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  1. Snow depth variation

    It tends to snow a bit in TLD, but the amount of snow on the ground doesn't appear to increase, or indeed decrease. Would it be feasible to look into this as an option on the "Custom" menu? After all, if you've been stuck indoors during a huge blizzard, you'd expect conditions to be a bit tougher when you finally got back out.
  2. OK, I'm on Pilgrim mode, 35 days in, and my wee pal Nikki is doing just fine. I'm planning to go to Pleasant Valley or Ravine, but decide to crash out for the night at the Mountain Lookout. I like this place; you get the views, the weather, generally you're safe enough. Unfortunately, you also get to fall squawking haplessly to your death when a glitch decides that it would be really droll to remove the platform outside the door, so that when you go out to get to the stairs, you find yourself heading instead to the stars via an unexpected and very unwelcome drop from the top of the Lookout to the unwelcoming rocks below. Let's see... this isn't ideal, is it? Any of you guys think that something could be done about it? Hmm? God knows I'm no agoraphobic, but it's not wonderful to open the door worrying if an untimely death is waiting for you.
  3. Dealing with the Dead

    A couple of suggestions which I'd like to put out there to the guys at Hinterland. Being a tidy minded sort of chap, it's getting me down that if you make a base at the Camp Office there's always that poor dead chap sitting at the top of the stairs. Now, is it possible, do you think, that we might be able to click on them and move them? If we can't do that, the logical thing to do would be to have him slowly decompose, which of course would make the cabin uninhabitable, I suppose. An option for the custom mode, maybe? Secondly, how about using the dead bodies for decoy meat for wolves and bears? Or indeed...... cannibalism, with a downside in terms of disease or mental issues (as with cabin fever). Frankly, if you're out there, freezing and starving, a lot of normal humans might be tempted to take a sneaky mouthful of Ol' Pete the corpse. And finally, what if you're in custom mode and it's getting a bit hard,or boring. Why not have the ability to change the settings on the fly, if you want, rather than start a new game?
  4. 8AM PST! Where is Story Mode??

    Uh, oh. Game crash. Keep the faith.
  5. Me

    Hi, I live in the Scottish highlands (well, the edge of them anyway). Won't see 58 again, semi retired, and really enjoying the rather slower pace of this game. (I've done the FPS shooters, and great fun they are, but sometimes something a bit more though provoking is needed. Pilgrim mode is ok, but needs a bit of spicing up with more natural threats, breaking ice, avalanches/rockfalls caused by the Pilgrim's noise. Someone else suggested beartraps for the unwary - great idea, as long as you've got a prybar handy. Suggest that the traveller is made more vulnerable to cold. Stalker mode is really just death on a stick. If you really want to spend your time being devoured slowly and agonisingly, good luck chum, perhaps you'd also like to visit some of the ropier bars in Glasgow of a Saturday night. All in all I prefer Voyager, which has probably just the right amount of aggressive beasties floating around, but, as I indicated above, some more natural threats could really cut the mustard. This game's got really great potential; the only drawback is that anoraks like moi will keep on asking for more maps to explore. Great work, all in all. Keep it going.
  6. House in the township on seaward side of the highway. Storage, potable water, stove. All very nice. Except that I walked out this morning to check the temp, had a look at my inventory, and was promptly leapt upon and torn asunder by an irritated mutt. Lesson; check around you before looking up the inventory. Ah me. At least I didn't harvest my jeans by accident and freeze to death this time. :roll: