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  1. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #23

    Cougar is going to change this game forever! ;-) Smoked meat/fish! Be still my beating heart! I suppose one way to transition to a new decor in a house would be to burn down the old one and then randomly reassign goods stored there to a new place. I'm fine with an abrupt update, even loosing loot. Scratch games are the way to go! There seems to be a huge appetite for modding support and I have heard of some spiffy ones. Love to see a map creation feature. Endless possibilities just like the old Doom! world. I could also see a map testing and validation tool if map data were somehow available. Hire me, Raph! ;-) I work for peanuts and applause.
  2. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #23

    I would gladly jump on board a round of crowd funding if it meant more and more!
  3. I could use a bit of help to understand the current set of open issues but specifically one problem that we are seeing reported on the Facebook community group, to wit: " Anyone broke the things in camp office and noticed your draws upstairs rising higher each time and the filing cabinet draws down? Dudes, the game has swallowed an entire f*****g draw from the filing cabinet..... Good thing i noticed and took my stuff out .... " I think he means Drawers Implies that there is a work around.
  4. Reset to default for Custom Mode

    I wanted to create JIRA entry for this problem but that's not being nice either. :-(
  5. I'm testing in Custom difficulty mode. I have two wishes: 1) it does seem to reset each time and the defaults seems to be no wild life. That explains things! I wish I wasn't so lazy. 2) the documentation is right there. DOH. My current understanding of Custom mode is that previous settings from your last Custom mode game still are in effect, the next time you start a new custom game. I believe this to be wrong. Each fresh start of a custom game seems to reset previous settings. I guess. Thanks Hinterland! You guys are fantastic!!
  6. Episodes 3-5, when?

    No it's not. Things take time. Hinterland has poured so much time and money back into this project; it's not a large development team; they could have quit long ago. This is not Electronics Arts with a team of hundreds. Please learn about Scrum and Agile software development. This team has listened to our inputs and implemented almost everything we asked for. This is a different way of building game software. I am very pleased with the functionality to date. I'm worried, frankly, that we haven't kept up our end of this bargain; we haven't been diligent enough in testing especially in Custom difficulty. How can something be egregious when nothing has been promised? We have been given clear direction of their feature list (fantastic) and approximate time frames for the story releases. Most of us in the "community" (on Facebook) just love to play in the Sandbox. We think up challenges to keep each other from getting bored. We do science to test stuff. Thank you Hinterland. Have a great day!
  7. Disappearing items esp PV farmhouse

    Can we get a progress update on this bug?
  8. Less Smoking

    If you make it dynamic, it would have to become an object within the game space. It would have to interact with wind and not be connected to your movement. It would have to have a limited persistence. It's a lot of complexity for little added atmosphere. The current implementation is straight forward as a visual effect and, I find, good enough. Clouds and puffs of smoke; why don't we add optical illusions like wraiths and wendigo!?
  9. Let's Talk Bullets.

    Reloading gear and supplies would be a nifty option. Perhaps that is something would could be added when a MOD editor or similar capability could be added to the game.
  10. Deadfall timber is extremely common in the bush, especially near muskegs. It makes traveling through such an area slow and exhausting. This could fit in with a climbing or scrambling function. Instead of pitons, you could use slings crafted from strips of cloth and use small stones jammed into cracks as climbing protection points. This could also help resolve some apparent obstacle height issues for scrambling. Scrambling would be extremely valuable for navigating deadfall.
  11. Rare tools and equipment

    This could fit in with a climbing or scrambling function. Instead of pitons, you could use slings crafted from strips of cloth and use small stones jammed into cracks as climbing protection points. This could also help resolve some apparent obstacle height issues for scrambling. Scrambling would be extremely valuable for navigating deadfall.
  12. Disappearing items esp PV farmhouse

    I suppose there could be a type of clamber function that could let you scale obstacles; this could resolve some frustrations with small obstacles. Some obstacles just appear small but affect the path movement. These obstacles could be scaled up slightly. Focus on the annoying ones like ice blocks around the truck in DP. It would be really nice if you could use protection points and climbing. You jam in small rocks into cracks and crevices with a cloth loop around them you knot over your rope. Effectively rock climbing or mantling over deadfall. You could have lots of deadfall, not all suitable for fire fuel.
  13. Disappearing items esp PV farmhouse

    We did a user poll on pet peeves in the Facebook community; disappearing loot was high on the list. Not being able to step over small obstacles topped the list of peeves! Personally I always find a way around and consider it a part of the game. Disappearing loot OTOH, would tick me off. I tend to keep stuff in containers but that is not possible for curing hides. I would suggest a good code rip (review). If there is a problematic system feature, the most difficult decision of a technical leader is when to rewrite rather than patch. Code factorization and good class object design is important for avoiding spaghetti like coding that is everywhere instead of nicely factored in to an object class behaviour. Consider virtual function instantiations for object behaviours that must be different in some small way. C# Polymorphism
  14. Could the technical support team give us any insights into the progress on the bug where stuff you drop on the floor of a building can disappear if you sleep or go out and in, please? Should I b e looking at JIRA for the bug list and status? priority? Thanks guys!