Frostbite Risk at 42 degrees

    ... when you say 42 degrees, I gather this is Fahrenheit? 5 Celsius for the rest of the world. Thread confused me at first.
  8. TO THE DEVS: Wolves

  9. What story? It's a sandbox. No details have been released about the story mode.
  10. Wolf IN the lower dam??

    Welcome to TLD and the Forums. We always look forward to posts regarding the shock that surrounds Fluffy!
  11. Did I just get lucky that I found the way back in a few minutes after I made it out? If you want a hint about where it is... hope you aren't afraid of heights.
  12. Too many wolves in Stalker

    Just stay inside the car!
  13. Too many wolves in Stalker

    None. I have had a couple of Bear related deaths and one instance of being stuck in a blizzard. I have 185 hours played listed in Steam for TLD since early release and have only died three times. Most of my other hours are just deleted sandboxes. I always play on Stalker. Wolf attacks for me are rare things. Wolf evasions on the other hand, are plentiful.