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  1. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #22

    @StrangerFromTheInternetyes thank you for clarifying.
  2. Tips for new survivors

    Though didn't you start with Wintermute and a few challenges first? I think @CathyElksunmeant that the friend went straight to Interloper without even learning the game mechanics in Wintermute first.
  3. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Would it be possible to make the button/key you are suppose to press in a wolf struggle it's own binding? It would help if i could have it has something other than the left mouse button without having to change my interact button.
  4. Allowing Research to Occur in 0.25-Hour Increments

    I totally agree and wish for 1/4 hour increments as well, but i think it's probably a balancing decision made by Hinterland. The skill books are, in a way, a cheat item.
  5. Cold Window

    You should ask about this in the Milton mailbag question thread. I've gotten all three of my questions answered before, he will probably answer one about this.
  6. Deep Forest Achievement

    Well it needs to burn 72 hours and you get at max a 50% increase to fire duration with an outside fire. If you go inside your outside fire will not keep it's duration bonus and only regains it when you go back outside. If you are only using cedar then you need less than 72 pieces. https://thelongdark.fandom.com/wiki/Fire I got this achievement (on accident) during a summit loot. I had to keep a fire going constantly while i looted and consolidated it all down to manageable size. I would recommend making it in a cave entrance so the fire would be wind shielded and have the outdoor bonus. You can find the caves inside/outside line a few ways. You can take an uncured thing and keep placing it further and further into the cave until you see it at 1% cured. Alternatively you can keep checking your feel like temp until it goes up when you cross inside. Welcome to the community by the way.
  7. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #21

    Yes that one exactly, sorry i forgot to add the link. I didn't see the kickstarter so i don't know, but i'd like to think it's from you even though it's understandably outdated now. Yes i would love to see some offcial bios of the main characters and maybe some others as well.
  8. Mystery Beans

    I kinda like how this thread turned into a thread about can mechanics
  9. Tips for new survivors

    Thats all very quite observant of you, never noticed myself. I did know about the last one, just not that the direction was east.
  10. yeah i have noticed interlopers will focus on rabbits in the early game before they can get bow and arrows and when they can't find anything else.
  11. Mystery Beans

    I knew that because i had accidentally discovered while staying in the PV Farmhouse. i had a bunch made teas and coffee next to the stove and noticed they would heat up every time the stove was on.
  12. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Way back when in 2016 after some announcements for Wintermute were made and we got to see what Will actually looked like, a bio for him appeared on the gamepedia wiki for the game and is still there now if you haven't seen it. My question to you is if that bio information was from Hinterland or if it was fan made? I know for myself and others, that page helped keep my interest in the game even though i had dropped out of the game for much of 2016. Don't worry i'm actively playing right and plan on trying the redux soon.
  13. Mystery Beans

    Oh okay i did not know this, this was probably the first time i tried eating/opening a can next to a fire of any kind since the cooking update.
  14. Mystery Beans

    Where did you find your at? Strange enough it also wouldn't let me place the can at all, it would just try to open it instead.
  15. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #19

    Oh okay