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  1. In RDR2 there are a legendary version of nearly every animal in the game that are usually tougher to kill than the normal ones. And there is only one of each. And the animals you described eerily fit those. There is a legendary white moose and wolf in the game.
  2. Fuarian

    Hot Springs

    I don't know if it fits the geography of The Long Dark. But sure!
  3. I agree. Placing from the radial menu is nice but it only encompasses so many items. Being able to do this straight from your inventory, and also having it auto select next of the same item without having to re-open the inventory, would be amazing.
  4. Nope. Carcasses stay for 3 days.
  5. Assuming I'm flying Mackenzie's plane, I'd probably die on impact.
  6. Is Methuselah a human being or an omnipotent apocalypse god?
  7. I second this! Without giving off too many spoilers however...
  8. The biblical nature I believe is a double meaning. His appearance does seem odd, but only in Milton. Which like I said, is a bug/not intended. Also keep in mind that you can access Forlorn Muskeg from Mountain Town. So it's possible that he went that way into the muskeg and got to Broken Railroad that way.
  9. Yes there's an apocalypse going on... that's a given. Regardless of whether you have anything supernatural. Only problem is that the devs have openly said there's nothing supernatural going on.
  10. I don't think there's actually anything supernatural going on. But I do think it's made to look that way. The aurora is pure science fiction. It's based on real science but since it's a science fiction game, you can take liberties with what you can do with such a plot element. Also the kickstarter explains this pretty well. Methuselah is very strange. And it's intentional for sure. But this doesn't mean he's some "apocalypse god" as I like to say. The most unbelievable part about him is how he gets down the cliff. However him being in the gas station before Will climbs down is actually a bug I believe. The old bear isn't exactly mystical either. Bears irl are more resilient to bullets than you may think. Especially a .303. Only reason why he doesn't even flinch to bullets is likely for gameplay purposes.
  11. Only 1/3 of the intended Aurora feature has been implemented? Oh man I cannot even fathom what the other two third's of it could be!
  12. A rescue scenario makes no sense lore-wise, but maybe a scenario where you have to make it to a certain location but you can only make it there after a certain amount of time has passed.
  13. Yes there can be thunderstorms in the winter! I've experience lightning flashes and small booms of thunder in the winter. But it's quite rare.
  14. Gameplay limitations, honestly it should restrict you from doing that.