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  1. Share your screenshots

    Outstanding! You got quite a bloodbath going on here, got that dead deer in the background, and looks like your just about to meet your maker with wolf number two. Is that your own puddle of blood here in the foreground... From that angle it looks like this has got to be your last glimpse before you wandered off into the LD.
  2. I feel the pain... what almost always amazes me is the sheer distance those wolves can run at full gallop and not bleed out. as @hozz1235 mentioned, the pass time trick comes in handy too at times.
  3. What's in your Bunker?

    wow, you significantly scored more stuff than usual. Outstanding! now go forth and slay!
  4. What's in your Bunker?

    Hey @Hawk, so I decided to player stalker mode and see how many launches it would take to find the Hunter Prep and much to my surprise it spawned on my second launch. what are the odds on that? anyway, still found two rifles and 15 rounds and would you believe the condition on both rifles was 86%. The hatch vestibule was empty, there was a bird feather in the grate. shelf was empty. Desk was empty of treats or clothing. didn't have a crowbar so I couldn't get in the locked locker. the rest of it pretty much the same. couple sodas some bottled water...
  5. What's in your Bunker?

    Glad you enjoyed it. I kinda went about this backwards... check out my post from last August. Prepper Cache: Post Apocalyptic Style Living Quarters
  6. what's with the Cairns?

    @Blinkin, I am sorry you missed out. I certainly hope they, meaning Hinterland, don't forget about getting those backer's sentiments immortalized in the game. Since there is still so much updating going, I would think there is still time to complete that aspect of the game. I would venture to guess that the community could come up with some pretty witty prose if given the opportunity in the event a Backer wanted to remain anonymous. Make a good contest if you ask me.
  7. what's with the Cairns?

    thanks for the heads up. kinda figured that was the jist of things. I always enjoy finding one that has a message, but so many that i do find seem to be incomplete. @Blinkin. since you're a TLD Backer, if you don't mind me asking you, why are so many of the cairns i find, without a story?
  8. What's in your Bunker?

    Thanks for the heads up. I was curious if you got less items or if the conditions of what you found were worse. I am almost tempted to launch in every difficulty and see what differences there are if any. probably would have to launch dozens of games to do so... now you got me thinking... lol
  9. What's in your Bunker?

    I stumbled upon the Hunter Prep Bunker across from Camp Office pretty much by accident while tracking a wounded deer the first time I found it. Ever since, I have always checked that area every play through in hopes of finding it again. just recently I began a new game and having spawned just outside of Camp Office, I decided to check the spot and low and behold Hunter Prepper's Cache. From what I understand, this cache always spawns the rifles and nothing but this bunker spawns in this location atop the hill overlooking Camp Office as you face Mystery Lake. down the hatch.... Not much to see as you get to the base of the ladder. this chamber is almost completely empty except for the one metal shelf to the right of the ladder. Flashlight on a shelf. that's all... slim pickings checking the grate reveals a newspaper... (yawn) entering the main chamber you find a desk to your left and some shelving to your right. On the desk you find the first of two rifles. you can see some tools, newspaper, bullets and a cleaning kit. checking the desk drawers only yielded a single soda and a bag of beef jerky. Back to the right side of the doorway is a shelf holding an arrow, a couple of shafts and some arrowheads. There's also a lantern and an emergency stim. Not much really, but a good base for crafting a few arrows which will go a lot further in the long run as compared to the 15 rounds of ammo you find in this bunker. Examining the locker next, The locker was locked so the crowbar came in handy. The locker yielded a decent balaclava. good score but wait, there's more. decent wool shirt, it definitely got warmer! switching back to the left side of the chamber, next to the desk stood a crate. the crate had a knife some matches and of course more newspaper... I decided to smash the crate to see if there was anything inside or hidden below. no. just yield pieces of reclaimed wood. In the corner, next to the crate was the first of two shelves. All useful items, a few cans of soda, some bottled water, another 10 rounds of ammo along with a whet stone and a can opener. The shelf next to the bed had a couple more food products, some herbal tea, bottled water. The bed was kinda lumpy, but at least provided +5C heat bonus. next to the bed was the other rifle. in very poor condition, at 22%. gonna take a lot of cleaning to get that back into shape. Not sure why this shelf was knocked down, but there wasn't anything under or behind it. at the very least it is good for scrap metal. Heading back outside now in search of the next prepper's cache.
  10. Where In The Goat Am I?

    Ouch, that left a couple of marks... but i do see your upwards traverse technique works well. It probably helps to be able to "read" the topography so to speak and not be afraid of falling. lol, I kinda have a hard time putting my 400+ day character at risk if you know what I mean.
  11. I wanna take a Selfie!

    Please Hinterland, please, Would love to see myself in third person, especially after I climbed up on top of the bear that I just brought down. I don't think it would diminish game play or the immersive aspect of the game if I could see myself from that perspective and be able to take a screenshot. Or is that too big of a request in terms of programming and implementation. I am actually standing on the bears hindquarters. I probably should have squated down for a better effect?
  12. what's with the Cairns?

    I must admit, I don't pay attention very well, my mind is always wandering and I must have missed the explanation or the announcement of these Cairns. Some of them have some interesting comments therein, but the majority it seems are incomplete. Were these part of some in game recognition for financial contribution, cause if so, can the community still get in on that now? So many I have clicked on say the story remains to be told. and then there is the question of placement... numbers 142 and 145. Never seen 'em this close together. Happy accident?
  13. Where In The Goat Am I?

    @Ice Hole, let me venture a guess... You're on the Crumbling Hwy between Coastal Highway and Desolation Point. it looks like you would be on the top of the mountain looking down on the road with the basement to your left and the washed out section of the road to the right. Am I even close? Glad you made this post, as I have been wandering the TLD landscape I got to wondering how many times your character has died as you make these posts. I have found some interesting ways to get up some areas, but you have taken it to new levels. So, what's your secret to scaling the heights where others are unable to go? Do you just find the most accessible route up or do you just gotta jiggle the keyboard just right to make your character climb? The fact that my character is "hobbled" to such a degree that he can't jump up is my single biggest disappointment to this game.
  14. Share your screenshots

    Here's some pics from my hatch collection... it's a work in progress... Hunter's Prep Cache located directly across the tracks from Camp Office Behind CHD and next to train loading, this spawned Clothing Prepper Cache Nestled high in the tree line across from the electric tram, Food Prepper Cache High above the lake cabins looking down on the southern access, Hardware Prepper Cache top of the rope climb western access, Medical Prepper Cache High above Lookout well up the hill from Deadfall, Firelog Prepper Cache
  15. Share your screenshots

    @greatwhitegamer, your narrative paints a vivid picture in my minds eye, having made that trek many times myself. My first encounter with the moose by happenstance was also right there as you described, however mine did not end as well. Takes a long time to recover with broken ribs. That moose can kick some ass. on a side note, only got the audio portion of your recording, might just be a conflict with the various media players i employ, but thought i would give you the heads up in case it isnt.