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  1. Hi @mechnoob , thanks for your post. If you haven't yet done so, a good first step for issues like this is to check that your game files are all present and up-to-date. On Steam you can do this easily by Verifying your game files through the Steam Client. You can also try reinstalling the game. So you are aware, there are a variety of conditions that can impact your Survivor's walking speed in the game -- including wind direction, the type of terrain, slope of terrain, how rested your Survivor is, how much weight they are carrying, crouching etc.
  2. Lower FPS when looking at the ground

    Thanks for your post! We're looking at some further optimizations for the Milton/Mountain town region that we're hoping will help with this issue. We don't have a release date for another update at this time, but it's something we're working on and hope to have out soon.
  3. Console Cache Management Concern

    That does sound odd. If you haven't done so recently, we suggest connecting to the internet, then doing a full power cycle of the console, including your powersupply. If there are any lingering system issues that could be interfering with the game, this should help flush them. Turn off the Xbox One console by pressing the Xbox button on the front of the console for about 10 seconds until it shuts down completely. Unplug the console's power cable. Wait 10 seconds. (This step resets the power supply. ) Plug the console power cable back in. Press the Xbox button on your console to turn on the Xbox One. If your console's harddrive is close to full, it might also be a good idea to clean it up and uninstall any apps or games you aren't using.
  4. Highly directional sound in Linux

    Thanks for your posts! We've made some adjustments in the past to waterfall sound, but we've made some changes to audio in the game since then and it's certainly worth another look.
  5. Vanishing Filing Cabinet Drawers

    We don't have a an estimate for when the next update will be available, but it's coming!
  6. Cartographer: missing Icons in Milton

    Thanks for your post. Both those icons are in the Achievement list, so they are indeed required to unlock it. Some icons are a bit finnicky to map -- we've done some work to help address this, but I'm not sure if we looked at those two specifically. Usually the Survivor just needs to be close and have a clear line of sight to the building or structure. If you continue having trouble, please send in a Support Request with your save file attached -- we'll take a closer look in case there is a problem with the file.
  7. Console Cache Management Concern

    Hi @UpUpAway95 , that "online cache" sounds like a Xbox One system notification -- we don't have any warnings like that as part of the game. We'd guess this is information such as unlocked achievements being stored until your system is able to connect online again. Xbox Live has indeed been reporting some service issues lately, although Core and Game services should be currently be available. We'd suggest simply jumping back into online mode for a few minutes when you get the chance, so your account can sync up.
  8. Offline Steam Achievements?

    Hi @NardoLoopa , you should be able to play offline an trigger the achievements later when you connect to Steam, just be aware that they might not pop immediately -- the way they works is certain actions taken by the player will prompt checks to see if an achievement has been unlocked, depending on what type of achievement you're going for. For example, if you completed Faithful Cartographer you might have to do another mapping action in the relevant save file after connecting back to Steam. Important! If you choose to spend any amount of time playing in offline mode, we highly recommend disabling Steam's Cloud Sync feature. In theory this shouldn't happen, but there have been a few reported cases of players returning to online Mode only to have their progress overwritten with older files from the Cloud. Just an FYI!
  9. issue with user name and password

    Thanks for letting us know, loriaw . That does seem unusual. We haven't seen any issues with the password systems on our side, but we'll certainly keep an eye out. We've been meaning to do a bit of back-end maintenance on the forums for a while now but keep getting tied up in other projects -- we'll put this on the list and hopefully get to it soon!
  10. Vanishing Filing Cabinet Drawers

    Thanks for your posts! We're looking into issues with containers shifting after objects in the area have been broken down, but are pretty confident we'll be able to restore them back to their correct locations with all their inventory intact. In the case of drawers, you should still be able to access their inventories as long as they are visible by clicking on their faces. To be safe, it might be a good idea to remove stored items from these containers and place them on the floor until this issue is resolved.
  11. Angry "support" won't answer

    We're looking into issues as quickly as we can, however we have a small team, currently have a larger than usual load of requests. We've seen some reports of players who are missing blueprints in Story Mode that they previously unlocked after a recent update. This is something we are looking into, but unfortunately do not have a fix for yet. We're not 100% clear what you mean when you say that wolves are more than frightened. Could you clarify what you are seeing vs what you expected to see with wolf behaviour? We're not sure why you would get a notification asking if you own the game -- we don't have any notifications like that in the game, so it may be coming from your system. Troubleshooting steps for crashes can vary depending on which platform you are playing on ( Steam, Xbox One, PS4, etc) however here are some steps that might help: Power-cycling your system (turning it all the way off, then on again) Uninstalling the game, then reinstalling it again Checking that your Operating System is updated Checking that your drivers are updated You can find more detailed troubleshooting steps and suggestions at our Support Portal, here: https://hinterlandgames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/360002707831-Issues-and-Troubleshooting Hope that helps!
  12. Forest Talkers cache side quest (spoilers)

    Thanks for your posts! The locations of 2 caches in Episode 2 were shifted in a recent updated, however it appears that a bug prevented the maps from updating with their new locations if a players had already unlocked the mission. We're looking into this issue, but in the meantime anyone who has unlocked the Forest Talker Cache mission should be able to locate the Mystery Lake and Forest Talker Caches at their new locations (see attached maps).
  13. Thanks for the feedback about how distant objects appear in the game. We try to work for the best balance between performance and graphics quality we can, and suggestions for possible improvements are appreciated. This topic has been moved to the Wishlist area to help prevent it from getting lost.
  14. Sauvegarde supprimée

    Bonjour @DomoSyph, merci pour votre commentaire - désolé d'entendre que vos progrès manquent, c'est une frustration immense pour quiconque de le vivre! Pouvez-vous nous dire sur quelle plate-forme appartient le jeu? (Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Microsoft Store.) Ces sauvegardes d’histoire ou le mode Défi / Survivor ont-elles été sauvegardées? Aviez-vous déjà mis à jour leur version Redux lorsque vous avez commencé ces sauvegardes? Hi @DomoSyph , thank you for posting -- sorry to hear your progress is missing, that is hugely frustrating for anyone to experience! Can you tell us what platform own the game on? (Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Microsoft Store.) Were these Story saves or Challenge/Survivor Mode saves? Had you already updated to the Redux version of them when you began these saves?
  15. Stuck

    Thanks everyone for your posts! We've received a number of reports about areas in Pleasant Valley and Milton Basin where Survivors can drop below the ice. This is something we are looking into, but it this happens to you we do recommend reloading from your most recent save. If you are ever stuck, be careful not to do actions that might prompt the game to save, such as sleeping or passing time.