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  1. Day 135 Mid-day, 5C (Clear, Calm) I spent the day recouping from the fishing trip - it was bone shattering cold yesterday when i was on my way back, so spent the day in front of the fire boiling water - now have 20L stored for emergency use. I figure this could last me 15-20 days if i ration it. Aside from that nothing exciting to report. Day 136 Morning, -2C (Clear, gusts) I could hear something outside when i got up this morning, went out the door and saw the bear lumbering away into the distance. Im starting to get concerned about his behavior - he charges the porch when im outside and has started to display serious aggression - i have zero confidence the porch door will stop him. I might need to do something about him soon i think, though im reluctant to as they are usually infested with parasites (meat) and i fear alot of him may go to waste. Still, better he goes to waste then him eating me alive. Day 137 Late Morning, 5C (Blizzard) Woke up to a raging blizzard outside. Nothing really much i can do today except wait it out. Day 138 Morning, 5C (Blizzard) Well this blizzard is still going - its a good thing i've got some fish left over from the trip a few days back. Going to make sure all my gear is in order and decide what to do in the coming days. Day 139 Midnight, -15 (Clear, Calm) Well i woke tonight, not sure why but things were eerily calm outside. I went outside to behold a stunning moon and night sky. I took the time to marvel at the vista laid before me (as well as keeping eyes in the back of my head for the bear). It was inspiring to look at, and put me at peace with my situation. Tomorrow im going to head out into the world again to see what i can find. I keep talking about forging some knives, so maybe thats what ill do.
  2. or you could craft all your spare tinder plugs and newspaper into firelogs.
  3. Good stuff! Welcome to the 100 club.
  4. As suggested - the sun would be the best point of reference, followed by known land marks.
  5. Day 131 Mid-day, 5C (Clear, gales) Nothing much to report today - i'm going to spend the next day with some camp chores. Repairing clothes, sharpening tools and taking stock will be the order of the day. Day 130 5C, Morning (Snowing, Calm) I'm going to head up to the old fishing hut, to try my luck at a spot of fishing. I've never been a successful fisherman, but i've been reading some of these magazines so will put some of these tips and tricks to use. Mid-day, -3C (Overcast, Snowing) Well the huts in better condition then i thought it would be - i've lit a fire and cleared the ice hole and settled in for a spot of fishing. Day 131 Mid-day, 12C (Snowing, Gales) Here fishy fishy fishy. Boy it gets hot in here with the fire going. The flip side is it gets freezing without it! Had a few small fish take the line, along with a reasonable bass. No prize fish though. Day 132 Midnight, 28C, (Blizzard) Well this blizzard is keeping me up - i could here a few wolves outside earlier. I'm so glad there's a door on this particular hut. I had an experience earlier, where i was about to nod off sitting at the hole. I was so thirsty, but i didn't notice until i became light headed and my heart started pounding! I won't allow that to happen again. Just goes to show how precarious life is, and how easy it is to become complacent. Day 134 Dawn, -30C (Clear, Gusts) Well i'm out of here - its a real chore collecting enough wood for the day, then fishing all night plus the wolves are spooking me. I've got a good 10 kgs of fatty fish, along with a half litre of oil so not a bad haul. 3 nights spent away from the farm is enough for me at the moment. I'm considering heading back to the muskeg in a week or so to hit the forge up.
