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  1. Best Way To Hunt and/or Avoid Wolves

    I use the rock ledge or fallen tree as a vantage point as well, but to make all the wolves around come to me I pack a few kilos of raw meat. They come like a mouth to a flame.
  2. why those illogical mechanisms?

    The whole thing really is that you spend lots of calories all day while exploring to find food, hunting, climbing, etc. You as the character in the game lead a very active life while trying to survive and this is the whole point. Have you ever climbed a rope with 20-30 kilos on your back? Of course it will drain most of your power. And catching 12 kilos of fish does not mean you consume all of the 12 kilos when you eat it, you remove the head, the guts and the bones. And if you did eat so much fish at once, then you must have starved for a while. You'll be surprised of how much you can eat after a physically busy day after you've starved. Really, don't eat anything all day, run around town doing errands and then see how much you'll eat at dinner. But no one really measures how much weight on food they consume in real life. You can't melt snow in your hand if you don't want to freeze... Go fire up your stove, put some snow in it and tell us how much time was needed in total until it boiled and what amount of water came out. This is the idea of this game - it's hard to survive, you've got to work to do it and it takes a lot. I'm now playing on stalker and I can say I even have it pretty easy. The more snares you have - the more rabbits this gives you every day. Fishing gives you about one fish for every hour. So snaring rabbits and fishing is practically all you can do to get easy food. I even try to avoid these because it seems too easy to me. Imagine having 5 snares in a real world situation and every day you get about 3 rabbits... Or coming home with 30 kilos of fish after fishing one day. Yes, there are some things that need some tweaking, but mostly the game's logic is not really bad. If the game seems hard to you, try the lowest setting and go up from there. You can even try the custom setting - it really seems like the thing for you.
  3. Tips for new survivors

    A good tip for handling wolves: Make yourself a bow and arrows as soon as you can, because you can always retrieve arrows after a kill, unlike the bullets. When being hunted by a wolf you can either start a fire to keep it away, drop a decoy to get some distance or immediately look for a good vantage point like a steep rock or a fallen tree to climb on high. Thanks to all the earthquakes on the island there are plenty of these fallen trees everywhere. Wolves, just like in the real world are not good climbers so they will stay below you on the ground, where they are easy targets with the bow, no matter how skilled you are. Just make sure you're high enough, because if not, they can still jump a bit get you. So climb high, wait for it to come below, pull the string and aim for the head. I use this technique not only when I'm hunted, but also to hunt them out. If a few of them start lurking around my base I choose the closest vantage point, get some raw meat on me and wait for them to sniff me up and come find me. You'll manage to take care of whole packs of wolves this way. And as already mentioned before - when you harvest them just leave one gut so the carcasses don't disappear quickly. See attached screenshot from the last time I cleared out the maintenance yard pack. If you look closely you'll see six of them, the seventh one ran away bleeding, made me go look for him. This is why the bow is my favorite tool in the game, and after I worked this technique out I completely stopped carrying the 4 kilogram rifle all the time. I only carry the half a kilo bow and ten arrows at a time and keep ten more spare arrows at my current base. I only get the rifle for when I'm hunting the big game - bear and moose. A few other quick tips: Always carry 10 to 20 cat taill stalks with you or 1 or 2 packs of MRE for emergencies. These two types of food have the optimal weight/calorie supply ratio. Also try to have no less than 2 liters of water on you at all times. If you end up stuck somewhere without food or water in a blizzard, these supplies will last you long enough. Collect sticks whenever possible, because it saves lots of time and does not require you to use your hatchet and lower it's condition. When you head out to go somewhere don't pack any meat because predators can smell even the smallest amount on you and they will hunt you for it. Take any non-meat foods for the trip and leave the meat to consume when you're in your base. If you carry any amount of meat on you, having a lit torch won't keep the wolves away, only a fire can. If you go out to explore for working computers during the Aurora make sure you have a flashlight on you. Maybe most people know that wolves keep a distance when you turn on the high beam of the flashlight, but keeping it on for long periods just drains your battery and increases the risk of it dying sooner than you'd like. What you really want to do is to let the wolf head close to you and then quickly flash it with the high beam and release almost immediately (so not much power is drained). If it was close enough, this sudden flash scares it away, makes it run, increasing the distance between you. But when you attempt this make sure you don't wait for it to get too close because it will jump you. Aurora affected wolves (that glow like the Baskerville dog) are tougher to fight off with any weapon and they bite harder, causing not only wounds, but a lot of sprains and clothing damage. So be careful while mastering the flashlight scare-away technique.
  4. On the topic of moving large amounts of items

    Dragging branches is also a good idea. I imagined the dragging like pointing at something, holding it by holding the right button and walking in the desired direction - much like in real world you have to hold on to the thing you're dragging. This way one item at a time could be dragged (so players don't exploit this option) with one hand, so the other could be free to hold a light source. If both your wrists are sprained for example you won't be able to drag anything.
  5. On the topic of moving large amounts of items

    I would rather prefer to be able to (slowly) drag some carcasses to my base because I would not stand on top of a carcass to harvest it in the cold and then have to carry all the meat and pelts, but I would drag it close to my base and then harvest and carry the goods over. The dragging of carcasses could be done as it is, or for increased speed it could be done with a makeshift sled - move the carcass onto a tarp that is tied with a piece of climbing rope for easier dragging. The same way I would love to drag some of the lighter outdoor containers to set them up near the base inserted of using the ideas to craft a container. Why would you spend time on creating something that already exists nearby.
  6. Night navigation

