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  1. I can see u have a point. But then again maybe they made the first 2 episodes easy on purpose to get people started. We who are on early access got them for "free" after all.
  2. Forloren muskeg IRL
  3. Also the benefit you get from warmer clothes is that you get to be outside longer time before you begin to freeze. Also instead of making 3 fires p day you can go inside somewhere and spend time in a bed. 2 hours should be enough and then you are warm again. If u are low on condition u can eat a cat tail and sleep for 2 hours and also heal up a bit.
  4. You get different outcomes every time because the dmg u take is random (Sprain ankle? or clothes torn apart? etc) and it is what was happening before the wolf encounter that really matters - like how tired you are etc. Likewise it is also what you do after the wolf encounter that makes a difference.
  5. cool!
  6. Spoilers: Well i didnt test it but according to what the game gave me of information you can get enough trust of the old woman and she will tell you the way to the next map. So if this is true then u dont need the key and stuff.
  7. Is "broken railroad" a new map too?
  8. What exactly do wolves do while you sleep? Lets say i go inside a car with a wolf just outside. I sleep for one hour. Will the wolf be where it would had been if i hadnt slept at all and i just went afk and came back when 1 ingame hour had gone by?
  9. I do wolf fights with just one click. You just say actions = q instead of mousebuttons Then you say mousebutton 7 should have a macro And the macro should be a Q every 0,1 second repeat 80 times And then thats it
  10. and when u work with fireworks there could be a chance it would explode and u get burned, the same affliction as when u walk on a fire
  11. There could also be fireworks that u can find and with a lot of work turn it into matches if u have lvl 4 or lvl 5 in crafting?
  12. http://lasdoscastillas.net/el-faro-de-rubjerg-knube-por-elena-silvela-misescritos/ https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=es&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=da&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Flasdoscastillas.net%2Fel-faro-de-rubjerg-knube-por-elena-silvela-misescritos%2F&edit-text=
  13. U need to post this in the game forum. This is in IRL forum
  14. So i was going on a one day trip but before that i had to go to work first. The work shift started at 8 o clock in the morning. That was 8 hours. After that i took the bus for 1,5 hours. http://imgur.com/a/UtEIg - Here is close to the destination i arrived at. My goal was to reach the lighthouse in the distance. I didnt knew exactly how far away it was neither did i have any exit strategy. I only had the view to go from. After reaching the lighthouse i assumed i could just take a bus from there and go back to my city. The most important thing though was to be back at work some 15-16 hours later. Everything went fine and i started walking. Since i had my bag on back i didnt want to run and begin to sweat, since i use that bag for work also. http://imgur.com/a/BWX8B I came to a place showing the time of the day, but i didnt knew how exactly it works and we are also 1 hour ahead or something - the time was around 1900 on my watch.http://imgur.com/a/l1QrB Finally after 2 hours of walking so about 10 kms the old lighthouse was within my reach http://imgur.com/a/TiGO1. Just need to climb the cliff ... It was very hard to get up and i had to take about 5 breaks on my way up, use my leg muscles a lot, slipping on every step in the soft sand http://imgur.com/a/X9m8S. And so i made it to the lighthouse http://imgur.com/a/ykf4X. 2nd view is looking where i came from The lighthouse had a glass tunnel going all the way up in the center of the tower structure, and from there light would spread out with the mirrors http://imgur.com/a/vG11E. So i was there at the lighthouse for a while and now my next move would be to find the bus going home. I made my way to the nearest road, but here i realised only summerbusses would stop and the last trip of the summerbusses had already run by. Hmm time to switch to plan B. Walk 10 km to a village and from there jump on a regular bus. I didnt have the time schedule of the bus in my head but as a general rule around 22 o clock the last bus would drive. I had no idea how long a walk it would be. But it turned out to be another 10 km. So the time got closer and closer to 22 o clock and while walking through farmland there was no village in sight. I was debating myself if i should run or not. I decided to not run. As i got close to the village i could hear the sound of the big road going through the village. The time had already past 22 o clock. So i knew i was getting close. I decided to run. I came to the city limits and up the road was the road cross to the big road. But then suddenly my bus drove across the road cross and there i was, only 1 minute too late. If only i had run a little bit more. I wasnt even pissed off because i was too spend for that. So because i was 1 minute too late the next bus would only depart 9 hours later. Too late for me if i had to go to work. There was a schedule on a sign showing that a bus would depart 5:26 in the morning in the city i arrived at in the first place. So i had to walk another 10 km. I took a big break here because i was going beyond my limits now. So long story short i arrived at the city at 1 o clock in the night after walking 30 kms in total - it was very hard in the end! To be honest i was surprised i could do it. It wasnt too cold about 14C in the night, so i was fine as long as i was walking. I had no jacket just my T-shirt. But here in the city i just had to wait it out 4 hours or so. I did it in a bar and got some water cause i had no more water. But then they closed at 4 o clock and i had to find a place to be for 1,5 hours and it was a bit cold. But then i found a toilet near the busstop and it was a little warmer inside than outside. So i was there for an hour. It got time to jump the bus and finally i could get a little sleep but really not much. Arrived 6:40 and just went straight for work (with my dirty clothes and what not lmao) cause i was afraid if i went home i would just fall asleep. Worked for 7 hours. It was very hard to stay awake and i think i fell asleep on the toilet at some point for 10 minutes. So yeah that was me not being in my cabin for 31 hours getting almost no sleep, walking 30 km. Well i realised getting rid of cabin fever gives you the opposite fever. A "get-to-the-cabin-fever". Home sweet home after all.
  15. Not inspired by The Long Dark because it was made in 2014, but it could easily have been. Ø means island - there is a theme about being trapped. I also think the producer was a singer in a punkband.