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  1. Crazy Challenges/Weird Things you thought of doing

    Oh yeah with a only coffee approach, it wouldn't last long enough to worry about running out of pills. Perhaps on Pilgrim you can pull the starvation to two days instead of one since you won't have to worry about wolves or bad weather. If you have a good bed to sleep in and don't take any other damage, you can take the coffees when you are ready to recover that 36% you lost due to starving.
  2. Crazy Challenges/Weird Things you thought of doing

    Only going off of coffee i think water would be necessary. Even on Voyager i think the starvation method would be necessary which means you would need plain water during the day and when you wake up. You might need Reishi if you get infected from a wolf bite. I suppose you could the water/coffee only and then do a wider liquid diet challenge separately.
  3. Finally 50 and 100

    Yeah I noticed that. I think that had to with the fact that the mapping system was really buggy for a long while and that people didn't know exactly what they needed to map. Thanks. If I fail I think I might try it on Voyager after I give interloper a few trys. Good luck aswell.
  4. Crazy Challenges/Weird Things you thought of doing

    Would you be able to drink water and medicinal teas?
  5. Crazy Challenges/Weird Things you thought of doing

    I don't get it, can I get an explanation please?
  6. Finally 50 and 100

    After playing this game since before CH existed, i have had the skill, luck, and most importantly the determination to finally survive not only 50 but also 100 for the first time. This is obviously significant for the two achievements, but also because i have actually managed to stay interested in single play through for more than 30 in game days and 14 days in real life. It is also significant for the fact that this play through is only my second serious Stalker run. I had always been too put off by the wolves when i originally tried it long ago and have only play Voyeur and a little bit of Voyeur+ while never messing with the wolves setting. Started in PV, which i haven't played in a very long time. I forgot about just how difficult it can be at times. Other than missing a hatchet, was doing fairly well and crafted all the clothing (minus moose stuff). Had some close calls near Skeeter Ridge, Pensive Pond, Barn, and Rural Town site. Took some wolves and bear but none of the instances were Had a really close call on Day 26 after a bear and wolf attack near my base at Farmer's Homestead in the night, thankfully i was well clothed and at full health. I was able to use a emergency stim to get me back inside with about %20 Had some other close calls near Skeeter Ridge, Pensive Pond, and Rural Town site. Took some wolves and a bear but none of the instances were as serious as the one. After loosing 3 out of 5 of my arrow heads (two to a glitched bear carcass, one just straight up lost in a blizzard) and already having spent my bullets, i figured it was best not to try against a moose and just move onto ML. Reached Day 50 passing through the Enviros Killed my first moose and only moose so far next to Trapper's, it made a better bag than cloak Decided to start working towards Faithful Cartographer and other workable achievements. With plentiful supplies and my habit killing all wolves i came across, i figured i'd give myself shorter term goals and make supply caches in each region i visit, even if i don't plan on returning to a specific region. Started for CH (which i have always disliked for some reason and haven't played for a long time) on Day 88 and got there Day 90. Had my second very close call on a cold windy day when two wolves attacked me after i had fallen through the ice near the southwestern most fishing hut. I was able to stim to Jackrabbit Island. Reached Day 100 while exploring the northeastern part of the map. Day 103 and I only to explore/map the northwestern part of the map (i skipped it when i originally arrived from ML) before i move to DP and finally have more than 5 arrows at any given time. I'd say my longest term goal is the Faithful Cartographer achievement and not surviving "x" amount of days or anything of the sort. I think after this play through (when ever it might end) i'll try Interloper for the first time. As a side note, references to "my current game" i have made in the forums these past 3 months have been to this game. Yeah i know three months for only 100 days is kinda slow, but i just have to be in the right mode to play this game you know what i mean? The two proof pictures and some favorites/notable pictures. Not just the 50 and 100, but i got a few other achievements on this run so far too. I'm pretty sure i started this run in early September. My focus on the game did putter out during Oct and Nov with only a few brief play sessions but i'm playing it more again now in Dec. Farmstead's basement during an aurora. This is the bear that got me near the Farmstead. The first of two times so far that i honestly thought i was going to die. Got lost on my way to the Barn and relived the movie The Mist with the several wolves that attacked me. I did eventually kill this bear, but the two arrows in the carcass despawned with it. I just really like dream catchers and never noticed this before. From Southern River Access. Thankfully i did not come across any wolves. My first Moose near Trapper's. I forget what cave in ML i found this in. I could actually sleep in it with a +2C bonus. I always count myself lucky for moments like these. A snowy day on the Lookout is one of my favorite moments in the game.
  7. I have a small stove top espresso maker. It's good for 6 shots or one travel mug which is what i usually do. It could probably be used over a campfire, though it has a plastic handle so i'd have to be careful. For awhile i didn't have a coffee pot and only the flat top basket from my last one. I would just sit the basket over my cup and just make pour over coffee, it worked but i do prefer using an actual pot.
  8. Stupidest way you have died

    Not in story mode, but when they originally added the aurora in the sandbox i wanted to see what happened when i walked across i live wire.
  9. Starvation Method

    I did find this a little necessary when i started in PV on Stalker but by the time i did the Don't Starve achievement in ML (50+ days in), i too found it unnecessary especially after i killed a moose.
  10. Forum Help

    Can someone tell me how you can add the collapsible box thing in a forum post?
  11. Favorite and most hated MRE!

    Not with mre coffee no, i don't think i ever had those two things available at the same time. I have mixed swiss miss into regular coffee though.
  12. grettings from the European south

    Josh from California, i have seen you in the forums the past few days. I lived in Italy for a few years, visited a couple countries but never made it Greece unfortunately.
  13. Is Mystery Lake in the Upsidown

    That's what made me notice it. I still use Whiteberry's map for PV because of how big it is and i ended up turning that map to match the charcoal one.
  14. trip to timberwolf mountain and river valley

    Yeah i totally get your point of view behind it.
  15. trip to timberwolf mountain and river valley

    I was able to delete it. Yeah didn't really think if that would be spoiler info or not.