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  1. So game crashed a multitude of times last night trying to play (not record). So until I can either reinstall or something I guess this series is on hold...,
  2. We head back to Mystery Lake. Back on the road.
  3. I always keep a decoy on me (gut or a partially eaten thing of meat) drop it down when I hear a wolf and just back up a bit. Wolf smells the food, is no longer agitated, and is walking at a predictable line for perfect rifle/bow killing, once the wolf is killed I pick up the decoy and harvest. So far it's a technique that's honestly foolproof up to this point. I don't fear wolves..., bears on the other hand. Yeah, bears are still scary...,
  4. Sorry that's it's been a bit of time since last I posted a video. Should be one up this evening, normal time.
  5. We head back to stutter cave to get that bug report.
  6. A night or two at the Spence Homestead in solid comfort. I mean as comfortable as Forlorn Muskeg gets I guess...,
  7. lol. There are a lot of wolves between myself and this particular cave. I'll just explain the situation to them..., maybe they'll be kind enough to let me pass Speaking of a lot of wolves..., new episode below for those that follow the thread
  8. It is a lot of video (25 minutes) I'm sure the stutter is missable (plus my dashing awesome sexy commentary has been known to drive men, women, and some animals wild). No worries @nicko, I'm happy you enjoyed the video. I never thought about the shadows and turning it off @JoE Smash. I might give that a shot in my next spelunking expedition.
  9. I grow tired of encumbrance. I let gravity do the work the rope refuses to do.
  10. You didn't see the stutter? Get's bad around the 13:13 minute mark. It freezes for a fraction of the second, but it's there enough that I notice it (as per my commentary), and it gets really bad as I move through the cave (Cave between the waterfall and marsh ridge at Forlorn Muskeg) I don't believe it's the recording software as I've been through that cave off camera and it still does the stuttering. Also other areas are recording at a constant 60fps. It's only when I get into that particular cave.
  11. The Cave of Stutters. Home of the frame rate drop.
  12. Exposed campsite, howling winds, and a growling bear. Who's ready to pee themselves.
  13. I think I can say with pure conviction that I hate the Forlorn Muskeg.
  14. If this is a sign of what's to come with our time in the Forlorn Muskeg region..., I want no part of it.
  15. We set out for the forlorn musket but not before saying hi to an old furry friend.