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  1. In the Pilgrim mode I shot a bear at close range and he attacked and mauled me to 7%. I was surprised since I thought the animals left you alone in the Pilgrim mode. The next day the bear was dead, but I learned of this unexpected danger in the Pilgrim mode. I have killed 5 bears, 4 with one shot. The other took two. So I believe a well placed head shot will take a bear down without being attacked. I have found the same with wolves. The closer you are the better the shot, but make it a good one or you are in for a lot of hurt.
  2. I am an older player with years of experience in hiking and backpacking remote areas. I now reside in Arizona where the environment is nothing like that of the "The Long Dark", but when I saw the game, I could not resist signing on. I have looked for years for a survival game that did not involve a lot of shooting of one type of monster or another. I love this game. Some people play games just to win. I play to experience the world that the programmers have created. This is a game you can immerse yourself into with realistic challenges and rewards. I hope the game can be developed to fullest which I will wait for with great anticipation
  3. Landmarks are a great way to maneuver through PV or any of the others, but when blinded and disoriented, these are useless. I knew where I died because I stumbled upon a road which led to the "Three Strikes Farmstead" (the title popped up). I found a couple of the buildings but not the habitable one... I just now looked at a map and now realize there was no habitable cabin! I guess I was doomed no matter what.
  4. Naïve question... What are these points that I see with some peoples' name:?
  5. I have seen too often in game development that updates, while adding great new content, forget about tweaking the basic programing. I look forward to your new content, but please take a good look at the core content and smooth out any rough edges
  6. I survived several blizzards, a few by just dumb luck. Some blizzards seem to be worse than others in their intensity and length. A bread trail of any kind will fail to get you home in a blizzard that you cannot see more than a few feet in front of you. With even the best clothes and bed roll, you are doomed without sitting next to a fire, and that can only last so long. Blinded, you can't find more wood even if it is around you and you surely can't carry enough to last you for hours. I enjoy a challenge but it is depressing to know that however well you do, eventually you are going to die. The cards are stacked against you and the blizzard is the Ace of death.
  7. Having survived 156 days +, I was taken down by a blizzard that came out of nowhere and lasted for hours. I died only yards from a shelter that I could not see. I had done everything and had everything and survived wolf attacks and a bear attack (barely). I felt there was nothing left to do of interest and was waiting for the next revision. I had enough food and supplies stored for months, and I could have lasted a year if I just wanted to stay in the farm house and wait out the days, but what fun is that. So I venture out and battle mother nature, but the blizzards are unrealistic and they appear with no real warning. You could be scouting a 100 yards from your shelter and all of a sudden get blinded and disoriented by a blizzard. Unless you happen know which direction to head back, you are lost and no amount of preparation (wood or clothing or anything else) is going to save you. If you are going to have such deadly and unpredictable blizzards, then you need to provide a reasonable way to survive it. You need a way to get to a shelter while blinded by a blizzard (the fogs are almost as bad, but you aren't guaranteed to freeze). The only realistic thing I can think of that gives a fighting chance is a compass. I have read the arguments for and against a compass, but I maintain that it is a reasonable thing to have in this game and it will work in a geomagnetic storm (this has been proven in real life). With a compass and some study, one should always know how to get back to a shelter in a blinding storm. Give us a chance, otherwise, it is just a matter of time before you die from a blizzard. What kind of of goal is that? A game that guarantees you will die seems to be missing something.
  8. I would like to see a more visible spotter. It is too small and gets lost in the white background. The same could be said for the color/font of the type. It is very difficult to see with the white backdrop. Maybe a simple outlining of the type in black would solve the problem.
  9. It would be simple to craft both a flag (stick with cloth) and a litter from sticks. Both of these objects could be made in the environment and would be useful. The flag being vertical and more easily seen can mark trails or help you not get lost in the fog. The littler can add to your carrying capacity by x%.
  10. Sounds reasonable.
  11. I did not experience any kind of "hiccup" that I was aware of.
  12. Hard to imagine that I had hypothermia since I was in the gas station for a couple of days working, but I guess that is a possibility. I will have to check my log to see what I was doing before I last came into the garage. Never got a warning that I had hypothermia though.
  13. Why am I not getting any achievements or trophies on xbox? My son who uses a PC is getting them.
  14. I was warm and inside. I did not notice my condition dropping. I all of a sudden heard my heart beat and the 7% came up. I did not die, going to bed saved me, but my fatigue was barely showing. I both drank and ate cook meat after I noticed the 7% warning, but not before. Before this all happened, I was working on making wolf hide pants and rabbit mittens. Beyond this I can tell you much more.
  15. I had neglected to eat and drink and was dehydrated and starving. I ate and drank putting the bars back to green, but then I heard my heartbeat and was at 7% and decreasing. All indicators were in the green. In panic, I went to bed and that started a recovery. Why did "fatigue" not show something wrong? The bed action was just a guess on my part. Great game. Died after over 50 days while trying to cross the trestle to CH. Did everything and had everything (except bear hide) so I decided to go to CH. Bummer. Hated the game for an hour. At 50 days in CH now with one wolf hide and one bear hide left. Out of bullets! Going back to search everything again, otherwise I have to go to Mystery Lake and the dreaded trestle.