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  1. I agree. Especially since Molsen and Coors are the same brand now! But there are so many good brews in Canada with regional/limited distribution. Although these days you can find Mill Street and Moosehead anywhere so that is changing
  2. Oh, I know quite a few places in Canada (and I'm sure the same is true in the US) where you can drive for several hours without seeing any towns larger than 10 000 people and that's on the Trans Canada Highway Go off the highway and there's more than a few places where there's no one around.
  3. Hey guys, no need to get riled up.
  4. @Mroz4k: I can't speak for the Americans but in Canada firearm availability is more or less a cultural norm. In the major Eastern cities guns are rarer but once you get to the smaller communities hunting and fishing is very common. Over here, hunting is very much a recreational activity. A Canadian stereotype is that we have really restrictive gun laws. That's partially true. While buying a rifle or shotgun is actually really easy (all you need to do is pass a weekend course and a criminal records check) purchasing a handgun is much harder than in the US. Also, open carry is definitely not a thing here (I personally find it a little crazy). I always found it a little odd when I visited the States that certain stores and malls actually had to post "firearms banned on premises" or see stores advertising handgun sales... As for terror attacks... to the best of my knowledge all of the firearms used in attacks on both sides of the border were obtained legally here. Gun control is a really politicised issue in the States. In Canada, the last major attack (École Polytechnique in Montreal, 1989, not classified as a terror attack) resulted in a lot of legislation to try and prevent future attacks by making it easier to track firearms and added a lot of additional rules for owning one. Unfortunately, the major pieces of the legislation have since been dismantled due to policy disagreements between different parties. While the legislation was deeply flawed and went massively over budget it was not, I believe, a bad idea at its core. It was just horribly designed and implemented by people who knew little (if anything) about hunting and rural life in general. The polar opposite approach is what Australia did the last time they had a mass shooting. The Daily Show actually did a nice report on the steps the politicians of the day took to try and prevent future attacks.
  5. By far the safest and most reliable hunting option!
  6. Welcome to the forums @LaughingGravy
  7. I have no idea but welcome to the forums regardless @Mocha
  8. Oh no! There's three Timberwolves now! Welcome to the forums @Timberwolf_2387 Aiming is easier on the PC but I found blood trails and wolf struggles were better on the X-Box
  9. And a hello from me too
  10. Well, there's always an axe/saw and some cheese cloth if you don't want to pack the deer all out at once. Are you hunting whitetails? They're so small you can lift them up on a quad (if you have one) and drive the carcass out @ernestww
  11. Welcome to the forums @Snake Doctor
  12. You should definitely post that as a bug...
  13. Happy to help @Timber Wolf and welcome to the forums @earthy
  14. Nice thread @Carbon!
  15. @Cattleman: I almost did myself in once by successfully killing a bear, resting to get healed up, and then promptly standing in my fire when I went to harvest the bear. Self immolation is a very bad idea! I survived, if only just!