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  1. Lonewolf Survivalists

    Keep in mind that Will Mackenzie helps everyone he finds because he is unaware of the impending apocalypse until the end of Episode 2. Probably not even at that point yet.
  2. New Region: Deep Woods (repost from a while ago)

    I was thinking you could only access the building on the top with the aurora and either pass to the second building via tunnel underneath or walk around during the day to avoid being fried by wires around the satellites (pink dots) on the outside. Once inside you can climb out by a window but not come back inside. So you aren't trapped in there. As for which region to connect to, perhaps near the ravine? Or north of broken railroad? In Mystery Lake notes it suggest there are hiking trails around, so maybe the hiking trail here can connect to Mystery Lake or the surrounding areas. South of FM or ML perhaps, the logging road and collapsed road could connect to the rest of the highway to the south. The lake with the cabins has a fishing hut, the green dot.
  3. New Region: Deep Woods (repost from a while ago)

    Here is a crude map I quickly drew of the region. Obviously not to scale. The distance between locations (white space, forest) is a lot larger.
  4. Allappa Bay

    That's in the sandbox not the story. Chances are he got stuck behind the door and used arrows to carve tallies into the door.
  5. New Region: Deep Woods (repost from a while ago)

    I was literally thinking about mapping it before I saw your reply. Guess I'm a psychic I'll get to it
  6. New Region: Deep Woods (repost from a while ago)

    Signal Hill is technically a weather service station, didn't think of that. But I was thinking of a larger building like the size of the upper dam.
  7. I know that Hinterland is hard at work on new regions for Wintermute and polishing up existing regions. But eventually newer regions to Survival Mode will become a thing again. A good idea I had for one of these regions is called "Deep Woods" This region will be a mix of Mystery Lake, Pleasant Valley and Forlorn Muskeg. General: Essentially it would be a vast open forested area. Not too mountaineous terrain, a lot of trees, little water bodies, surrounded by high mountaineous rock walls. It borrows the vast openness and forested areas of Forlorn Muskeg and Pleasant Valley and mixes it with the feel of Mystery Lake. Geography: It would be a square region surrounded by high mountaineous rock walls but are surrounded by high snowbanks so they aren't too jarring and don't even appear at all. The entrance to this region would be in the center in the south. A small logging road that connects all the locations will spill out across the region from this point. The roads will be snow covered and won't be high on the edges. The Forest makes up nearly the rest of the region. It will be densely packed together (but with enough room to walk through ). It surrounds the roads and the trees go high allowing for little room to see any further locations. (along with snowfall this will be a tough challenge). Kinda like Lonely Homestead in PV or the forests in the Ravine. There won't be any hills, it will be relatively flat except for a few bumps here and there, but nothing like PV or ML kinda hills. (kinda like the fields in PV or the Lonely Homestead.) Locations: Essentially there will be few key shelters around. With a few logging roads that connect all around the region. -A logging camp here and there, I was thinking of having two on opposite sides of the region. -It will also have a small hunting camp with cabins like ML but a lot burned down with a larger main cabin that can be burned down or not. Kinda like the size of the Camp Office but with the utility of the Post Office in Milton. This area would be very secluded. Connects with the logging road. Chance for a Rifle. Not much food. -Couple sheds around the sides of the region that act as small temporary shelters. Bedroll chance. -A tiny creek leading to a small pond with a small cabin that can either be burned down or not. (debating on this one, I don't want too many locations) -Up on the mountains in the west of the region there will be a sort of plateau area. Up on that plateau will be a Weather Service Station with a large building and a radar satellite and all that jazz. Kinda like Signal Hill but larger. To get up here you need to make your way around the woods until you find a set of ropes leading up. First you need to pass through a cave with a rope inside of it and then the rest of the ropes. This location will have a Flare Gun chance and a decent amount of food. (not like the Summit though) Exterior will be dangerous during the Aurora. It will also need an aurora to access it. -Normally there would be a road leading up to the WSS from the logging road, but heavy snowfall and seismic activity has caused it be inaccessible. Various tree and rock collapses will cover this road. The road is on the very side of the rock wall. Close to where you would enter the region in the most southern part on the logging road but it won't be directly connected due to the snowfall as mentioned above. So some exploring will need to be done. (but it's blocked so no point). Wildlife: -Loads of Deer and Rabbits but aren't near the various locations. You need to go looking in the forested areas (pretty much everywhere) to find them. -Wolves, hunt in packs through the forest and move locations (Stalker only). They usually hang out around the creek/pond and logging camp #1. -Only 1 Bear and he liked to hang around the entire region. He wanders around during the day and chooses a random cave at night (closest to him unless it's the Aurora.) -Moose around the small lake area. Weather: It is cold, like TWM type cold. But never very windy. Gets VERY cold at night. (makes Stalker harder even w/ full hide clothing) Blizzards occur often (but not PV kinda often) but don't last too long. Not too dangerous with all the trees, but at the service station it is. It's often snowing light. But when it's not it's partly cloudy or a clear day. Can be very foggy in the morning, but never at night. Can be overcast, temperature drops significantly. So what do you guys think of this? I think it's a really good idea. Because it pretty much forces you to do hunting which I don't think the game makes you do enough. It also has a relatively different scenery and atmosphere. Most shelters in the existing regions have big open spaces in front of them but here it's very reclusive. It's also got a unique weather pattern, no longer is there annoying fog but rather a lot of snowfall and cold temperatures to make it challenging in lower difficulties. And for once a region that isn't bombarding you with wolves. I'm open to all opinions and critisms. (also I posted this a while ago, I wanna see what you guys think now) -Fu
  8. New Area: The Great Wastes

    Doesn't really fit the geography of the island. Instead maybe have a vast area with LOTS of trees to block your view with no room for game animals. A few cabins here and there with a chance to be burned down.
  9. Camp Office Laptop (spoiler)

    I think that's the point. All mammals will die off and here is a reason why fish aren't safe either.
  10. Camp Office Laptop (spoiler)

    No, it would force you to change regions or find a new food source
  11. Tying up loose ends

    I mean it makes sense, but Jeremiah wouldn't be the one to mention "war"
  12. More use out of cars

    I've always wanted heating in cars
  13. Camp Office Laptop (spoiler)

    Wildlife die-offs or mass migration would be a really cool thing to see.
  14. I highly doubt anyone saw it coming. If Methuselah didn't see the aurora coming then nobody did. The collapse of civilization was inevitable but like Methuselah said, "Nobody knew the world would end this way". Some people knew it would end, just not how. And I kinda like it that way. But there's no riding out the quiet apocalypse. The light isn't coming back. And I see people thinking it's an ice age. The aurora didn't stop the rotation of the planet... there's still other seasons, just been getting worse and worse over time. We just don't have seasons in game. Also the whole idea of government or authority being involved it just way too cliche. I'd hate to see something like that. It doesn't fit The Long Dark. The kickstarter provides a lot of good background information and while it's not completely up to date I'd say it's still enough to go off of.
  15. Think about it, why would Great Bear Island have access to proper healthcare? It's cut off from the mainland, so aside from small clinics which likely closed down there's no medical centres. And if someone falls ill they'll have to resort to other means to get medical help. And a freelance doctor is a good way to deal with that. Whoever is sick in Perserverance Mills likely hired Astrid to come and help them. And considering it's all the way in Great Bear and she's willing to fly there, I'd bet this person doesn't have the sniffles. It's probably something more serious and enough for a town-wide quarantine if it spreads. And the contents of the case is probably some illegal medical cure or a gun. What do you all think?