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  1. I believe that you did, there's a Testing team in the credits mentioned too. But the feeling I've got from playing through both episodes is that you probably haven't tested enough what happens when players are trying to be clever and veer off the path you expected the player to go. Testing can be a laborious job with all the permutations that are possible. That's when having early involvement from players helps to find the bugs. There is a tremendous advantage to a well designed software system; code is compartmentalized and factored. Making the program data driven makes it robust but at the same time, introduces the problem of completeness testing. It is even more difficult to achieve completeness testing where program behaviour is scattered throughout many modules. Ideally objects behaviour should be data defined and data driven; I assume they are using state machines for those. If you use automated testing, say to validate the maps you can save a lot of time. I find that having lots of unguided people testers does not replace a good automated test system. On the other hand, automated testing takes some effort to construct however for a data driven system, it's almost essential. The random testing of real players however will find bugs that an automated testing system is not designed to find. You will limit the scope of what is tested with automation. The next step is the use of a state driven system; I'm not sure if @Raphael van Lierop has used that for TLD. In such a case you would have text configuration files to define all of the objects in the game. I'd heartily recommend this approach for the next iteration or at least for an experimental rig.
  2. How about the patch to Xbox release; any idea of time frame?
  3. As far as I know, your noise level is related to how much you carry and specifically which items you carry. To be silent, dump all that loot! Carry only a half litre of water, if that. Then you can sneak. I try to suit the load to the chore at hand; hunting is one load out while wood gathering is different. Moving camp is when I carry the most but I cache food, water and wood and don't carry much when moving.
  4. I believe there is a moderate warmth bonus if you run but I'm not sure about that. I would also like to see sweating incorporated into the game since it's such an important consideration. Apparently there is no poll covering sweating as a feature. There is lots of discussion and support for the idea though.
  5. Related to birch bark eye goggles. A real affliction that strikes on sunny days in the North on the snow. It would only strike after an hour or two on a bright sunny day if you are in a snowy location like out on the ice. It takes overnight to cure; vision is obscured until then however your sense of hearing becomes more acute to compensate. It's a dangerous time because you won't notice the wolves only a few hundred meters away.
  6. It has already been mentioned however it bears repeating that you can start a fire beside a frozen carcass and thaw it enough to harvest it by hand, even if you have no harvesting tools like a knife or hatchet or hack-saw. This is a tip every really new survivor should remember if lost in the woods with no food!
  7. By taking for granted, I mean the status quo. Don't take the status quo for granted.
  8. I'm perfectly ok with weight restrictions on the rope being abrupt maximums and I like that as you ascend or descend, you loose strength and can slip. I don't like that you can scuttle down the side of the cliffs so easily. I don't know the steepness but any time one is scrambling on cliff faces without ropes is, in real life, extremely hazardous. I think there should be a percentage chance of loosing your footing while climbing down especially if the gradient is so steep you cannot ascend it. Make cliff scrambling more dangerous and then it won't seem like a game exploit. We don't really have anything like sliding in TLD; you are either falling or moving very slowly sideways. What we may be seeing is a constraint on the way the maps and the character interact so I'm all in favour of better physics but not if it is going to take months of work to implement. I don't mind at all that there are several navigable paths down the mountain. In fact, there are also navigable paths leading up around many rope ascents! I always thought it was good that you had to be awake enough to discover these on your own! Don't take things for granted!
  9. There are several excellent tips here, not only for newbies but for all you experienced players too! We've been talking about using torches to light fires for a while now privately and yet making fire the slow way is still very common even amoung experienced players that I've watched on YT. Strictly speaking, corpses refer to dead humans whereas a carcass refers to an animal. I don't know why people want to refer to a former deer as a corpse. That's not how the word is used in the game nor common usage. We do NOT harvest corpses, only what you might call road-kill. Normally I don't touch a dead animal; chances are it has died of a disease or it has already been contaminated with diseases by a scavenger or predator but in TLD these animal carcasses are an important source of guts, food and a hide. As for advice starting out, I would add some strategy. Get your clothing sorted out as quickly as you can by looting and thus extend the amount of useful time you can spend outdoors. Acquire some guts as soon as possible and get them curing; this will let you make fishing line, tackle and catch food as well as make rabbit snares. With the changes in rabbit harvesting, this should become a very respectable way of getting sustenance. For new-ish players, I highly recommend playing on Pilgrim level until you get the hang of the new mechanics (if experienced don't be too proud). I think you will find that Voyageur level is competitive enough and once you have spent a few months learning the ways of the wolves and you are adept at avoiding them, then move on up to Stalker. My opinion on Interloper is that it is a level designed for those who need to be punished for their hubris! Stalker just seems to be too easy for certain experienced players especially after they have beaten "the hump" (the beginning of the game before you