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  1. Reishi is a psychedelic mushroom

    What i mean is you order "reishi mushroom" they give you "reishi mushroom", but how do you actually know they gave you reishi mushroom? Wikipedia can not help you with that. It is mentioned a lot of places it gives shen. Try google shen chinese medicine or if u want a link go just here http://yourzenlife.com/reishi-mushroom-in-chinese-medicine/ But i agree that Chinese medicine is not science, but that doesnt mean that here and there you can find something that can have benefits cause it has been tested and tried for many years. Here is one anecdote: https://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/62149-daily-high-dose-reishi/#entry783952
  2. Like you can give us the ability to flat out the ground so we can make snowshelter or make us be able to mark where we want to build the snowshelter, then we can make a fire and then we can build the snowshelter where we marked it. a 3rd thing you can make is when we make a fire + snowshelter combo show us when we make a fire where the nearest valid location for the snowshelter is and let us place the snowshelter at that location after we made a fire.
  3. hmm maybe the equivalent to 2 frostbites?
  4. Yeah if u drink it every day you are asking for a disaster.
  5. u can just go to a store and buy an energy drink
  6. Reishi is a psychedelic mushroom

    @BareSkin now that u talk so highly about reliable source (did you even listen to the audio?) how do you know u had reishi mushrooms? No its eaten all over Asia with psychedelic affect. Just look up chinese medicine. Its easy to see there is an effect. Eating bad food for benefits is not the way to go. To get benefits you need to eat good food. The game mechanics are still good because you need to eat 5 of them to get the effect. Still the main reason we have reishi is to heal up specially from internal parasites, not to heat up.
  7. Reishi is a psychedelic mushroom u can listen here from minute 54: https://mythicmedicine.love/podcast/asia-suler So what could we do with Reishi mushrooms? Here is my suggestion, you can drink 5 reishi teas on the same day and you will hallucinate, after 6 hours you get tired and can sleep 10 hours. After you have slept 10 hours you will get 5% condition, but because you have been hallucinating u cant eat anymore reishi tea for the next days maybe 8 days. While hallucinating u cant use any weapons and u cant start any fires. After sleeping 10 hours will you be able to use weapons and make a fire, otherwise u have to wait 20 hours.
  8. This documentary about living with wolves https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zd3d-9fvp7g
  9. rework how bears operate

    Yeah i agree a lot with you man
  10. rework how bears operate

    Nah wolves are so easy to kill with the way they act when being baited. Also u can be lucky and scare wolf away, but bears they go through your clothes and maybe u have 2 ruined items after a bear attack
  11. rework how bears operate

    It seems like people want bears to be gatekeepers, but that's not what bears are for. Bears are there to be a ruthless animal that will punish you hard if you dont watch out. Uncommon is a good thing because then you meet them when you dont expect them. The game could stop you doing with what you are doing if a bear comes close to you except sleeping. This would also happen in real life
  12. rework how bears operate

    Bears are not rare. I believe u can reach a bear from any position in 24 hours.
  13. Yeah just look her for comparison https://old.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/9yi7lo/laras_skills_really_improved_over_the_years/
  14. rework how bears operate

    After u jump from a cliff they should be able to relearn ur new position. Like lost location of target wait 5 seconds Acquire new position of target chase Also it would be cool if they wandered around the whole map, and not stuck around a cave. That way they would be more unpredictable. It could be like this Roll a dice between 0-360 - it lands on 50 Roll a dice between 200 and 1000 - it lands on 350 Now go 350 meters in the direction of 50 degrees When new location has been reached roll dices again. With that in mind that bears got buffed they should also be balanced. Like they should leave bear poop and you get warned if you step into bear territory. And under heavy snow the bear poop can disappear. I also think they make too much noise. I get that its a game but u can hear them mile away. How about they make a sound hear and there, and not this continuous buzz. Here is how it is in real life