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  1. I have a smallish "trash heap" near any base I'm at for an extended period of time. Ruined whetstone, sewing kits, burned out flair, broken bows and the lot go there. Now cans do too ... I kind of like seeing my effect on the post Apocalypse environment ....
  2. This is the best, 18 months after the fact, answer I've ever received on a message board ;-) No sarcasm @Shadrach, however delayed your reply made me giggle. Cheers!
  3. Driving cars

    I don't endorse the idea of running automobiles in any way but I've often wondered if there was a vehicle with a manual transmission parked on a hill (are there any like this in say Coastal Highway or maybe Pleasant Valley) it should be theoretically possible to 'pop the clutch.' This would in turn cause the engine to, in theory, turnover and start running. Granted there's a lot of variables here but -- fire still works, flammable liquids still burn ... the motor SHOULD turn over IF you could some how thaw it out a bit first ... These are the silly thoughts I have while enduring the 99th blizzard while stuck in some out of the way place in TLD ;-)
  4. What's in your Bunker?

    So after I typed this last night, I went home and fired up TLD. Bingo, there's the weapon's bunker. Two rifles (80-90% condition), two arrows, two arrow shafts, two whetstones, a lantern, twenty rounds of ammunition, two cleaning kits, one pair of combat boots, one pair of climbing socks (both +80% conditions), and an assortment of canned goods/food and water.
  5. What's in your Bunker?

    I've been playing this game since 2015 I think and I've never yet found this bunker so thanks for the fun read. Kinda cool and IMHO it's a bit more useful than the bunker that's full of food. At least the 25 bullets will potentially last longer ... Thanks for the fun read.
  6. Good load of loot from aircraft wreck

    Like @hozz1235 I don't believe this is true anymore. I think ages ago it was true but has long since changed.
  7. A Few Dead Men

    Thanks @Drifter Man and apologies for the hijack
  8. A Few Dead Men

    Thank you both ... I panicked when I first read that thinking Drifter had died but from his screen cap that obviously wasn't true. Salute @jeffpeng and @BareSkin!
  9. A Few Dead Men

    I'm missing something here, help an old man out? What does that mean, "waking up doubly dead"?
  10. A Few Dead Men

    I guess this speaks to a larger problem than the necessity of cabin fever in and of itself as a mechanic. Late stage games become boring. I've had an 800+ day run and yes it was boring. I admittedly started passing time on the porch (after the introduction of CF) because there wan't much of anything to do. You do still have to harvest food and gather firewood but even firewood can eventually be stockpiled in quantities that are outlandish. The thing is even before CF on that long run I ended up forcing my self to find things to do. Base building in every region, check. Camping out at another building for weeks at a time, check. Bear hunting for the love of bear hunting, check. Even fishing became a way to pass time. I didn't need to fish but I was bored out of my skull so it was a break from the routine.
  11. A Few Dead Men

    This is my opinion exactly. CF was introduced, if my memory serves me correctly, as a counter to people who were hibernating as a way to get onto the leader boards when they were still up on Steam. They've long since been removed as it was determined that players had altered the game's data to artificially inflate the number of days they'd survived. Thus CF solves a problem that no longer exists. I'm also always baffled why anyone playing TLD today would care if a player hibernates. I can understand that it's not their cup of tea but what possible negative effect could it have on you if another player does enjoy it? TLD isn't (and never will be) multiplayer or an MMO, thus what player A does has no consequence on what player B does. It's folly to think that during a raging blizzard you'd suddenly develop the overwhelming desire to abandon your warm, well-stocked base for no reason what so ever. No one, no matter how cooped up they felt during that situation, would behave in such a way. Like @Drifter Man I tolerate CF but I refuse to embrace or like it ... it's like a law that was written a hundred years ago and has long since outlived its purpose but for whatever reason, remains on the books.
  12. A Few Dead Men

    Completely understandable. Specially with 4DON in full swing. We don't need you burning out in this thread ;-)
  13. A Few Dead Men

    Loving every update @Drifter Man ... keep them coming!
  14. Looking forward to it!

    @ajb1978 It was a blast and this year looks to be no less enjoyable ...
  15. Looking forward to it!

    More info here .... Looks to be significantly different from the previous one. https://www.thelongdark.com/news/4-days-of-night-2018/