  6. Day 124 Morning, 1C (Clear, gusts) I've decided to set off for the point to see whats still kicking around out there. I checked the snares i set, had a few scrawny rabbits which i skinned and gutted and left on the ice. I'll pick these up when......if i return. I made an error in judgement - i've taken the mystery lake route which i thought would be shorter - i hadn't taken into account the old rail bridge crossing. Once i arrived in the coast i set up for the night in an lonley cabin up in the hills. Day 125 Morning, -3C (Overcast, Calm) I set off again across the frozen bay, heading onwards towards the point. Halfway across the point a snap blizzard rolled in. I holed up in the cabins on the waterfront waiting out the storm. After a few hours i attempted to brave the storm and get off the coast - visibility was down to 15 metres, the wind was howling like scream of the dead. Somewhere out in the swirling maelstrom i could hear a very large bear pawing around - panic set in and i retreated to the cabin. I sat with my back to a wall with the rifle at the door. Day 126 Morning, 0C (Storm) The storm hasn't abated, or a new one rolled in. Either way the cooked venison i brought along is nearly gone, so i need to push on. Day 127 Mid-day, 5C (Overcast, storm) Caves, caves everywhere. Im getting sick of caves. I've arrived at the point, and started searching. I started off at the old church, before moving on to the lighthouse. So far i've found some more rifle ammunition, along with assorted tools and food. So far so good. No sign of predators, that is either ominous or luck - i don't know which. I'm going to push on to the ship wreck first thing tomorrow. Day 128 Morning, 1C (Clear, Calm) Perfect weather for a walk across the ice - i scavenged some more rifle ammunition and tools. Finally im going to push onto the old whaling station. This station has been provided a few more rifle rounds, tools and food. I feel like i've pushed my luck in this place, and will return home. When i was leaving the station i heard footsteps approaching through the fog - i took refuge in a car and waited quietly. Once some time had passed i left the car, to find some tracks nearby. That was lucky. Day 129 Morning, -3 (Overcast, Calm) I've made it back to the valley, my pack is cutting into my shoulders like crazy. Now that i'm home, i'm going to take stock of everything and rest up a few days. Overall though the trip was a success - i've come away with more whetstones and rifle ammunition, along with matches and some heavy clothing. Good result.
  7. Thanks man. I've got a decent update coming tonight with a trip I'm currently on.
  8. I like this idea - it could also tie into the legions of mugs you can magic into existence when making tea or coffee (so you could have one mug as standard as part of your pack, but if you want to make more than 1 type of tea or coffee you'll need the thermos or another suitable container)
  9. Day 119 Early morning, 7C (???) Woke late at night hungry - decided to have one of the chocolate bars i found over on the coast. I know i had two, with on being considerably older but i couldnt determine which was which in the dead of night - big mistake. Within a few minutes of eating it my stomach started turning and i started sweating like crazy. NOT a good time for food poisoning. I knocked back some antibiotics and went back to bed. I'll see how i feel tomorrow morning. Day 120 Evening -5C (Overcast, Calm) I set out after waking, feeling considerably better than last night. I decided when i get home i'll take the rifle and knock over a deer and wolf for the meat and skins. I've got 3 rounds left in the rifle that i'm prepared to use for this purpose. When i was in the hay field to the west, i came across a wolf with a fresh deer kill. I knocked the wolf over, and came away with 9kg's of gamey venison, a deer skin and wolf skin. Two birds killed with one stone. I managed to drag myself back home and cooked up the meat. Day 121 Morning, 5C (Fog, Calm) I set out this morning to head back up to the radio tower, to see if there was anything left to scavenge - the result a box of 5 rifle rounds! I'm sure i'd cleared this area out a few times, just goes to show. It is also frustrating in a way as i don't want to return everywhere i've ever been just to find a missing item. I'm sure this was a rare find in this scenario. I'd heard of prepper caches to the east, so went out that way to search. I was jumped by a wolf a few hours into the trek - he was a big beast, only came away by the skin of my teeth. My clothes were wrecked though. I limped my way home to rest up and repair my clothes. I'll settle in for a few days and rest. Day 122 Morning, 5C (Overcast, Snowing) Im starting to go stir crazy at this place - i decided i needed some more rabbit pelt and meat to repair my gloves and also for a change of diet. I've got a few snares sitting around, might as well make them useful. I built a snow shelter along a small hill to the south of the farm. While i was waiting, the bear came roaming around. He walked up to the farm door and sniffed around, so i'm sure hes on the hunt for me. While i was waiting, a deer wandered past the snow shelter! He must not have winded me, i snuck out of the shelter and put my bow to the test - felled him on the spot! Will harvest him up and head back to the house to cook him up. As i was heading back a blizzard rolled in! Good timing i think. Day 123 Morning, 4C (Clear, Calm Back in the snow shelter. I've set out some more snares, so will see how this goes. The urge to bring the rifle is hard to ignore, but i need to get used to A. avoiding predators and b. hunting with the bow.
