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  1. Steam crash

    Thanks for sharing those troubleshooting steps, @s7mar7in! @timimt, if you have tried those steps but are still seeing frequent crashing please share your Session Log file with us before starting up the game again. This file should give us an idea of what kind of errors the game is encountering and help us find a solution. Information on how to locate your Session Log is posted here.
  2. Death Plummet at Mountain Lookout

    Thanks for your post, @snowman. Can you tell us what platform you play on? (Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Window Store, etc) Issues with falling out of the world are usually related to missing or outdated game files. If you haven't done so recently, please reboot your system and check that your game files are verified. On Steam you can do this through your Library. If you play on another system, try reinstalling the game (this won't impact your saved games.) If you continue to have this issue, please let us know!
  3. Game Saves

    If you want to play the game over again from scratch without any previously existing saves or profile information, the simplest way is to copy your Save folder to another location on your harddrive and remove the original. A fresh folder will be generated next time you launch the game. If you ever want to go back to those older saves, you can simply swap the folders back. If you're not sure where to find your save folder, more information is included in our Technical FAQ post.
  4. The Long Dark Hotfixed to v1.40 [42090]

    Good point -- topic edited to help avoid confusion!
  5. Does cairn 117 exist?

    Thanks for your post, DaveO! Cairn 117 *should* be present in Coastal Highway, but if it's not been located by players it's likely it has been affected by the duplicated cairn issue. This is something we're looking into!
  6. Thanks for your post, Medved. Crashing and graphical errors can be caused by a wide variety of issues. To help us narrow it down, please reboot your computer and try the troubleshooting steps posted here: http://www.hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/6980-first-steps-for-crashing-or-major-graphic-issues These steps should resolve or rule out a number of common problems that can interfere with the game.
  7. Cutscene issue

    Hi endisnear, thanks for your post! This is likely a separate issue -- we've had some reports of audio cutting out on Macs specifically and are currently looking into it. Does all the game audio cut out, or just the cinematic audio? Are you noticing this in certain scenes, or all of them?
  8. Thanks for your post, ArcherAC3. We agree -- not having the game available in Brazil is pretty frustrating! The Long Dark doesn't currently have an official content rating in Brazil, and because of this it's not available on stores or on consoles that are set to the Brazil region. We have submitted requests for a rating are hoping so have this issue resolved soon, especially now that our Skybound disc release is available.
  9. PS4 needs gamma setting

    Hi, marcushasfun. The console versions of the game don't have the same settings available, but thanks for letting us know that brightness controls are something you'd be interested in. We've moved your post over to the Wish List area of the forums for tracking.
  10. Rifle falling off rack

    Thanks for your post, bighara! We have released some fixes for issues with rifle positioning when returning to an area, but it looks like there are a few cases that need looking at. We're investigating, but for now if it keeps falling it may be best to store your weapons in a container like a locker.
  11. Thanks for your posts, Wormer. We'll take a look for issues that could potentially affect torch burn time.
  12. Food Poisoning + Intestinal Parasites Issue

    Thanks everyone for your posts about this issue. There is lost of feedback in here with requested changes, so the thread has been moved over to Wish List for tracking.
  13. Branches disappear near fires

    Thanks for the post, Wormer. This doesn't sound like intended behaviour -- we'll take a look at how branches persist when there are campfires nearby.
  14. Limit on in-game Journal size?

    Thanks for your question, BareSkin. Can you tell us a bit about what you are seeing when you find you're not able to write? Are you having trouble viewing a Notes entry? Are you unable to enter Write mode? Are you writing in Notes and able to edit content, but not able to add more lines? What platform do you play on? For each Day survived, you should have a Daily Log, which you can add a Notes Entry to if you wish by selecting the Day and then clicking over to the Notes tab. Each Note entry does have size limit -- something in the area of 10k characters -- but if you've survived for 20 days you should have 20 different entries you can add notes to, which can add up to a fair bit of space.
  15. Moose killing wolves....

    If mystery carcasses are appearing, we certainly want to be aware of it! We haven't seen anything like this happen in recent versions of the game on our side, but we're keeping an eye out. Please do let us know if you see this in a version of the game that is up-to-date and verifying your files doesn't seem to have an impact!