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  1. @MarrowStone Mathis is the con, Methuselah is the old man in front of the dam Sam
  2. @TROY Agreed, this whole thing is a lot simpler than people are making it out to be. I like your theory about Astrid knowing Will was trapped below, but got caught by the cons. I'm puzzled by the forest talkers too, there's no real reason for them to be active in mystery lake anymore. Unless there is/was illegal logging going on deeper into Great Bear, they're done. The Dam's been closed for decades and the rail line doesn't look like it's seen any activity since the quakes. Another thing, we have no way of knowing for sure Mathis is referring to Astrid (there's also the mysterious laptop girl we've seen in previous spoilers), or that he's telling the truth at all. Sam
  3. Here's two I could find real quick, I never took a good shot of the inside of the fishing shack, but that place was decked out! Sam
  4. I've had some good ones before, I'll dig through my files and see if I took any screenshots Sam
  5. Built a fire, which promptly got blown out by the wind. Sam
  6. And I tag along for advice! Sam
  7. That's on North mountain outside of Darrington, Wa. I don't duck hunt, I've thought about it, but there's just too much going on at the moment. I'm sure she would love it though, playing fetch is her #1 favorite thing to do! Sam
  8. Very nice! I have a big kitchen woodstove setup in the garage, I love that thing, I hardly ever use it to cook on but the oven is an awesome firewood drying kiln and the cooktop is very handy for drying out tools and gear. Sam
  9. Very nice! But is that cooking done on a PROPANE stove? For shame, a true tld player should now the only way to cook smallmouth bass is on a potbelly stove. I'm just giving you a hard time, I do all my camp cooking on a propane coleman stove. Makes for less clean up! Sam
  10. I suspect wintemute is a code for a cypher, otherwise, why wouldn't jeremiah radio his buddy himself? I also suspect jeremiah has a tragic backstory, hence why he lives in the woods, alone. Most of the people I've known that claim they don't like people have been very personable in the past, but something happened that shut them down. Maybe Jeremiah came to Great Bear to work on the Dam, and maybe he had a family. Something happened, maybe a railway accident, maybe a flood related to the dam or a mine, a landslide, or something during the Quakes? Maybe his home was invaded by looters during the Crash and they killed his family? Either way, he lost his family, and he has withdrawn from society. He picked up on the wedding ring awful quick, most guys don't notice details like that so quickly. He clearly likes Will and wants him to succeed, why else would he give him his knife? That's a very nice knife, and in a situation like this, you don't just give something like that up. Sam
  11. I would like to put forth a theory regarding the crashed prison bus... Perhaps the inmates on board were avid punners themselves, charged with rhymes against humanity, and sentenced to life in the pun-itentiary Sam
  12. Maybe he wears it in defiance of the old world, and to strike fear into people he meets? I am curious to see what happens to him... Personal theorys: 1) Methuselah walks in with a rifle 2) The forest talker (who we helped but never saw), walks in with a rifle 3) He leaves Will for dead, but Will isn't dead 4) Fluffy eats him (I know fluffy is dead but, the poetic justice would be wonderful) Sam
  13. I don't have the time to read all of these posts, but, I'd really like to put my 2 cents in here. I currently work for a very small company (I am the only employee) and we work with/around a lot of other small companies. A buddy of mine has a small company. You can't judge a small company by the same standards you judge a large one by, it just doesn't work. Large companies are exactly that, large. If something needs to be taken care of immediately, they can throw money/equipment/personnel at it to solve it. A small company can do the exact same job just as good a large one, but not in the same amount of time that it takes the big ones. Unexpected expenses, setbacks, etc makes meeting deadlines brutal, I've been there, no matter how much you think you know, there's always those few variables that can send the whole thing sideways. I suspect this is why there have been so many bugs, they just plain ran out of time to fix them. All things considered, I am a bit disappointed by a few things in the game (really nitpicky things to be honest, lol ), but the storyline and the characters are top notch. IMO, they spent the time where it was needed most. You can tell the writing was done by someone who understood the fine details of the characters they were trying to portray, just in the little things they say, or don't say, or the way they say them. But if I had to give the team one piece of advice, it would be a lesson I have learned the hard way. Make sure the customer knows what's being delivered, people have very vivid imaginations, but if they aren't channeled in the right direction, you can set yourself up for failure. It's very important that people get excited about what they're going to get, not just what they THINK they're going to get, because those can be two very different things. Case in point: I was once working on a truck, someone else diagnosed it as a bad MAP sensor (another hard lesson I have learned, especially with cars, DON'T TRUST THE GUY THAT WORKED ON IT BEFORE! lol, it's bitten me more than once) The customer approached me, asked me to replace it. So I went out, got a new MAP sensor, replaced it. The new MAP sensor was working perfectly, I had fulfilled the terms of our agreement. The problem is, the truck didn't run any better, it actually ran worse. The explanation gets very technical but basically now that the computer was actually getting good data from the new MAP sensor it was no longer masking several other issues the truck had. Issues I would have caught if I had done the diagnosis myself. Point being, in my head, I was going to replace a MAP sensor, end of story. In the customer's head, I was going to make his truck run perfectly again. If we had had the conversation beforehand of "hey, this will fix the MAP sensor, but there might be other stuff wrong" things would have gone a lot smoother. Sam
  14. If you wait till the very very last second to shoot the bear (with the rifle) he'll veer off. If he mauls you, you fired before he was close enough, even if you hit him. Once I figured this out I got the last three shots without getting mauled. Like Jeremiah says, you gotta wait till you can see the whites of his eyes! (figuratively speaking) Sam
  15. Interesting... I suspect that's a glitch, because once jumpsuit knocks Will out with the hatchet, it went straight to the credits for me I was wondering when Methuselah would make an appearance though, was looking forward to meeting him. Sam