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  1. Interestingly, you are wearing the balaclava as the outermost layer, are you not? But on your avatar it looks as if the scarf is on the outside.
  2. Nur -5 Vertrauen? Man kann ihr also ein Kaninchenfell schenken und zum Ausgleich die Bude ausräumen?
  3. Would be cool if Astrid somehow passed through Milton again, after Will... Grey Mother: Ah. You're the one he was looking for. I see. Well, I told him to take my hatchet from behind the house to cut some firewood. He collected sticks instead. Then he stripped naked and started killing wolves with the hatchet. I think he ate them, although there was plenty of other food around. Peculiar guy. You said you were married?
  4. The astute survivor needs neither hatchet nor knife and can still fill the fridge and maintain himself/herself. Training on Interloper helps. Accept the challenge. Learn. Grow.
  5. Haha, I was the first to tell you off. Sorry for that. I realize you are really suffering. However, I have sunk over 400 hours into the sandbox and have never experienced anything weird concerning the RNG. Of course, I've been unlucky at times. At other times, I was lucky. All seems right. In general, performing a task with a high success rate will be successful. So this leads me to assume that the game's code is in order, and something might be wrong with your individual PC, setup or installation. Is TLD the only game giving you RNG trouble? Then why not uninstall the game, install again and see how it goes? If you want to preserve your saves during this process, surely you will find some instruction how to do it.
  6. Ah, those games. The makers of Max Payne even managed to make an excellent part II. Other games worth mentioning for their storytelling: Beyond: Two Souls, Mafia, Blade Runner.
  7. Read through @Drifter Man's "Snowballs in Hell", all the info is there. It's pivotal to go straight to the Summit after the Hut, and there is a little trick you have to apply...
  8. You can get axtra ammo in one of the side quests I think. The Lake Gunshots quest maybe?
  9. Very good observations. I'm personally not that negative about the story, but it certainly has weaknesses, and one of those weaknesses is inconsistencies. Inconsistencies are distracting from the story itself, as they always invade our minds while the story is being told (unless we are gifted with a mind such as @RossBondReturns' who always seems to be able to make sense out of the most contradicting evidence ). What highly irritated me, for example, was Grey Mother's relation of how Astrid and the 'bad guys' passed through town in a blizzard. Firstly, why would you pass through a town during a blizzard instead of seeking shelter? Even assuming that the scared inhabitants locked themselves in - what about going into one of the abandoned buildings or a barn? Huddle down somewhere, make a fire? Then confusion when I found the bus at the tunnel: Until then I was convinced that Astrid and the 'bad guys' had been following the same route as me. But if the bus stopped here... did they cross Milton the other way? Then Grey Mother says there is only one way to leave Milton - the tunnel. Now the bus becomes even more mysterious - from where to where was it going then? Through the tunnel to visit Milton and return back through the tunnel? When exactly was the other road destroyed again? 10 years ago or just a couple of days? I may have missed something here, maybe Grey Mother mentioned another earthquake five days ago or so. But there are inconsistencies which are distracting.
  10. Tja, ich gehöre auch zu denen, die diese grafischen Verbesserungen eher als Verschlechterungen empfanden. Ich fand den ursprünglichen Stil des Spiels eigentlich gut, die "Verbesserungen" haben diesen verwässert. Das Spiel wurde gefälliger, aber auch beliebiger. Was das "interior design" angeht - die Bettdecken, grünen Tapeten, grünen Toaster etc. sind mir auch negativ aufgestoßen, hab dazu auch einen Thread eröffnet mit der Frage, ob es in kanadischen Behausungen so aussieht. Und ich teile die Beobachtung des OP, dass im Vergleich zur Gesamtbeleuchtung des Raums diese komische rot karierte Bettdecke zu viel Licht reflektiert. Es wirkt so, als sei die Farbe der Decke ein bisschen fluoreszierend. Das ist unabhängig von den Grafikeinstellungen, und ich finde, es kommt auch auf Deinem screenshot, @Scyzara, zum Ausdruck. Übrigens finde ich nach wie vor die Wiedergabe der Lichtverhältnisse in Innenräumen zur Mittagszeit schlecht - das war vor Faithful Cartographer eindeutig besser. In dunklen Ecken suche ich auch tagsüber gerne mit der Lampe. Aber nicht auf dem Boden mitten im Raum.
