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  1. +1 to both. I learned to hunt with a .243 Winchester bolt action. By the time I was 10 years old I could fire fast enough to make a game warden think someone had a semi-auto. If a 10 year old can do that (with a rifle that was almost the same length I was lol), a fully grown adult definitely should be able to reload and chamber a round much more efficiently by level 5. For the little heater/stove, don't forget sticks as fuel. Little rocket stoves are incredibly efficient. I keep looking at those cement blocks in DP and I know that just 6 of them would make an incredible little stove ~ because I've built one and used it during power outages. I've used the tin can stoves as well, but you can cook an entire breakfast or dinner on the blocks. Either would make me happy … and the tin cans are a whole lot more portable and weight efficient!
  2. Thanky! I just found it odd that the system wasn't recognizing my password to start with, and when I reset it, skimmed through the posts, logged out, and then came back in about an hour it insisted the new one wasn't recognized. At least twice. I'm meticulous about keeping track of passwords given the number of sites I'm active on, so this was an aberration.
  3. Given that the guaranteed 7-14 day window here for fedex ground (I had NO other option, sadly) was exceeded, and they didn't even bother to deliver it themselves, but handed it off to USPS which added another 4 days to that 18 (they tagged it as transferred, but didn't actually deliver it until the third day) … yeah, they ticked me off. They also got dinged by the company I ordered from. Still, it was an aggravating and stress filled month. It's amazing how much damage one wonky leg on a power supply can cause. The good news is that I more than quadrupled the rig capability I had. The bad news is I could have just ordered an out of the box machine for a third of what I spent. The pain in the butt part is that in our tiny house, we're now making space for 5 computers (there are only two of us ROFL). We normally have three up and running. Two for gaming mostly, but I use two depending on what I'm modding ~ or we play movies on the extra since it was originally set up for that and we don't do cable). The extra two will be backups … because neither one of us wants another go-round like this last one. Given that our outside temps right now are hovering just around -22F, I could handle the tropical weather :-) !
  4. loriaw

    Building a Teepee

    Fair enough. My view is that there aren't going to be very many ~ if any ~ real changes from this point on outside of new regions. I doubt I would want animals one could catch or raise in TLD ~ I have them in the other game because the map size is 10 times the size of TLD and because they are there already. The ones I use are modded in because neither of the actual game animals functions the way they do in the mods I'm using. If I were going to consider any animal currently in TLD to catch/raise it would be rabbits. The down side is that wild rabbits need a generation or two before you have a viable breeding program. I just don't see any animals being converted to 'tame' or domesticated. I would use/craft other shelters at this point, but mostly for something to 'do'. Endlessly trudging isn't all that entertaining for me.
  5. loriaw

    Building a Teepee

    I've got absolutely no problem with items in game having more realistic weights, and I've mentioned that on several occasions over the years. The only thing that comes close right now is that can of peaches. That being said, I can guarantee that the reply you'll get from Hinterland is that the game isn't about 'realism'. Realism would include windows you could see out, sleds left lying around by children on that island, a whole lot more food in terms of variety AND the amount harvested from any of the large animals, being able to pick up that broom and sweeping up the mess, neatly stacked containers, using a plain old table to lay hides out on to sew instead of needing a 'workbench' with a vice, and a very steep learning curve that involves months of trial and error to produce a single useable pelt (that is the general time frame for a person to produce a single rabbit or fox pelt even with a huge mentoring group and the proper supplies). Look; I grew up hunting. My Dad had me in the woods walking along with him when I was two. I've worked as a vet tech and rehabber (vectors, mostly predators including mountain lion, wolves, and a lot of smaller species such as fox, coyote, badgers, as well as a few raptors). I live sustainably in a 12 x 24 cabin with wood heat, a garden and meat and dairy animals outside. The animals have bigger living quarters. My husband and I still hunt ~ although age and health issues have slowed that down quite a bit. We've built three of the homes we've lived in ~ two of them from the ground up. The food we grow and raise is canned, frozen, or dehydrated by us in our own kitchen. You're preaching to the choir as far as the lack of 'realism' in this game about just about everything. Realistically speaking, you probably shouldn't hold your breath for 99% of anything on this 'wish list' at this point. The game is long out of EA and making these changes now ~ outside of cosmetic things like more labels on cans ~ just aren't going to happen. It's a good game. It introduced a completely different 'feel' and experience. It could have been a great game but has been limited by various factors. I'm sad about that because for a while it seemed to be headed that way. Then the clenched knuckle bunch began howling and it became all about crazed amounts of bad weather and a complete lack of supplies. It isn't 'my' game and the computers I sit in front of (one of which is now comparable to anything the devs are using) don't have this game engine or resources on them. Trust me when I say I've got a vision of my own for an actual survival game ~ not a sim, but not something that swaps out human zombies for furry ones. I will continue to play TLD because I love playing this game. I've modded a different one into 'my' vision of TLD and will continue playing that as well. I'd honestly be willing to bet that most loper players would struggle a lot because the difficulty isn't in running to gather loot and relying on 'known' locations, spawn points, and mechanics. The difficulty is that my version starts off with the player truly clueless and inept. Skills must be learned, there are no 'loot' stashes, the weather is utterly unpredictable and it is dark for roughly 18 hours per day. There are far more predators as well as prey, but initially hunting and self defense is crude and low yielding. It takes weeks before any pelts aren't ruined, a fire will last through the night, or cooking produces consistent meals. By the time those skills are learned the weather is worsening, and the predators have adapted. At the start, there are no human bodies to loot. There are no towns, no containers, no caches. There are a few humans, all hostile, and all better equipped and stocked up. There is permadeath. If I can catch a horse, I can ride it. If I can catch a wolf pup I can raise it ~ provided I can feed it. I have a ratty tent that I must keep intact until I figure out how to craft a better one. Survival is very realistic ~ but so are the abilities to hunt, defend yourself, etc. It's 'my' version of TLD, and where I hoped this game would go when I started playing in only ML. If nothing else, I now have the capability of going beyond modding.
  6. loriaw

    Building a Teepee

    Unless Hinterland completely changes ingame weights, a deer hide weighs just over a pound, and saplings weigh half of that. At current weights a 5 hide teepee and poles should amount to less than 10 pounds. You stated you wouldn't mind building a complete cabin. Ever done that? I have, along with two men who were both experienced builders. It took three of us two months to put together a 499 sq ft cabin ~ and it took logs that we had dried for a year and debarked. It was summer so we weren't wearing layers of bulky, ill-fitting clothing, no wolves or bears were stalking us 24/7, and we had plenty of food and water that we didn't need to stop building to obtain. Given a choice, I wouldn't build a cabin in this game even for an achievement. I'd be grateful for a teepee or a lean-to. You don't seem to have noted that this is a single player game, with as many different playing styles as there are players. Why the angst for anything that you don't personally want to do?
  7. Dear Hinterland. In the past 6 weeks I have had my gaming rig self-destruct. While waiting for new hardware I used my Mom's old rig (whopping dual core with a number on the ram that requires only the fingers on one hand). Now I have a new rig that can go screaming along … but I've had to reset my password here 7 or 8 times between the two new computers. Back to back for several tries because the site doesn't appear to be making note of the new password. Yes, I double checked. I even copied/pasted it to be sure several times. I've got cookies set to allow (even third party which will be turned off as soon as I have everything else settled and in place). Just an fyi because after 6 weeks of literally tearing my hair out and face planting on my keyboard I'm about done fighting with computers, the internet, etc. If you want a good giggle ask me to rant about fedex and how it takes them 18 days to manage to get a motherboard and processor a few miles (trust me when I say I've been leaving love notes on every bit of social media they have about that).
  8. loriaw