acquire hatchet, knife and ranged weapons) A tip for the more experienced players: many people just run through the towns and loot everything; in the long run, eventually you will set up a base of operations (or perhaps two) and move into subsistence mode: getting enough food and water resources to survive indefinitely and make it into the day to day regime hopefully evading the many threats posed by predators, weather and terrain. It's a good idea to have plenty of items of clothing to choose from so that you can match your outfit to the needs of the day. Sometimes you will move faster and safer with less weight and you will be planning to make fires that day. That is like a hunting/harvesting day. Wood gathering can be interesting if you are going for the larger pieces; it makes sense to kindle a small fire, grab a torch and head for another location to chop up another big limb or two. By this way, a single match at the start of the day provides fires all through the day. I always try to look for an optimal location to lay my fires however that's not always possible. If there are large trees or such about, you can often find a wind sheltered spot behind one of these. Bear in mind that the winds often change direction and can snuff your fire. (pet peeve) Having an adequate source of cloth (curtains, towels, bedrolls, pillows etc) is important so you can maximize your sewing and repairing skills and maintain your kit. I like to have a base where I can store the wardrobe. I don't harvest the looted clothing; I often repair it. If the weather outside looks iffy, that's the order of the day. It's a good plan to go outside to check the weather several times each morning because each time you go out, the chances of the weather being good improve (typically) until about midday. Seldom does it storm all day even though you may have several days of storms; usually there is a good time of day. Of course, that depends upon your level and challenge such as white-out. There seem to be three or four long term food supply strategies: fishing, trapping and hunting deer. I don't know if beach combing is a sustainable subsistence but you can try that too. Fire is key to everything. I like that we can get fire with the magnifying glass but I'd also like us to have other ways to get fire long after the last match is gone. Stealing prey from wolves is a fair strategy using fire; more fires is better!! (hint hint) Often, if you have a bonfire and a torch, that is enough to convince the wolf to head elsewhere. Of course, later on, when you are perhaps loaded with guts, you may again need fire to repel that wolf and his pals. The good news is, for now, he won't steal things you drop on the ground, or better yet, put into a container. (yes portable container please!!) Dropping the guts and meat should minimize your risk of attracting wolf/bear and you can hopefully return for those items later. Often you can also cook the meat using the same fire that kept you from freezing while you harvested the meat. If you play on Pilgrim level, the weather can be mild enough that you can keep warm without fires; still, it's good to understand the importance of fire early on! Thank you Mel for posting such an engaging topic!
  10. No. It's not appropriate in real life nor in a game; we don't need to make some political or philosophical point. This game is not a game about what happens after the SHTF; this is more of a different and thoughtful game which must stay true to its own vision, the vision of its creator. I don't think it's appropriate to cater to this type of impulse; if you were going to add in features to emulate the desperate struggle against starvation, the developers could have added more starvation foods such as worms, insects, bark, maggots and so on. I kind of feel like this whole thread is a bit of a troll. It just makes me shudder. Please! No zombies, no cannibals, no vampires, no undead travesties . Thank you!
  11. Now if I only had a sleigh and a few faithful dogs, I'd load up all the stiffs and haul them down to the sea and cook up these poor old cadavers in the furnace of the Rankin. There should be a challenge for that!
  12. Groan! Please! No Silent Lambs! Concerning funerals, I'm not one for celebrating supernatural things but I think the idea of humanity has some relevance after an apocalypse; Do we simply abandon all semblance of civility? No, this is Canada. The wilderness is closer to us. The coldness enforces it's own frigid reality. We never forget the lesson by Robert Service on The Cremation of Sam McGee! The Cremation of Sam McGee Related Poem Content Details By Robert W. Service There are strange things done in the midnight sun By the men who moil for gold; The Arctic trails have their secret tales That would make your blood run cold; The Northern Lights have seen queer sights, But the queerest they ever did see Was that night on the marge of Lake Lebarge I cremated Sam McGee.
  13. If you were to add the ability to transfer coals to start a new fire, that is not so different from carrying a brand or torch. On some levels, the shortage of matches can make life very difficult so these ways of carefully conserving fire should make the game very much more interesting! ;-) I like to see these neat survival tricks employed; there are times when you only have a single match so saving fire is an important priority!! The thing about a fire carry, is that you can add more tinder from time to time to conserve your ember. This level of realism would make a great addition to the game!!
  14. I remember there were several people trying out throwing stones at wolves. Very astute of GELtaz to clearly identify it! I just thought they seemed to get confused if you have a near miss.
  15. I think we should respect the sensibilities of those players who are not accustomed to First Person Shooter games which tend to stack up corpses like cordwood and walls are decorated in blood spatter. No No I say! This game is far too grisly as it is; it should permit the players to show respect and compassion for the dead. The theme of this game is quite... "Dark" so this question deserves serious consideration. I think we should definitely earn some type of karma points by being respectful of the dead. Perhaps it counts towards some gaming score when next we encounter an NPC with which to bargain!