  11. Interesting and thoughtful thread. Personally, I enjoy the story so far, not to mention my roughly 400 hours spent in the sandbox which I obviously enjoyed as well. But I have to admit that parts of the story are not well-executed and lack the "maturity" the game is advertising. It pains me to write this, as I imagine some people at Hinterland have poured their hearts' blood into it, and of course they want people to be blown away. Maybe we have to keep in mind that the story has not yet fully unfolded. I remember reading the first book of The Lord of the Rings (many years ago) was a chore, but when I reached the second and third book, my hands were sweating and I could not put them away. How could the story be more mature? For example, by making obvious choices possible. When I first talked to Grey Mother, of course I saw that she had a rifle. Naturally, I would have asked if I could borrow that rifle to protect myself from wolves while procuring wood and food for her. So that should have been an option in the dialogue. She could have said no, but to make the story coherent she would have had to give me a reason. Maybe that she needs the rifle to protect herself, whatever. And then I would have liked to have had the option to wrestle the rifle from her. I probably would not have done it (heck, I didn't even try to open any of her containers). But it would have made for an interesting choice. Why not be able to just wrestle the rifle from her, take all her stuff and leave her to freeze and starve? Even shoot her? Now that would have provided for an interesting dialogue - the old woman cursing Will McKenzie on her dying breath, suddenly revealing some intricate knowledge! "Will McKenzie! Is that how you intend to fulfil your dreams? To fight your inner demons? Even if you find your beloved Astrid now... what you did here to me can never be undone. If you should finally meet her, save her, stand before her questioning eye... if she asks you how far you went... what will you say? Tell the truth and see that rekindled glimmer of lost love in her eye die forever? Or build that new house of love on the sand of lies? Will McKenzie... you are cursed... your hopes can never be fulfilled... hrrrgchh..." Of course such course of action would raise the question of how the player would continue the story. Not fulfilling the quests of Grey Mother would mean not getting the climbing gear. That of course is a question of game design. There would have to be an alternative way to continue on to Episode 2, either an alternative way to get to ML or an alternative way to get the climbing gear. But if the game wants to offer choices (and we will agree that meaningful choices are great for storytelling in computer games), there have to be alternative routes as well.
  12. Ich kannte mal jemanden, der oft Schach mit mir spielte und immer verlor. Immer. Irgendwann meinte er, das müsse ein Glücksspiel sein. Das war, bevor wir in der Schule mit Statistik anfingen.
  13. The two cutscenes of finding the body and falling unconscious before leaving the shed put me off a little. I was also searching the shed with a lantern and saw the body way before I reached it/him and triggered the cutscene. It breaks the immersion if the perception of myself and the character I am supposed to be is so fundamentally different. I presume the reason for the cutscenes is that the game schedules the player to experience the aurorae for the first time when he/she has reached the shed. And that the player should be inside the shed when the aurorae hit, so as not to be caught in the open. Because we know by now that the aurorae come with special dangers which make being in a shelter advisable. This corresponds with only one exit door being actually open - the one which leads through a room which is still protected but lets you look outside quite well. So players do not accidentally stumble to their doom. It would be much better if the two cutscenes were scrapped, they come across as too artificial. The player should instead run a risk of being caught by the first in-game aurorae in the open. Would teach him/her alright that it is generally wise to seek shelter when night falls. And in case the player runs a risk of missing the first aurorae while sleeping indoors, well... just wake him/her up! "Something woke you up..."
  14. Haha, congrats!
  15. I also remember someone commenting here on the forums that you can revert to "historical" versions of the game on Steam. Was it @Timber Wolf?