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  1. First, let me add my +1 to this. For us older guys, pain in the finger joints is a reality when playing more than a half hour or so at a time. Now, does anyone else find it funny that we're getting immersed in a game depicting an ongoing life or death struggle, we climb mountains, fight wolves, fight through frost bite and hypothermia but complain that we want to make pushing a button easier. Talk about first world problems
  2. suggestion

    If you are adding a compass that can reliably help navigate, it makes the game too easy with the current type of maps. It would be next to impossible to get lost. You do not need to have an exact location, you only need to find the road/river/train tracks and you are five minutes from safety. These run the entire length of the maps, if you know what direction to walk you cannot miss them
  3. suggestion

    Adding something that adds nothing is redundant. If a compass is not reliable it is not useful. If you are not certain it is always pointing north what good is it. The only function for a compass is to always point in the same direction if it doesn't, you might as well just trust your instincts
  4. I like this idea.
  5. suggestion

    I always find the argument that they will not make things easier quite funny. If you ask the proponent why one is wanted, you are told to avoid getting lost in a blizzard. That doesn't make the game easier? Putting one in the game that doesn't function properly is right out of the department of redundancy department.
  6. Did the mod in question actually allow you to view outside, or did it just show rain if it was raining and snow if it were snowing. There are a couple of housing mods that I recall that did this but never showed the npc that was standing right outside the window. So from a TLD perspective it would show the clear, starlit sky but not the lurking wolf. I am definitely not a computer expert so I am just curious.
  7. There are already a few places where this is the case. The look-outs, the mountaineers hut on TWM, the fishing huts with working doors, the vehicles and the porch in PV.
  8. At various times, I have had 100 bullets and easily 100 shafts. Mind you to get this number all at once you have to live off rabbits, fish and found food items. You also will have had to explore all the maps.
  9. While I like the idea, too much improvement to quality of life issues changes the game considerably. It goes from being a "How long can you survive" to "How long do you choose to survive" I am starting to understand that some people just enjoy the day to day play experience of living in a remote atmosphere and could go on for almost ever if the game allowed. I also think it's only good business to give these players what they want if it can be done in a reasonable way. Perhaps there is a way you could toggle "assisted living" tools on or off at the start of a game so that a few items like a compass, spear, icebox, etc. could be added without altering the play experience of those who have no intention of outliving what is currently available. My longest game was 201 days, that was only to get the achievement. Then I promptly fed the wolves and started a new game.
  10. You do not have to forge arrowheads. There are plenty to be found throughout the game.
  11. suggestion

    I just don't get why the compass idea is so popular. Where is the fun in being lost in the wilderness if you're not lost.?
  12. I do not recall being issued both, but that was 40 years ago. Wouldn't be my first memory lost to the 70s
  13. I like the idea of different types of arrows. I have never been a fan of the Forge. Personally, if I were lost in the wilderness and found a forge, I am not sure I would even know it.
  14. It was supposed to be humor, I am Canadian myself and spent years in Northern Ontario. I am well aware of our one hat at a time policy. Although I have seen some guys wear a toque over a baseball hat. I have never seen anyone wear a toque over a balaclava, a heavy winter coat over a heavy winter coat or two thermal underwear under two pairs of jeans. You would walk around looking like the Michelin Man and have almost no mobility. Funny enough, lots of people wear gloves under mittens but you cannot do that in game.
  15. suggestion

    Because in reality the wildlife in Canada will not attack you at every opportunity. There are plenty of provincial and national parks you can hike through in the North where most people do not even carry a gun. Water and calorie consumption is also closer to reality. Don't be sorry, it's a discussion forum