  10. Day 113 Morning, 5C (Overcast, Calm) I've decided i need to limit the ammunition i currently have for emergency hunting or to take on expeditions. Because of this, i'm going to start using the bow. First things first though, i need wood. I've already got a supply going, but as the rule goes - if you think you have enough, double it. Mid-day Mission complete - i think i've now got a good supply with the purpose of seeing me through the many blizzards that seem to roll through this valley. Day 114 Afternoon, 5C (Overcast, breeze) Nothing to report for today, just chores. Day 115 Early Morning, 5C (Overcast, gusts) I was on the front porch this morning checking the weather when the local resident bear made an appearance. He stood no more than 30 metres from the front door and proceeded to eyeball me. I'm not comfortable with that old beast loitering in the area, but there isn't much i can do about it. I also feel a strong urge to get out of the house again. It feels like i only just got home, but i end up going stir-crazy just sitting around. Will head out to an old barn to the east and spend the night there. Day 116 Morning, -7C (Overcast, Calm) An uneventful night in the barn. A blizzard rolled through the valley in the early morning, but the fire and bedroll kept me cosy and warm. No sign of the local bear. I've decided to make a short expedition to the coast - i want something to do and needed to check out a few locations to see if i can find any more useful tools. I'm going to pack the last of the venison and set out. Heading out with a medium set of expedition gear. Day 117 Afternoon, -6C (Overcast, light snow) Well today was productive. Found a good amount of sewing kits, a few knives and some fuel AND COFFEE. Also found a few manufactured items that seem edible, however they wont last the distance. I'll use them over the next few days until i can start hunting again. I'm going to spend the night here on the coast and head off in the morning. My pack is full to the brim. Day 118 Sunset, -2C (Clear, Calm) Emerged from the mine this evening to a beautiful sunset over the valley. I'm still feeling pretty wrecked, going to hunker down in at the crossroads tonight before the final push back to the farm.
  11. Thanks @Mel Guille! Back from a wee bit of a hiatus I'm sorry to say, but I'm really enjoying the game in its current state. Thanks for the kind words - it helps motivate me to keep doing this.
  12. Day 104 Evening, -10C (Blizzard) After being stuck in the ravine i climbed my way out and started the lonely trek back to the farm. As i was passing the derelict town along the coast i was surprised (and surprised in turn i think) a large bear! After a few heart stopping second i took out the old flare gun and fired one off at him - luckily it spooked him and he took off. As i was approaching the mine a wolf surprised me from a small ridge line - he tore into my coat but i managed to fight him off. I swear i've been lucky thus far....one day i'll be a casual meal for one of those lost souls. I'm going to rest up here for the night in the mine - my hands are still shaking as i write this. Day 105 Morning, 5C (Clear, Calm) I decided to push on last night - i couldn't sleep after those attacks and the thought of getting back to the farm was to strong to ignore. I'm home, safe and taking stock of my situation. I came away with a few more bits and pieces - importantly another 3 rifle round. So far my arms cache is looking respectable, but i don't know if there will be any more to find, let alone WHERE to find them. I'm going to spend the next few days resting, taking stock and planning out what to do - sometimes when i stop focusing on the minutiae of each day and what i need to do, and start thinking of.....the future....i almost want to give up. But i cant. Day 106 Mid-day, ??? (Blizzard) It was probably a good decision to push on when i did - a monster storm is raging outside now. Just repairing my clothes, reorganising my supplies and boiling drinking water. I might start on some of these wilderness and cooking books / magazines i've found. Day 107 Evening, 5C (Overcast, gusts) I've decided to head out again - i recall a large muskeg area out by mystery lake, i might head out there and see what i can find. Who knows....maybe i'll find people? You need to hope right? I'm going to pack light so i can move fast - its a risk in case of blizzard strike, but i'm confident i can take the bare essentials to deal with any situation. Day 108 Dawn, -7C (Clear, Calm) Perfect conditions for a fast trek - i'm taking the rifle, knife and lantern for tools. Mid-day 2C (Overcast, light snow) I've come to the train tunnel, just resting for a moment and having something to eat. I had to put down two wolves along the train line who started following me. Nothing i did could shake them, they seem to disregard the hand flares now. Probably due to starvation, poor beasts. Still, its them or me. I have to be hard, or i'll be dead. Day 109 Mid-day, -10C (Overcast, fog) This place is miserable. Beautiful but desolate, dangerous and empty. I've found an old barn with a forge, i'll need to come back and start forging some tools for the long term, but there's nothing else here for me at all. Time to head home. Day 110 Morning, 5C (Overcast, Snow) I got home last night, dropped my pack, stripped and went to bed. I'm going to head out this morning and take a deer or two. Time to settle in here in the valley for a little while i think and just exist. Maybe i'll head back to make those tools in a week or two. Day 112 Mid-day 5C (Blizzard) Ive got a good supply of meet, a small herd of deer wandered into the front of the property. It'll be great if i'm still here in spring/summer when the orchards bloom. I bet this place is beautiful in spring. Clothes are repaired, cupboards are stocked and organised, tools are sharp and clean. My only concern is my old reserves of manufactured food - i'm down to one or two MRE's and that's that. I'm almost out of coffee to (Now this is a disaster of epic proportions) Maybe i can make some pine needle tea.