    Building a Teepee

    The teepee appeals, maybe because I've slept in one and happen to be married to a NA :-) I'd have absolutely no issues carrying around the extra weight, even without the well-fed buff and my moose satchel. Except for early on when I'm carrying loot to a base camp, I pack light. Years ago I tended to carry everything around, but times change. Hinterland may envision only one end to this game, but I prefer surviving. +1 to the teepee!
  9. I'm good with reloading, but arrows don't particularly interest me since I don't bother using the bow. I'm not all that fond of the rifle since they nerfed it either, but I still prefer it over the bow. I also fail to see the reason behind such a dogged list of reasons against a lean to ... and then finishing it off with building an entire cabin. I've done that. It's a chore with friendly dogs getting underfoot. With wolves nipping at your nethers, I'll pass, even if I can't ever be given the option to just clean up the existing cabins. I've got more than 2200 hours in. I've dodged weather, lasted through weather, and survived blizzard after blizzard long before the snow shelter entered the game. The availability of nooks and crannies and windbreaks to huddle in isn't the actual point ~ more options is. Now, I'm ALL for a developed and progressive skill tree, up to and including a decent cross bow, a slew of craftable items other than just weapons (snowshoes, rabbit blankets, a sled or travois with all of the attendant issues such as still having to pack small loads over hills/mountains, etc.). Real survival isn't just grinding out day after day of picking up sticks and melting snow so you have water to drink. It means learning enough so that things that were hard become easier. That really doesn't seem to be the goal of this particular game ... although I haven't quite given up hope yet. I'm headed back to the CK and hopefully finishing up my latest house tonight. It's a neat and tidy little place full of storage, has a great custom cooking/baking area, and will be my next home-away-away from land in my alternate version of TLD.
  10. All well and good until/unless one isn't handy when a blizzard hits or you need to rest ~ and I'd rather use a hacksaw I can repair to cut a few branches than eat up cloth for a single night. The same could be said for a hide tent; animal hides and sinew, along with branches, are endlessly renewing. The need to eat is also a constant. I've never been able to wear out enough clothes to use up the hides I collect ... and it would be nice to have a use for them. I play this game to relax, which leaves interloper and stalker on permanent no-no. I'm not at all interested in mechanically created or manipulated challenges ~ I prefer substance. Right now the outside temp where I live is about 18F with a windchill taking it down to under 0. My heat comes from wood. If I didn't have a solar option to keep my led lights on I'd have oil lamps burning. If I didn't have the computer to keep me amused/occupied I'd be crocheting, quilting, or baking. See, I'm quite capable of dealing with cold and snow and no electricity. I'm just not interested in whiling away the hours dodging wolves or letting blizzards eat my clothing. I would prefer something to 'do' if that makes any sense. Ideally I'd prefer to have crafting to occupy myself during blizzards, using materials I gathered when the wind wasn't so ornery. Since there is a fully optional custom menu, it shouldn't be all that difficult to allow those who want to play as nomads and endlessly duck wolves and dare the weather to do so, while also allowing those who prefer to set up a base (or a few) and do the same. That is the definition of sandbox.
  11. I don't recall saying we 'should' have more tools ~ or anything at all about sheets of tin (???). A lean to shelter requires a few logs, pine branches, and sinew or leather strips. Nothing needs to be carried beyond whatever cutting implement you've already got. A windbreak for the fire only requires piling up snow! I'd rather spend two hours setting up an actual camp than putting together a snow shelter and a fire, and having the fire blow out within an hour because the blasted wind changes direction. Of course, that can happen with a windbreak as well, but not quite as often. Sorry. I would like something more to do with my time than just running desperately from one place to another ... or feeling like the pocket lint of a troglodyte because of all of the things I'm not allowed to do. Fwiw, the only time I'm overencumbered is when I get done looting one region and I'm packing it back to a home base.
  12. 1) To what purpose; devolving? Humans have survived glacial winters when all they had were stone tools and bearskins. We've got factory made steel tools, a forge. and a military rifle ... but we've got no hammer, screwdriver, or pliers. We can make a crude snow shelter but not a lean to and a wind break. We can cook endless chunks of meat but not dump a can of soup and another can of vegetables over it to make stew (and we can magically pick it up from where it was frozen solid in the snow and eat it!). Human ingenuity and a long-standing pattern of altering our environment for survival aside, these are glaring contradictions. 2) I don't really care about the clothing at this point ~ I'd just like to be able to sit down! 3) I just hope it makes it into Survival Mode since I haven't been able to drum up any real interest in the Storymode. I played a bit when it was first released, but I haven't even opened Redux. Not sure I will.
  13. loriaw

    Frozen Food

    No offense taken ~ I was simply trying to explain 'why' I would prefer more content. As an example, Frostfall requires different clothing for different weather, or you end up dead. In addition, there are varying levels in the skill trees for Campfire and Hunterborn that when you start, your fires are pathetic, you end up harvesting very little from hunting, and your pelts all come out 'ruined' until you gain skill in curing them. Once you improve your skills, the variety of clothing and tents you can craft improves dramatically. The same applies to what meals you can cook and the benefits you gain from each. It works much the same way crafting armor or weapons do for the vanilla game. I fully understand that if someone is playing interloper, that list of requirements/skills would invariably prove fatal in a short period of time ~ which is why I suggested only making them available under custom settings. But, I also stand by wishing for at least some of it to be implemented. Just adding an ability to cure meat in one way or another would open up the game to having to learn to manage your interaction and use of wildlife for survival. Imo that would be far more in tune with a 'thoughtful' game than just killing every predator; possibly concentrating on those who endanger prey animals such as deer and rabbits for instance. Taking the time to cure meat, along with using the resources, would provide for an ability to store food against the lower numbers of wildlife as time goes by ... or ... dying of starvation because there is simply nothing left. My 'issues' stem from playing games that allow for truly role playing ~ developing a character from the start (without any preconceived attributes or input from the developers) and taking that character in a direction I choose. The rather intensive modding I've had to do to recreate TLD are a reflection OF my love of the game and the concept, as well as my frustration at what it could be vs. what it is limited to right now. If that makes sense. Believe me, that modding took almost two months to fine tune, tweak, fiddle with load order, etc. before it all worked since some of them were never intended to play well with other mods lol. I refuse to quibble over whether it highlights my stubborn streak or reveals determination *G*. I will say that I'm not the only one because there is an entire sub forum dedicated to modding that game into a better TLD. Yes ... there are others who love and play this game with the same 'issues' I have. The last time I checked there were more than a 1000 people actively involved in it. As a modder of that game, it is no small matter to completely remove entire cities and towns, all of the npcs and their attendant quests, etc. just to get a blank slate where one can begin tweaking weather and other factors such as plants and wildlife. And that was only the beginning. The bottom line is the ability to mod it was provided. Sadly, TLD appears to be no where near that point. ps ~ to those who have sent me hate notes for mentioning this previously, don't bother. You would not believe how utterly unconcerned I am with your opinions (note that I don't waste my time belittling yours). My reason for bringing any of this up here is to let Hinterland know that even loving this game is not going to prevent people from wishing for more ~ or from outright recreating it on an entirely different engine. Saying that it can't be done is unacceptable because it has, up to and including permadeath. The point is there are hardcore players who want more than all of the player modes combined ~ we want 'content', 'immersion', and multiple reasons to play more than 20-30 game days, and we know it can be done. We'd like to be able to play BOTH games again! Even if the modding were limited to approval from Hinterland, there is a group that would cheerfully do that without pay, without little cairns named after us, etc. Consider it food for thought ...
  14. loriaw

