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  2. how do you grab the spear? i still cannot figure it out, cannot find any video of how to. i know where it is and have an idea how to get to it, when i get to the fallen log i know the spear is to the left on a rock (after getting to the other side of the cave) i figured crawl up the fallen log, however, each time i get half way up the bear comes lol i know when fighting it you have to insure your stamina is up and you need to take refuge in the crawl spaces until stamina goes back up, i just need to the spear <3 ideas?
  3. ermergerd, been playing since sandbox, seriously, it just continues getting better and better Hinterland. welcome by the way to all the new members and hinterland developers <3 if you're new, brace yourself, because the only thing that stays the same in TLD is change WoOp!!
  4. No, there was not a bathroom in the hydro dam before. Yes there are prepper cache all over mystery lake, food, medical, clothes and tools. I also dig the markers! Same locations as before ❤
  5. I agree! transcends awesome! Found a prepper cache, was totally stoked, working my way around mystery lake and totally diggin the changes. Bravo ❤
  6. And there are prepper cache!!!! stumbled across one in mystery lake! ❤. ❤ speaking of mystery lake.... holy Mary!
  7. Woke up early I can'tgo back to sleep! this is bitter sweet and taste like nostalgia..... i feel like a little kid ❤ this game has made the last three years fly by. THANKS HINTERLAND
  8. OMGAWD ! OMGAWD! OMGAWD! OMGAWD!!!! bitter sweet, a long and very much worth it wait. a sadness lays heavy however, I wish my TJ was here for this ❤
  9. TODAY'S THE DAY!!!! so stinking excited, I have the first and second off, plan on sequestering myself with my Xbox, cheddar cheese popcorn and coffee, ٩۶ ~WhOoP!!! hope everyone is excited and grateful for this well awaited day! i KNOW it will be worth it. thank you Hinterland
  10. I concur with Jafo. grateful player here, you definitely earned the number one spot hinterland ❤ This is truly a wonderful game set apart from the others, a breath of fresh air (heh heh) the past few years have been tolerable with a cup of coffee, warm blanket and TLD. thank you all for your dedication and hard work!
  11. I'm just excited ❤ eagerly awaiting the surprises that hinterland has in store for us!! this game, seriously, provided the escape I so desperately needed at the most difficult time possible, I know patience will be rewarded! Thank you devlopers, you are greatly appreciated for your hard work and dedication.
  12. Looking forward to spending time on the test branch, gives me something to look forward to lol.

  13. Holy, for serious, did somebody murder one of our loved ones, maybe promise us a million dollars just share our personal info? Allow us to purchase the game and then scrub it? holy Jesus on a cupcake! Seriously, there are those of us who have waited YEARS for story mode, Y E A R S. there was no promise or statement anywhere that the game would be ready soon, whoever reads into that or comes to that understanding WITHOUT reading through, that's their fault. And for those acting a lot like a Narcissistic spoiled child, my grandchildren don't even do that. We have a date ..... quit your foot stomping and temper tantrums, grow the heck up and act like adults. Y'all are taking the fun out of this forum. To those who moderate, I'm sorry, however this behavior is embarrassing as well as discgusting.