  13. Day 98 Evening, 6C (Overcast, Windy) Spent the day today collecting more wood and checking my snares. I managed to secure a good supply of cedar and sticks which should last me for a few days to come. I fear im overdue for a long blizzard. When i was finishing up my wood cutting this evening i was presented with an eerie sunset. I hope this isnt an omen for the coming days. Day 99 Morning, -2C (Snow, Gales) Not much to report today - collected some more wood during a brief weather window, but not inside, reorganising (again) Day 100 Morning, 5C (High Cloud, light snow) Heading out this morning to check on my rabbit snares. Ill also grab some more wood if any is easily to hand. Afternoon, 5C (Clear, Wind) I got home just in time! As i was approaching my front door i saw a massive bear prowling around. He must've winded me and came charging at me. I just managed to get into the front door in time. When i snuck back to the porch, i could see him standing up, looking at me and sniffing the air intently. My heart is still pounding as i write this. Evening, 5C (Clear, calm) I've decided to head out to the Ravine for a look around. There is a train wreck out there that could have some useful things. Ill take a rope with me to get down into the gorge. I had a few hours rest and will headed out before last light. I got to the cave a few hours later, but had a beautiful night sky to accompany me. Day 101 Morning, -2C (Clear, Calm) Arrived at the ravine and my rappel point this morning, climbed down and found some more flares! They will certainly come in handy.. The climb down was exhausting, i doubt ill be able to climb back up tonight. Ill hunker down in a cave around the corner for tonight. Evening, -10C (Blizzard) Luckily i had set myself here earlier in the day, a full blown storm is raging outside. Ive got food and water, and my bedroll so i can stay here for a few days if need be. No books though.
  14. Day 93 Afternoon 5C ,(Clear, Calm) Spent the afternoon repairing my clothes and setting out some snares. Im going to make an attempt at living off rabbit for a while. Day 94 Evening, 5C (Overcast, Calm) The calm weather continues. I spent the majority of the day stockpiling some wood. I think ill pay for this calm weather at some point. Caught 3 rabbits in the snares, all of them looking lean. At this rate ill barely survive each day. Need to think of something Day 95 Morning, 7C (Fog) Set out this morning to practice some archery and knock over a deer or two. I set out with minimal gear, my bow and arrow and full stomach. I really need to take a deer today, otherwise ill be dipping back into my iron rations. I trekked westwards, as i know there is a particular treeline the deer seem to like. Sure enough i spotted a group, all bucks. After creeping forward over the next hour, i was in arrow range and sent one off, hit the buck in the front leg and off he went. Poor bastard. Amazingly there was a deer nearby, oblivious to what just went on. I managed to get an arrow into his midriff and off he went to. I set off in the direction of the first deer, and after a few hours found him limping through the forest, back towards his brethren. My bow had split on the last deer, so couldn't put the animal out of his misery. He must've passed out from blood loss 30 minutes later or so, i quickly dispatched him and set to work. As i finished the weather started to change, ill need to look tomorrow for the second deer. Day 96 Morning, 5C (Snowing, Calm) Bear! Hes right out the front today. I crept out onto the front porch to watch him. I bet if he wanted to he could get in here no problem. Today ill stay in the house i think. Day 97 Afternoon, 5C (Blizzard) I set out mid morning to collect the second deer, or at least see if i could find him. After an hour or so searching i found him wedged against a tree, up a steepish slope. He was frozen stiff at this point and i couldn't dislodge him to flat ground so i could build a fire. I put one downhill so i could be close to it at least. After a good hour and a half i had all his meat and skin. As soon as i had packed a blizzard rolled in. I managed to make my way back to the house on my internal compass, i was fearful of coming across a bear or wolf with all this meat and blood on me, but they must've hunkered down for the storm. Wise creatures. I made it back home and cooked up the venison. Ive got enough for nigh on a week - ill need to make a decision about whether i mosey on over to DP. Too tired to think at the moment.
  15. Great info and love the screenshots!