    Frozen Food

    I've been playing Skyrim using Campfire, Frostfall, and Hunterborn for years now. It isn't "just" more variety of food. It's the building of skills, and a marked difference in what you can and can't do when comparing the start of the game to 10 or 20 or 40 levels later. There is a sense of accomplishment that is flat out lacking in TLD by comparison. It's also the sheer waste of so much viable meat, bone, fat, sinew, antlers, etc. As a real life hunter, I despise people who shoot a 180 pound animal and either take the head for a mount or lop off the backstrap and maybe a roast and leave the rest to rot. There is absolutely nothing 'thoughtful' about that, nor do we have any choice in the matter. Now ~ there are marked differences between the two games and there will never be a meeting point. That much is a given. That in no way means there is no room for improvement. The fact that your enjoyment comes from the challenge doesn't negate the fact that mine comes from accomplishment in addition to the challenge. The bottom line is I can mod one game to be much more difficult than even interloper (ie. much harsher weather, NO loot, no people, far more dangerous animals/more variety of dangerous animals, no buildings, and predators in every cave) and still have a vast variety of food, clothing, actual decent weapons that I craft from resources I gather, etc. does matter to some people. I'd rather 'survive' because I live long enough to gain skill that is a true benefit instead of a few feats that are limited by the devs. In many ways, these things were hinted at and spoken of as part of the dev's plan for quite some time. That began to taper off WHEN interloper was introduced. It's their game, their call, and their choice. This is a wishlist. I've already recreated my wishlist elsewhere regardless of what they do or don't do. I will say that there are many 'survival' type games that looked incredibly promising, and had the potential to 'be' survival games instead of loot 'em and shoot 'em. TLD has remained a favorite for years. It's quite possible that it may be time to just move on for me ... because like so many others it has tilted more towards the Adrenalin rush than actual survival. Again, not my call. I've bragged up this game. I've gifted it to several people. I've never been what some call a 'fan boy' regardless of how much I've enjoyed it. My bottom line is that new regions is no longer a reason to stick around (I've been playing since ML was the only region), and story mode absolutely doesn't do it for me. I've more than got my money's worth with over 2000 hours played. But .. I've got twice that in other games. Right now this one simply won't cut it for me much longer without some actual content. I now tend to play only until I'm initially geared up ~ and then there really isn't anything left except grind. Your mileage is obviously different. Neither of us is wrong, but it may very well be that I'll run out of gas very soon. I'd have been happy if they had never gone further than ML and just added real content instead of just more places to get the same stuff.
  15. loriaw

    Frozen Food

    I had all my feats before custom games were added. As far as I can determine they aren't planning to allow them to progress under a custom setting ~ you're supposed to grind those out. It would be nice to give people that option though (and I say that as someone who did grind them out!). This is by far the most linear game I play. The strictures are one of the reasons people ask when it will be opened up for modding so often. As a modder, I understand that. We'd have a whole lot more food if I were allowed to get in there and tweak things ... much more variety, actual meals, etc. It wouldn't be difficult to stick with the in place balancing ... but you can bet that I'd also make sure there was a neat and tidy way to store it! Even my campsites in other games are neat, tidy, and well organized lol.