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  1. Funny, but I bet the 2% who knew how do it, probably didnt know they were doing it right in the first place, imho. And @Thrasador, if you could give me the skinny on the "turbo button via Steam," I think I might be interested in exploiting that. The game feels very linear now to me with story mode. It used to be that I could at least find a rifle, survival bow or even an axe or knife very quickly in the sandbox, whereby dealing with wolves became easy quickly. Or at least that's what the stack of wolf pelts led me to believe...lol
  2. A big thank you to both @RossBondReturns and @JAFO for the low down on mouse mashing... I will attempt to control my impulse to "panic click" which like I said is starting to take it's toll on these old bones.
  3. Oh, where to begin? Let's preface by saying after having spent approx. 1200 hours in the sandbox, this is so unexpected. I couldn't wait to start the adventure... I must admit, the story, the artwork and music are outstanding, but the one size fits all wildlife attack setting doesn't sit well with me considering the arthritis in my old broken mouse mashing fingers. Yeah, I try to avoid confrontation with the wolves, using just about every trick I gleaned from evading and killing wolves in the sandbox, but no way can you evade that many wolves nor can I mouse mash that fast. I even tried mashing left handed a few times, but now it's time to take some pain reliever and ice my poor swollen knuckles. So, maybe nerf the wolf attack some or bigger hit percentage when I am clicking the mouse, or maybe even put in a pilgrim playing option. For those of you who think I am whining to much, I probably am, I just wanna play the story not set a world record clicking my mouse 1000 times in 3 seconds.
  4. Early release? like today maybe??? i don't/can't wanna wait.... please?
  5. ...when it's 30 Celsius outside and the wind in your game is blowing so loudly that you get up and close your window because the draft felt so cold...
  6. given the steep incline, in previous play through's, I had never attempted to descend the summit via the cliff face. But having just recently competed looting the summit and descending via various routes down the cliff face over encumbered and taking minimal damage in the process, I'd have to agree with you now that this mechanic is firmly in place. At any rate, I still think you should be able to descend with more weight that climbing up. Or as Thrasador mentioned, lowering the pack via a rope. make the pack the same 30k limit and you would have to carry an extra 5k rope to do so.
  7. Hello @Patrick Carlson, thanks for the link to the FAQ's, and my most humble apologies if anyone found anything offensive or unfriendly in this thread. Honestly, as originator of this thread, I have read all the posts and can't really find anything that could be considered unfriendly. I new when I originally posted that there wasn't gonna be any dev commentary, feedback or response. I knew that because I saw Raphael's video when Faithful Cartographer released. That being said, I figured at least you guys might read the thread and who knows if our comments would have any merit that might change things when story mode finally launches. I have always appreciated the opportunity that Hinterland has afforded it's player customers in providing direct feedback and a venue in which to share opinions, strategies, stories and suggestions. Again, my most humble apologies if anyone was offended by any comments in this discussion thread.
  8. I have a lot of hours in the sandbox, and spend the majority of my time on TWM, but it wasn't until this most recent play through that I discovered those various routes that you mention coming down from the summit. Yes, fairly easy to just walk down, but steep enough not to be able to walk back up in most spots. I still think that the main reason was to merely add play time when story mode releases, otherwise the first chapter in the story we have all been waiting for plays itself out in less than 6 hours. I remember watching that video that they released about the latest update and the up coming story mode, and I do believe Raphael said that this was the last time they were responding to community as they were concentrating their efforts strictly on story mode in order to meet the August deadline.
  9. ...checking out? or ...almost made it? either way, nice last glimpse pic!
  10. looks like you can butcher and cook all at the same time.... very clever...
  11. ...what is the meaning of life?
  12. I left a couple of items out on the stump where I chop my wood outside of the Mountaineer's Hut. I came outside to get some firewood during a snowstorm and all the tools were levitating...
  13. Hey @togg, just wanted to give you a quick heads up that I just pulled off the first over-encumbered full cliff side descent from the summit to the trail base with the engine and the two shipping containers. I loaded up to 55 kilos and walking very slowly went to the cliffs to the right of the tail section as you face it and crouch walking I traversed the cliff face from ledge to ledge, always going in a downward angle and switching back as necessary. There were a few times where I had to drop down a steep incline to a ledge below, so I did take some damage in the process. Thankfully, I was packing all the medication so I had ample painkillers to dose the multiple sprained ankles and wrists before I successfully made it to the bottom. I subsequently walked all the way back to the mountaineers hut crouch walking two more cliff sides, each near a rope climb, in record time. Now if I can only do that again two more times....
  14. Thanks for pointing that out. I would have commented there had I seen it. That being said, although I was gripping about it the other day, the problem solver in me has been wrestling with the idea on how to assault the summit for the express purpose of looting everything most expeditiously and it's doable although extremely time consuming. So I am looking forward to working this strategy out without dying while trying... From the developer's perspective, this does greatly increase the play time with this mechanic. I do remember reading something about the actual straight play time of the story based on the segmented story release dates, so this mechanic really does stretch out the play time significantly. I agree I wouldn't want to slide down a rope either if I was carrying way to much and wasnt sure i could arrest my descent, but the sheer rigid inflexibility is still annoying. I think they should have left it alone, but now that it's here, game on!
  15. With the new update, climbing and descending the rope is now severely restricted since you can't use the rope if your load out exceeds 30 kilo making it impractical in most cases when exploring and looting those areas. I can see why limiting the amount that can be carried going up the rope, but coming down shouldn't be so restricted in my opinion. Climbing over encumbered should have be viable to a limited extent provided you have lots of stamina although the pace would be slower and the rest breaks would be necessary. But coming down is more a matter of sliding down the rope letting gravity do the work for you. I would only need enough stamina to be able to hold on and slow myself down. I'd like to see the old mechanic of rope climbing as compared to this latest update. just my opinion...