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  1. Might be worth trying this as well http://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/di ... 935391633/ Jeremy
  2. Can you send use your Save folder please. Jeremy
  3. It was a bit late coming out of Cert. Should have gone live in the evening yesterday. Jeremy
  4. Hmm, strange I'll check it out. Jeremy
  5. This should actually be fixed in the Update that just got released. You can take off the -force-d3d9 as you won't need that anymore. Jeremy
  6. I find that so weird it thinks that it's a controller :lol: When the update comes out, let me know if this still comes up, I'm hoping the controller changes we made will maybe prevent this from occurring. Jeremy
  7. We've been having some xbox instability issues since last update. We believe we've resolved this issue in the coming update. Jeremy
  8. Minor issue, but still one that should be fixed, as z fighting can be very annoying and distracting. Jeremy
  9. This is fixed in the next update. Jeremy
  10. The wildlife will spawn before the bodies disappear in most cases. So not really useful as a timer. This also isn't a bug and is by design. If you leave some rabbits laying around and only harvest the skin and guts, then it will freeze and slowly decay over the course of a couple days. this allows you or a wolf to walk on by and harvest it at a later time. This can be useful for bears as they have a lot of meat and you probably can't carry it all in one go. Jeremy
  11. This has been reported a couple times now, it's not that it was forgotten it's actually because it's using the same interiors as the fishing cabins. So when you enter it it will say that it is a fishing cabin. This will change eventually but it's not to high on the list. But should be cleared up by the time we final the game. Jeremy
  12. TBH I think the recommended and required on the store page are probably a little outdated now and may need an update. We've added so much since that was put in that I believe the game is a bit more demanding than it was a year ago. That said I do think you should still be able to run it with those specs. Could you attach a output_log.txt file when you crash next and I'll take a look and see if I can see if anything about the game is causing the crash. You can find the log here: C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TheLongDark\tld_data Jeremy
  13. Seems like an issue with the pathing, We've updated a lot of the pathing in all regions so hopefully they will stop doing this in the next update. For now though, free meat. Jeremy
  14. Could you attach your Player.log file please. after you crash like this next. It can be found here: Library\Logs\Unity Library is hidden by default, you can access it by going to the Finder > Go > Hold Alt/Option and Library will appear in the drop down menu. Jeremy
  15. I think when an arrow breaks it chooses a random condition, it's a different condition because it's considered a different item than the arrow that you fired. Though I agree that it seemingly out of nowhere goes from 5% to 24% does seem a bit against nature. I'll pass it along maybe we can make some changes on how that's relayed. Jeremy