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  1. I'm surprised we haven't seen a job opening recently. Sounded a bit like maybe the entire team was not getting invited back after the break.
  2. @Mroz4k Reference is myself. Shoot them in the foot. There is 0% chance of getting an instakill when shot in the foot. But you gotta hit the foot and not just graze it, which can be hard to tell once an animal is running and bleeding. You can do this ten times before a bear dies and never more than ten (except the Old Bear, he only dies when the script tells him too). At least you could back in July. I haven't tested much since release (Too much disappointment to stomach). And other animals may be different; I just like shooting bears. You are definately right. Shooting more than once is unnecessary and indeed wasteful. A bear shot just once even in the foot still bleeds out with no additional action from you. All hit point damage really is tiny and not worth trying to use to kill anything.
  3. No need to go into the circle of light. The wolves always get stuck on the edges. And they don't try to avoid it. So if you just maneuver so that the light remains between you and them and they will get trapped and you can keep walking. Its just like the old "firetrap" behavior ( ... ) but recycled to affect only the not-at-all-supernatural green-glowing-with-shining-yellow-eyed wolves.
  4. There are hitpoints. And arrows do do damage. Just not much. A bear can take 10 level 1 arrows anywhere but the head (head can take only 3). And thats 10 solid hits; no "grazing". What is super "misleading" is bleeding. Bleeding does not drain hitpoints. It is a set timer that just insta-kills (applies 100% condition damage) when it expires. An animal that has been bleeding for 6 hours has the exact same number of hitpoints as it had when it got shot. So the only way to do more damage is to stick another arrow in. Repeatedly. It is far more likely to kill a bear from a critical strike (random chance 100x damage multiplier) or have it bleed out than to ever get enough arrows into it to get normal damage to kill it. Happy hunting.
  5. I needed a name to play online .vs battles of X-COM:whatever-was-the-first-one-released-this-century because I really wanted that game to be fun and playing against someone else instead of the AI was a step in the right direction. "selfless" was a reminder to myself that my best strategy was not to role-play but rather to view all units as pawns to the greater good (victory). Also it is an actual word that can be broken into two smaller words which is something I've required of all my monikers for no reason other than they remain easy to remember/spell.
  6. Who killed that guy in the first cave? Was it Astrid?! And then she got her posse of felons to help burn down a schoolhouse full of innocents... Her homicidal rampage must be stopped.
  7. I like both the part where I get to vote blindly (and often) and the part where artistic merit gets determined by a popularity contest. Hilarious! EDIT: And a first-past-the-post battle-royale for the "best" award. Someone should honestly consider asking to be removed from consideration and instead just accept the merits of their dominant sales figures and active community representation. SHOWER THOUGHT: OMG! Can you imagine if they were to lose?! After outselling the nearest 10 titles combined? Hilarious!
  8. @CitrinePeridot Estimated time of day was removed because the creative director prefers only the game environment to inform you what is happening rather than any meter. Because apparently that was the goal all along; not to create a survival challenge but to experiment with environmental communication. No going back now Onwards instead toward obscurity (I don't think anyone is asking for this)
  9. I think he did very well. Certainly he has experience playing. Evidence his accrued house full of loot accompanied by relevant metaphysical comments regarding its creation and value. He further recognizes the great moments of tension that can be present when playing then laments their entire reliance on numerous random factors occasionally lining up in just the wrong way rather than being commonplace or by intent. And his comments reflect on what he thought the game espoused to be in the beginning versus what he sees now. The language is that of opinion, as all reviews should(must) be. It doesn't lend itself to debate because there can be no debate. This is not a thesis or research paper. Not a news report. It stands alone and presents one perspective only. Did the reviewer "like" it? Parts of it? Which parts? What expectations were made and which were missed? These questions are answered well. Bravo.
  10. Sleeping bears only detect loud noises. And being shot. But random sleep durations mean they are able to wake up at the worst possible time. For you.
  11. @TROY It's my special routine. If it doesn't work for you, ??? @Thrasador I've tried to be clear. Objects out in the open and containers are very different. The stuff out in the open seems to increase when restoring from save data. The stuff that's in containers instead gets randomly deleted. And its only the save that's made immediately after creation of an area. And no, it's no a one-for-one swap. The stuff out in the open shows all the same extra stuff every time the game is reloaded. All of it. The stuff in the containers depends on the instance; sometimes none of it gets deleted, sometimes all, or any of the possible permutations thereof. What I have never seen is a container be empty during the live search suddenly have something inside when reloaded. If it starts empty, it stays empty. And if it had a newspaper in it, it will only ever have a newspaper in it. Or it won't. But it never comes up "sheets of paper". Or "candy bar". Or anything else. And to be further clear, the stuff out in the open does not seem to be added. Rather, it disappears from view the instant play begins. I have seen many items lying on countertops or shelves within view of a door suddenly vanish on me when I first enter a space, only to have the exact same item then be returned to the exact placement after a quit/restore but now it stays and now I get to pick it up. If its intended to be an editing out of some items, its a poor one. And since it happens just as much on Pilgrim as it does Interloper, I think it's not. If its intended to be a randomization feature, its a poor one. The last comment I got from the PR department was that it might be. But why bother inventing some new kind of randomizer when all you have to do is reiterate the room generation subroutine to get a fresh room? It is weird and I don't like it. Happy hunting.
  12. Enter building. Quit. Resume. When the save is restored it maintains all sorts of additional stuff lying about. When played live much of that stuff vanishes less than a second after you close the door. I don't know why... And if you want you can search every container before you quit so you know which ones to check when you restart. There is a dice roll everytime you open a container from restored data that determines whether the item is still there or not (and another to determine condition). But its always the same item. And if its missing that time you can just restore again...
  13. 24 hours with an empty "stomach" is just 24 points of Condition lost. Not that a big deal. I usually see it while crafting. Honestly, I think Malnutrition is a half-finished affliction that just slipped into a pre-release version without ever being vetted. It never appeared in change notes. It hasn't been included in the afflictions display. Most attempts to get the company to comment on it are met with an "I'll ask" and never get updated. I think someone had an idea of what they thought would be interesting and wrote a bit of it in on the side then accidentally sent in that update file for review. And no one caught it cuz it wasn't supposed to be there. And not eating for 24 hours is not something many players often do let alone whatever playtesters they found at the time. But its in there. Just another "hinterland development" it seems.
  14. Malnutrition: Rest "eyeball" develops a negative sign and no longer fills all the way (the top portion being greyed out similar to the way the stamina ring gets a red area that cannot be used. Brought on by not consuming calories for 24 hours. Cure by consuming calories such that one's Food "stomach" remains fuller than zero for a period of time roughly proportional to 1/4 the time spent without calories. This affliction does not show on the affliction page.