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  1. did you watch the video? just curious
  2. Here's a little IRL video of what you can expect living in a light house during extreme frigid temperatures.
  3. I think you hit the nail on the head with establishing "stashes" all over. In my next play through, I think I am going to do exactly that. I think I will loot each map thoroughly and establish two or more semi-permanent camps in each region. That way I can travel fairly light all the time and still have all the comforts and resources available when I arrive at camp.
  4. I'm currently playing a side game where I spawned into DP and wanted to limit myself just to the area and only utilize those resources available. Two issues immediately became apparent, one was not having a 2 ltr pot to boil water in, (I did make do with cans, lots of cans), but the biggest problem was no maple saplings. I did find 5 birch saplings so I had a good start on arrows, but the lack of bow making materials made it a lot more difficult to continue survival once the scavenged survival bow broke. Makes me wish there was a bow maintenance feature in the game....
  5. Not a bad suggestion, but if I were to do that, might as well start a new game... I have looted the island twice over now and consolidated it all at the gas station. I could, however, with the updates now maybe go harvest a few more respawning mushrooms or rose hips but that again just seems like work...
  6. yeah, height above your target doesn't count... does help however for the distance of the throw. I ended bopping a bunny after about 25 throws down a hillside on CH. The stone ended up bouncing and hit the target on the roll. Seemed easy at the time, lol.
  7. Hey nice to hear from you again! I know what you mean, I have collected just about every item I could find from the island and have moved it to the gas station. Nothing really left to do besides "live" out my days... that feels to much like work doesn't it? In my current 500+ day character, I still need some rifle kills to hit all the "5's" but it seems more like work. I like your idea however and may give it a try!
  8. I guess I could work on that... might as well start a new game then...
  9. Yeah, Boom! hit 'em so hard he just sat back on his haunch and died. Last time I saw this guy he came outta no where and waffle-stomped me pretty good. I guess I get the last laugh
  10. It took me a couple of days to find him after I shot him, thanks to the crows and a clear day. I had to shimmy down a cliff side a pretty good way in order to harvest and it still was a long way to the ground...
  11. Hey fellow adventures and survivors! Been playing the game for a long time now and finally played a character past 500 days and finally unlocked the Will to Live Achievement. Having traversed the Island and having explored and looted each region as thoroughly as possible, there's really not much left to do beside going thru the daily acts of living. I've got a few goals I would still like to accomplish, but overall my game play now is starting to feel a little bit more repetitious and a little less adventuresome. Question: What do you do to entertain yourself in The Long Dark? Any self imposed challenges or quests? What keeps you playing your game ?
  12. there are a few good maps online that show the common spawn points of each bunker location in both ML and PV. Using those as a guide you can very easily and systematically sweep those regions until you find one or both. In ML for example the weapons bunker and the medical bunker always and only spawns in the same location, weapons on the ridge over the tracks across from Camp Office and the medical bunker at the top of the rope climb on the Western Access side of the lake. check out my post regarding weapons and medical bunkers :
  13. That is an awesome pic! That is probably the most unique set of circumstances to be hunting bear under as well. Nicely done!
  14. Direwolf Boss just leveled up and is summoning his pack using his internal light beacon spell! oh, you are in for it now...