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  1. Interesting why you guys are now saying its hardware failure? hate to say it but more of a game player failure? or a bug? ha better/modern pc hardware will always run faster etc.
  2. I think you just need to find it, i found the rifle along with other items. yet i found the rifle last thought I might of had it already.
  3. Apart from the knife you start with are we supposed to get another or find another in EP1 or EP2? cant seem to find any. seems I haven't had a knife for ages, since the original knife broke early in EP1. Just been using the axes for everything. ah just seen a post about another knife here, so I guess we do get one after a while in story mode. nice. seems a bit late in game though.
  4. ha also i am finding this level like walking around in circles, Another tree or is it one I need find again? this part is getting really annoying. im sure i have walked over the tree, i view my map, try to find the area i need to go and is just goes around in circles. missing the bleeding obvious i think? i try view my map and get to that rail repair site. but erm no luck so far no idea why. and are there any caves in this region i need shelter?
  5. nice shot on the wolf. I just need more ammo
  6. suggestion

    zippo for sure how many different models of them are around? https://www.google.com.au/search?q=zippo&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiH5pb0_8zVAhWIUrwKHfnGD-wQ_AUICigB&biw=1434&bih=946
  7. ah i guess its to much of a learning issue? thing, but what ABOUT US new players? I'm still learning trying to survive. if your so good go survivor (sandbox)?
  8. ha
  9. Will these guys animate/sing lol? would be funny as if not expected.
  10. smashing stuff is fun, the devs could just add a risk of cutting your hands. can we still smash cans? wow either i just open with a can opener, knife or maybe the axe.
  11. Leave her rifle (she told you that), fill her needs collect her wood and food and you may succeed.
  12. ha yeah I also seen no real transition from ep1 to ep2 . well I did see the guy on the bed half dead. I just figured going through the cave that was it. Ep 2 starts.? well i saved quit, nothing says i am on ep2? playing version 1.07 or what ever is latest steam update Maybe we lame persons need a title somewhere saying "Your on Episode X"
  13. ML is awesome, just found my way their knowing this map is fun EP2 now I believe? no more dead bodies inside(old sandbox), just some well preserved deer/elk heads. much better I think, wait for the greenies lol. Loving all the extra details, be it a spiders cobweb in the corner or bit of paper here and their. Great stuff Devs keep it going.
  14. maybe textures for food /drinks might be a start display your fav baked been can?