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  1. Characters, equipment.

    If you are well fed (not starving) for a few days, you get +5kg bonus to carry weight. You can make and wear a bag from moose hide, then you have +5kg bonus to carry weight. Adds to well fed bonus for a total of +10kg. Use the charcoal from fires to draw your surroundings on map.
  2. But this game isn't only about you. There are a lot of other players who likes TLD mechanics you don't. Don't forget, that this game must be playable for all kinds of players. Newbies, casuals, old survivor dogs and MacGyvers
  3. Hunting Moose

    You can make more but you can't equip more then one. Tested few days ago.
  4. [BUG] clothing layers and t˚

    As far as I can tell, only outermost layer of clothing is counted when windproof bonus is calculated. It's possible, I don't know exac stats, that an orange parka has better bonus, then a windbreaker. Switch positions of the parka and the windbreaker to maximize the windproof bonus.
  5. First Aid: Broken Bones

    It's always good to know at least a little bit about first aid. There are situations, when rescue can be hours away or without immediate help someone dies.
  6. Can I win the game please?

    In every game where sandbox is it's only a playground. Like in a real life, there isn't victory condition. You are just playing how long you want. You can have your own challenges or you can start over, if you think, that that drive is over.
  7. Timberwolf Mountain discussion. Possible spoilers

    Don't worry. Right side of the cliff slide is pretty safe, if you are carefull and don't rush it too much. At least until next patch
  8. Official modding support

    Kerbal Space Program. Some mods was even added to the official game with updates and KSP is running on Unity engine also. Developers are modders of KSP also But as was stated, modding game in a developement will be mess for bug hunting.
  9. Wood axe

    There are cedar and fir branches lying on the groud and they are respawning if you harvest them.
  10. Max Fire Lighting Skill with 1 match!

    You have option to light a torch with one match and then start a fire with it. No need to max out your skill, because you have a lot of tries to start a fire with a torch. I usually try to start a fire with one or two matches and then I'm using torch.
  11. Feedback

    Drop item on the floor, then right click it and place it where you want.
  12. Some Deer Hunting Tips (Video)

    Use cooked meat as a bait if a wolf is trying to get you. Drop it and step back. You will have time to aim and shoot. Also, you can shoot a wolf feeding on his prey if you maintain some distance, which is considerably shorter then when he is alert.
  13. Bow Hunting Deer Tactics

    Wind direction has big influence on deer detection range. If it can't smell you and you are a little bit behind it, then you have a bigger window of opportunity to aim and shoot. Standing up and aiming isn't that difficult. With little practice, you can aim a little lower and when you stand up, then you are aiming when you want. Then draw, shoot, harvest. If you want to use wolves to take down a deer, then it's better to wait for a wolf to start a hunt and then follow him. Wolves are always quicker then deers, so it's only a matter of time, when they catch their prey.
  14. Finding a RIFLE!

    You don't need a rifle to survive.You can scare wolf away from its catch, you can make a bow, you cand find a carcass with some meat, you can catch a rabbit or a fish. There are a lot of other options, how to get food. I'm currently 24 days into a new stalker game and I found a rifle and ten rounds. I didn't fired a single shot from it and my only deer kill was with a bow and an arrow which I found.