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  2. I vote for the magnifying glass. I have never used that. I rarely use the water purification tablets but I have a couple of times when I was low on wood and only had enough fire time to melt the snow.
  3. Since the Hacksaw was introduced into the game, I have always found at least one at the gas station in the Coastal Highway. One time I found three there. I do not know if it is guaranteed though.
  4. My criteria for my permanent bases are the following; 1)Bed 2)Wood Stove or Fire Barrel 3)Crafting Table 4)Plenty of Storage My permanent base locations are; Mystery Lake = Carter Hydro Dam and Camp Office I use the Camp Office for my main base when I start in Mystery Lake. I like it's central location and it is nice and bright compared to most buildings in the game.I keep it as my main base until I decide it's time to move on to another map. Then I will make as many trips as it takes to move all of my equipment to the Carter Hydro Dam. The Dam has plenty of storage and has multiple crafting tables and I love how you can go to both PV and CH easily from there. The only drawbacks about the dam is how dark it is and no bed to my knowledge. I would love to stay the Trappers Homestead but that place is just not location friendly. Love that place though. Coastal Highway I use the Gas Station while in the Coastal Highway. It has the bed, fire barrel, plenty of storage and a crafting table. To my knowledge no other building on this map has all 4 of those things. Playing on Stalker mode can make this challenging to access as their a ton of wolves about. But IMO its the best location on the map. If there was a crafting table on either one of the islands I would probably go there. Pleasant Valley Although I like the Farmhouse, I stay at the Red Barn while in Pleasant Valley. Its a little more centrally located. No bed but I can sleep in the truck. I rarely hang out in PV though. Desolation Point The Lonely Lighthouse is my choice here. I think it might be the most beautiful place in the game but it is missing a crafting table.The Riken could be an OK place to live but I could almost get Claustrophobia staying in there.
  5. Love that song!
  6. I have not been this excited for a video game update in a long long time. I even took tomorrow off from work hoping that the update hits today or maybe tomorrow. I also have a couple of friends coming over this weekend as well to have a "The Long Dark" video game session. Not sure what we are going to do yet. Probably start new games and see who can get to the new area first from Mystery Lake.
  7. I have been attacked by a wolf while on the porch of the Mystery Lake Camp Office. The wolf did NOT come on the porch but was able to attack me while I was behind the railing.
  8. I will usually go to the Ravine area a day or two before I travel to Coastal Highway or Pleasant Valley. That way I can gather all of the resources and bring them back to my base camp at Carter Hydro Dam. Then if I travel back through the Ravine to Coastal Highway there will be nothing for me to gather and I wont get encumbered like I have in the past while traveling.The Ravine also has a fair amount of rabbits and looks to be a good place to trap if you make your main camp at the Hydro Dam like I do.
  9. The Ravine area has already been expanded. I believe it was in late March or early April. Before it was just the the railroad tracks and the bridge to Coastal Highway I think. I started playing after the update. Now it is much bigger area. I spent a few days in there recently and saw a bunch of deer and rabbits but no wolves. There is a also a fairly big cave there too that can provide good shelter if needed. Tons of wood, tinder from birch bark and a bunch of Old Man's beard, Rose hip berries and reishi mushrooms.
  10. I am in agreement with Scyzara. Before the Deep Forest Update I would fish as the main source of my food while I was at the Mystery Lake Camp. Gathering enough wood to keep warm for 8 hours of fishing was easy. Since the Deep forest update I have not fished once. Gathering enough wood for a day of fishing is just not worth the resources it would bring in. I also like the new wood foraging system. But I feel like it should take less time to gather some kinds of wood. For example, when you break a apart a branch it takes 10 minutes for 2 sticks. I have done a lot of camping in my life and any small branch can be broken down in seconds by smashing it against a tree or even over your knee. I think to make fishing viable again they could do one or two things. The time for gathering wood (for logs and branches) should be reduced slightly so we can stockpile enough wood to keep a fishing shack warm for a day of fishing. And/or they could increase the amount of calories on fish so that it becomes a viable source of food. For the past 2 weeks I have been playing on Stalker mode. I'm in my 4th game on stalker mode and I have only found a hatchet once. So gathering wood has been a giant struggle for me lately.
  11. I believe Story Mode is scheduled for a end of the year release. Hopefully in time for the Holidays and they make some killer sales off the game.
  12. Just wondering if Hinterland has any other games in development other than The Long Dark? I'm a HUGE fan of The Long Dark and know that the game will be a huge success. But I am really hoping that Hinterland has at least one other game in development. I would love to see what they would come up with.
  13. Cannot wait for the new map. I was trying to speculate what it might be this weekend as I was playing. I never noticed the little clue they gave us at the end of the last update patch video though. If it is indeed an industrial area, that would be very cool and offer a different set of challenges for us I hope. I also have a feeling it will be the biggest map yet that will take a some time to fully explore. I'm wondering how we will get there. Probably from PV?
  14. Thanks Bethany for the tip. I never knew you could holster items until I saw that you responded to this post I made about 2 weeks ago.
  15. Whenever I boil water it goes into a gallon jug. How do you "create" individual water bottles?