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  1. Yeah, on a scale of one to ten where 10 is the most dangerous, just outside the gas station has to be a 9 only behind one of the bear caves. Safest would be in the cave in the Ravine I guess.
  2. Additional Wildlife (Living and Dead)

    +1 on more wildlife
  3. New Run

    [bBvideo 560,340:26mw0gha]https://youtu.be/kP-g0xgJXpI[/bBvideo]
  4. good lord, the music is perfect.

    The music is amazing and in conjunction with the graphics it adds a metric ton to the ambiance and the feelings the game evokes in you.
  5. To each his own. We all have our preferences. I like open world games and the freedom to do whatever I like. I'm sure I'm gonna hate story mode but that's ok, I don't have to play it. I for the life of me can't figure out why people like games like Fallout 4 and yet it's super popular, so there you have it, different strokes for different folks. The only part that is boring in this game is the eat/sleep strategy when you are trying to climb the ranks of the leader board. Hate that? Don't do it then. Could the game have more randomness? Sure. More dangers? Of course. Be patient, it's Alpha. Maybe at some point they'll put a crazed mountain man npc that spends the whole game trying to kill you and gathering all the resources for himself, lol.
  6. longest stalker runs?

    Currently on my best ever by far run at 267 days in Stalker. Previously I have had only one run where I went over 100 days in Stalker.
  7. One With Nature

    I finally got my One With Nature badge! Two hundred days alive and beyond. [bBvideo 560,340:2kp2n16d]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeMBZZYgS6E[/bBvideo]
  8. Mushrooms?

    Are mushrooms the substitute for antibiotics? I forget. Thanks in advance.
  9. I find Stalker plenty difficult. I've gone over 100 days only once. I've had games where I can't find a rifle in Mystery lake or Coastal Highway and it was a huge joy to finally find one in Pleasant Valley. I have died in myriad ways and some seemed capricious and very unsatisfying. Never ending storms, wolf packs springing out of thin air. Torches having no effect whatsoever. Scarcity of found food coupled with no animals to hunt. Bears that move faster than Cheetahs and of course bugs. Making the game difficult for difficult's sake is not appealing to me. Otherwise why not have permanent storms, no animals and no tools at all. You log in and you die, happy? Finding stuff is most of the fun in the game. Exploring worthwhile areas is fun. Trudging through desolate areas in the hopes of finding a candy bar is not. The game needs more buildings and places to go to, not less. The more dangerous and remote areas should have higher rewards. I don't bother with large swaths of the map anymore because the rewards don't justify the risks of dying by weather and/or wolf or bear. The chances of dying from plain bad luck are just about right currently and making the odds worse by limiting your resources makes the game feel like dumb luck rather than skill. I say have more places like DP, where the reward of getting your arrowheads justifies the risks of navigating the wolf infestation. CH is another good area in terms of risk/reward ratio. But also places like PV are great with the awesome farmhouse and the ability to "play it safe" for a portion of your run. Needless to day this is all "in my opinion".
  10. Question about DP

    That's the beauty of this game, the longer you survive the more tense the game gets. First, finding food and items becomes harder and second and more to the point, you have more at stake. Dying in the first few days is no big deal, dying on day 99 just before achieving the 100 day survival badge, or any other milestone, sucks big time. In my opinion Desolation Point and Coastal Highway are equally dangerous and I avoid going there as long as possible, specially if I have no flares. Mystery Lake is a little less dangerous and Pleasant Valley is the least dangerous. Having flares cut the danger a lot. While I try to avoid them for as long as I can, an alternate strategy would be to start in CH or DP and get them out of the way early in your run and move to the other two when the "stakes" are higher.
  11. The Long Dark Sandbox Updated to v.280

    Bravo! Awesome work as usual. You guys are setting a pretty high bar for game development and responsiveness to your costumers.
  12. I have to assume this is happening only to me as something this major would have been reported already. Am I doing something wrong? The rifle just disappears and it's not on the ground after a hand to hand fight with a wolf. This has happened twice, once in PV and once in ML. Here is a video of the second one. The fight starts at the 4:15 mark. [bBvideo 560,340:288tbtyr]https://youtu.be/8ThCEr5KzKc[/bBvideo]
  13. Where's the forge?

    Thanks lupineways, don't think I would have figured it out easily. Also, I was wrong, there isn't another one in the big building. Very cool new area. Beautiful too.
  14. Where's the forge?

    I think there's another one in the big building too. But can't figure out how to use it. I fired it up, added the coal and then what? Could not insert scrap metal. Could drop, pick up, but not place it in furnace. Did see an option button, but grayed out. Not hot enough? Was about 750 degrees or so. Once you get the metal in, then what? Saw no bench.
  15. Injury glitch

    A bit after the 4:50 mark I get into a fight with a wolf. During the fight I can see I've taken five different injuries. After the fight I have no injuries but did lose conditioning down to 65%. https://youtu.be/FchA2LpUbHo