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    Unfortunately HL have advised that seasons won't be made for TLD as it would require significant work. They indicated they may visit this in a future title though.
  2. As the title suggests. This could be pinned to the main rooms in builds (i.e. the kitchen in the PV Farmstead) i think it would be interesting to observe the world and track things such as blizzards, full moons etc while allowing people to forward plan for trips or expeditions to forges. I know we already have the notepad but that’s to messy and clunky - a simple calendar could expand forward planning and longer term gameplay.
  3. Not a major issue but get a solid 60FPS outside of the Farmstead and Inside, however when i'm on the closed porch FPS drops down to around 40 or so. Nvidia GTX1050ti i5-6600k 16GB DDR4
  4. Question - Animal Migration. Hello HL / Ralph. I was wondering about an animal migration mechanic - i know this has been brought up in other areas of the forum but wasn't sure if it had been directly addressed by the dev team. I have no idea of the complexities of game design so this idea may be out of touch, Would it be possible to have a rolling animal number mechanic, whereby the total "herd" size of a particular game animal (in this case only deer ATM) grows at a generally even rate within a region, peaking for a time (say a game month) before slowly decreasing over time, while at the same time the "herd" size in a neighboring region increases at roughly the same rate as the emptying region, thus giving the illusion of a herd "moving on" . Perhaps this mechanic could be supported by hunting pressure, leading to a further moving on of the herd. And perhaps dedicated wolf packs could pursue the herds around GBI? Thanks
  5. They had an aspiration on the roadmap from last year to have a seasonal transition throughout a year in-game (which i personally was looking forward too) but Ralph mentioned in one of the Milton Mailbags that it would essentially require a full re-design, though IIRC he did mention it could be something they look into for their next game.
  6. Day 222 After collecting some meat and wood, i boiled up some water and prepared for my first trip up-country. I took off North and immediately came upon the Hushed River proper. The gorge was deep so worked my way in. After scouting to the East i doubled back to find a way up onto the Northern plateau. I heard wolves patrolling in the gorge but before i encountered one i found a rope heading up the cliff. I ascended and came upon a jumbled, undulating landscape of trees, boulders and ice. The weather had begun to turn now with low cloud and snow gusts blowing in - finding shelter had become my top priority. I found a cave at a base of a cliff and settled in for the rest of the day to wait out the blizzard. I got a fire going and had some of the venison i'd packed for dinner. Day 223 The morning was calm but overcast, so i set off again. More wolves were patrolling the area, but there are also good sized herds of deer - i spied at least two roaming the area so that will be good to remember for the future. I found a few more caves, one containing the sad remnants of a previous survivor. I set in for the afternoon before making my final push to the North. After walking for what seemed like hours, i came upon a frozen lake. The lake was bordered by multiple waterfalls, with small cave on the North end. After exploring the caves, i continue my push up to the North. I climbed a steep incline where I came upon cliff edge up past Monolith Lake which gave stunning views of the valley. After stopping for this view and some lunch, i found yet another cave around the corner. Being at the peak of the region, i named it Peak Cave. I laid out my bedroll, got a fire going and set in for the night. Day 224 I woke up to some average weather, however i was limited in options as i hadn't hunted yesterday and was down to my last venison steak. I decided to chance the weather and push on regardless. I set out back down the pathway and crossed the frozen lake. The rest of my Journey back to my cave was relatively uneventful. My haul for this trip was two hatchets, an additional hunting knife, some flares, a whetstone and a cooking pot. Overall not bad, however i get the feeling this region isn't going to be heavy in equipment. I'll make a decision tonight over a fresh venison steak on how to proceed - do i run a trip to the West or East. I'll also need to decide when to call this expedition and start swinging back to Pleasant Valley.
  7. You don’t have enough crackers.
  8. Day 194 - Day 221 Much has happened over the last month - I returned to Milton and after a day or two of searching found a passable route up into the Hushed River Valley. I spent a week living out of a cave in this beautiful, untamed wilderness before my equipment forced a return to the more “civilised” regions. After navigating my way back through Milton and Mystery Lake I wound up back at the familiar and safe Pleasant Valley farmhouse. It was just as I left it. Over the following month I loitered around Pleasant Valley, turning my hand to fishing for a time to supplement my standard diet of venison, repairing clothing, tools and practising my archery. During this time though the Call of The Wild still burned within me. I had explored but a fraction of the Hushed River Valley, but the prospect of exploring more wilderness, finding more equipment and perhaps....finding an answer to the riddle of my existence become too much. I HAD to go back. I knew I had left behind a cave with some wood, frozen (but cooked) venison among other things. I therefore decided to prepare my pack, and head back to the valley for a more thorough examination. I left my rifle behind - my trusty rifle that had been through so much with me. It had fed and protected me, but I knew this time I had to test myself with bow and snare. I left it on the kitchen table, hopefully to witness my return. I forged on my remaining fish and stepped off. After travessing the now well worn path through Mystery Lake and Milton, I arrived at the pass to the valley, emerging some hours later into a cold, windy day. I found my cave with little difficulty and set out to make it like home. I knocked over a deer for a supply of meat, boiled some water and gathered a goodly supply of firewood, perhaps 48 hours worth for the interim and got ready to explore....
  9. Back on topic - a work around for backpacks could be in the same vein as the Moose Satchel - you have a slot when you spawn with say a small satchel, or even just pockets (clothing could have a carrying capacity limit). You then find a small back pack and "equip" - this shows up as an icon in the "backpack" slot and your carrying capacity is upgraded accordingly, and so on and so forth for larger backpacks. If you were to "un-equip" your backpack then i imagine all your loot, not able to be stored in your organic carrying capacity is dumped onto the ground. Rifles and Bows should be slung, not carried inside your backpack - perhaps this can lead to more craftable items (rifle sling, quiver etc)
  10. yeah there is - it would be cool to integrate something like that in sandbox for a short / long term survival challenge,
  11. I would like to see more Blizzard Events occur in the sandbox game. At the moment we can experience 1-2 day blizzards, but i'd like to see the occasional Severe Blizzard. These would occur periodically (say there could be a 10% chance of one occurring every 50 days), They could range in length from 3 days to 10 days (or even 30 days at a lower chance?). I think it would add another layer to the game overall, and appeal to veteran players. It would also make stock pilling all those tools, food, firewood, water etc a real test to see if you've done enough. Cabin fever would of course be disabled during these events. Could also be an option in custom game modes (i.e. increasing chance / severity from none to terrible). This could also on affect selected areas like PV and / or FM and / or MT. Thoughts?
  12. Haven't really searched - i used to be able to edit the first post of my survivors thread, say to update the day i'm upto, some keywords etc but now i can't. DId this change or something?
  13. Day 194 - Morning I arrived back at the farmstead in PV late last night so i crashed for the night before waking up and boiling down some snow. All morning however i've been thinking - When i last left Milton, i had glimpsed a valley through a pass in the mountains. For some reason it's been on my mind since i got back. Part of me thinks i need to spend a week or so back home before heading out for another week long journey - this time to a place i havent seen before. It only takes a minute before my mind is made up. I carefully prepare my kit before i set off and gorge myself on the remaining steaks of bear and deer. As i step outside into an overcast, cold dreary day i look back at the farmstead and wonder to myself what lies ahead.....