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  1. Custom game

    Well that depends how much have you played the game and how familiar you are with the maps? But if you are well experienced and looking for something to do. I would suggest surviving for 100days/ however long you can in each region. Ie start in PV and you have to stay there for 100 days using only whats on that map. Then start a new one in a different region. I found this was a good way once I was fairly familiar with most regions to really get to know the layout of every inch of all maps. And I know I'm wierd but doing this challenge made Pleasant valley one of my favourite maps. As it was the most difficult/nerve racking map to fully explore all areas due to distances travelled from safe/base locations.
  2. Dev Diary - November 2018

    Oh is that also a craftable gun/weapon rack I see in the bear spear pic? If so then I'm really happy this has finally been added. Has been much requested.
  3. Spooky stuff

    Yeah I keep hearing the wimpering noise a wolf makes when they die. On day one(haven't tried day 2 yet) it's almost like the game was still spawning them in but just Insta killing them. Weird.
  4. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #14

    we'll begin dropping more details about our Four Days of Night event, which for the first time will include our Xbox and PS4 players. Oh that's fantastic news. I thought we would be left out of events again . Thank you for any additional work that was required to bring this to consoles.
  5. Do you remember where you found it? I'm currently on day 90 in current vanilla loper run. I have been to the summit and looted most of ML, PV and Milton. I have not been to the hunting lodge in BR yet, so fingers crossed it is waiting for me there. Not sure of any other potential spawns other than BR and Summit.
  6. Wolf struggles on xbox

    First off don't panic. It actually slows time for a.few seconds for you to select which weapon. Then you use left stick to select /scroll through selections and press A to select. Also a steady consistent clicking/attack pattern should be used. NOT clicking as fast as possible. I was used to just clicking like crazy as soon as wolf jumped me, as older versions had no weapon select. Took me a little while before I learned to stop panicking and that it slows time.to select weapon. Also just so you know Knife= makes wolf blledout but struggle lasts longer Hatchet=best chance to kill wolf outright on the spot Heavy hammer =shortest struggle (scares wolf away faster) least damage done to wolf. From my experience the prybar should do the same as hammer but doesnt seem to be as good. (Atleast on stalker and interloper) Hope this helps
  7. As far as i can tell the flashlight does not spawn on custom loot at low. I was a bit disappointed when I realised I would not get one after searching all regions except HRV in my interloper lite run.(interloper with CF off and rifles enabled) Not sure about normal interloper though. On my current run I have not made the summit run /been to the hunting lodge yet. Which is the only spawns I am aware of.
  8. Yeah this took me a while to figure out also. After wasting way too many matches on an interloper run, i tested on a pilgrim game and realised that you need to press the A button( X on PS) not right trigger as you normally would.
  9. Tents

    Or we could use cedar logs or sticks plus deer /wolf hides to make more permanent/longer lasting tents /shelters. Would certainly give us something to do with the carpet of skins accumulated mid to end game. Imo the snow shelters are good but wear down too fast and also feel a little cluastraphobic . Would be cool to have a shelter /tent with more space enabling setting up of bases in more inaccessible areas. Maybe even dismantle a stove into multiple heavy pieces and reassemble in your tent/new base. If they really wanted to add some content like this,imo there is a lot they could do with it. This would require you to have lots of cured pelts ready to go and be equipped to spend long periods outside constructing. Therefore would not really be achievable until mid/late game.
  10. Base Resource - Custom Difficulty

    Either way good luck on your run man! Thanks currently at day 200. Going for the 500 day achievement.
  11. Base Resource - Custom Difficulty

    Oh really I've never found one on these settings. Currently doing an interloper without cabin fever and rifles enabled. I also have passive wildlife on afyer many stalker and interloper runs I actually find hunting more of a challenge when dinner doesn't come to you,lol Anyway in my current run I have looted all maps except HRV and I have not found a single knife/hatchet. Oh actually I will check later but I think they added a new setting for turning knifes and hatchet off independently from base resource level. However I may be wrong.
  12. I love this game so much,have been playing since early access on Xbox, I will be buying a physical copy as soon as it releases in the UK just for the manual and map. But also because I don't mind giving you folks more support/cash even though I already own the game.
  13. Placing Objects on Tables in Xbox

    Drop any items you want to place on the floor , then press left trigger to pick up. Move it around to the desired location and press right trigger to place. If it glows green you can place it, if it is red move it around a little until it turns green to place ie not too close to other items. You can also place items straight from the radial menu. Hope this helps and enjoy.
  14. Escape key equivalent on Xbox

    I'm sure it is B on xbox. And O on PlayStation I think. (Been ages since I played a PS)
  15. Custom mode Bunker

    I mostly play on interloper settings , so sadly I have not seen a bunker for a long time.. I also had the same dissapointment when I set up an inerloper run with CF off and the rifle enabled. However I have done multiple runs of stalker in the past. Unless something has changed in the last few months, then yeah there should definitely be 2x bunker spawns available in a single run. 1x spawn in ML and 1x spawn in PV. There's also an additional one in pleasant valley that always spawns. But i won't spoil it in case you haven't fully explored PV yet.