    While this will add to the realism of the game I disagree that is needed because for easier navigation we have the ability to draw maps of the places that we visit. + most people are not so into reading the stars for navigation and this will not be so easy to incorporate into the game for the few that do.
  7. Frozen Food

    I agree with you, but food that is found indoors for example won't be completely frozen like the food outside that would need more time in the inventory. When you have good clothes and you're indoors you generate a lot of heat that could be used, when you're not so far ahead you'll have to use a fire. And yes, keeping frozen food with you should get you a few degrees down, just like eating hot food warms you inside. When you heat some food or cook meat you have a chance to keep it with you so it doesn't freeze, or leave it out so it doesn't go bad and occasionally take some inside to defrost.
  8. Frozen Food

    Really good point. It could be simple - put in the inventory and occasionally take a look in there, it could be displayed the way frozen clothes are displayed, and as soon as it completely defrosts you can eat it.
  9. It's like I have a pet

    This is my pet rabbit - Sniper. I stationed myself at the Hunting Lodge at the broken railroad, I had killed all the wolves around and the moose so I had plenty of meat and time until I eat it all. So in my spare time, a few days I was collecting all the rocks I found around and went to the cave near the lodge because this rabbit lives there and I threw rocks at him from a distance. I was going for the Stone Age Sniper achievement. After a few days I finally got it - I stunned the rabbit with a rock from a great distance and I went to get it, cheering, I was so proud of both of us and I already knew I was gonna let it go. I hoped I could catch it and bring it with me to the lodge but unfortunately the game does not allow it. So I gave Sniper a good pet on the head and let it go free. Every time I walk pass that cave I give him a big smile and nod at him. Good buddy, helping me out with such an impossible achievement.
  10. No saving after sleeping in bedroll

    Seems like it only occurs some times because now it works.
  11. After the last update, any time I rest outside in my bedroll, the resting screen says "Saving Game" but the game isn't saving anything. I've done that a couple of times and when I load the game it brings me back to the last indoor location I entered.
  12. A few Suggestions

    I agree on 8 - it should take a lot of time to make one and to perfect it and they definitely SHOULD make a bow a lot harder to use in comparison to the rifle. Aside from calculating the wind speed, the distance and the strength there are other variables, such as how tired or cold you are, how much you carry on your back and have you eaten lately. All of this stuff combined could lead to having unsteady hands or even shivering - that would make using the bow a lot hard.
  13. A few Suggestions

    Hi there, Hinterland team! I've got a few suggestions that would make the game even more realistic. So, here they are: 1. Clothes. We have a tough, cold winter too where I'm from and to tell you the truth - I do wear my wool socks over my cotton socks, and then the boots. The same goes for the sweaters. Last winter when the cold wind came I wore my t-shirt, a thin sweater, a heavy sweater and my leather jacket on top. I sure felt like a balloon, but it kept me warm. So that's what I want to see in the game - wearing more than one of certain type of clothes. And please make the rabbit-skin mitts an index finger, there's now way you can make a single shot with the rifle these mitts. 2. Indoor lighting. There are just two types of indoor lighting in the game - pitch black during night time and lighter during the day. I'd like to see the rooms a little darker when there's a fog or a blizzard out there, or really bright when the sky is clear and the sun is shining or something in the middle (like it is now) when it's cloudy. 3. Temperature during climbing. If there's one thing that's really unrealistic in the game is that the character's temperature stays the same while he's climbing a hill. No matter what the weather's like, the heavier your backpack and the steeper the hill goes, the warmer you get. I've been hiking in the winter with a 20 kg backpack on my back and I've been sweating like a pig. I'd love to see that in the game. 4. Circling birds. The crows are circling over dead human remains, and it's completely logical, and following that logic they should be circling over dead animals as well. It's hard enough to spot a dead deer or a wolf as it is, this might help a little. 5. Coffee and tea. Can you make bottles for storing boiled coffee and tea? Just the way it is with water - the more tea you have, the fuller the bottle is. No one would actually carry 5 coffee mugs in their backpack. Although I love these hinterland logo mugs and I would like to get my hands on such merchandise. 6. Knifes and hatchets The knife and the hatchet become more ruined the more you use them. Logical. But the thing you need to repair the knife is a certain kind of wood? Not logical. If you repair the knife's handle it would be, but it would be better to be able to create some kind of grinder on the workbench to sharpen the knife. About the hatchet - there is an axe in my mom's basement that I use every year to chop wood for her. It belonged to my grandfather, he gave it to us and I still use it every year. Never sharpened it or changed the handle. Just saying. 7. Workshops. Why would I need the workbench to make myself a coat or a torch if all it has is just a vice? Make more big tools for the workbench, like a hacksaws and stuff like that, stuff that every repairman has laying around. It would be perfectly fine if they are just graphical and not intractable, just give me a reason to go for the workbench. 8. Bow and arrows I'm kinda running out of bullets in there and I just wanna say this, even though a lot of people already did - if I was really in that game and I got my hands on some wood, animal guts and a workbench, the first thing I would do is make myself a bow. The arrows could be made from sticks or cattail stalks even (because they're really light) and scrap and when their percentage starts to drop, I'd love to be able to "harvest" them and reclaim the tips to make more arrows. I'm sorry for my English, I'll clarify if there's something you guys didn't understand. I'm sure you will take some notes out of this so I'll thank you in advance.
  14. Sweet! Jeremy, Alan, thank you both!
  15. @Alan Lawrence I sent you those saves Hope that helps!