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  1. Dev Diary - November 2018

    Because it looks like, the thread is becoming somewhat toxic, i want to add that my post was an expression of frustration - not because i hate Hinterland or TlD, but because i like it. I follow the progress since 2014, play the game on and off and have seen it all. If you hear over the years over and over again the same things about the progress and over and over again you get delays, at some point you just resignate. So many chances have been missed that it became a sad story and now even the update in December can not and will not satisfy in any way anymore. It's too little, too late.
  2. Dev Diary - November 2018

    You can also say all this from the perspective of a Survival-mode player. Every few months i read that more people have been hired and now progress is been made quickly. At the same time an announcement of a delay for a release. I remember multible devblogs on "regular updates for sandbox". Sure, every year an update is regular. How about fire people, go back to state of 2015 and release monthly updates? To make it short: From no standpoint the time Hinterland needs for developement is acceptable. Yes, you got something to play already but it's far from perfect. The point is that the "perfect" game is what was and is promised and what people are waiting for since 2014. Everything that has happened since then is a little compansation for the waiting and delaying. It was enjoyable for a short time and definetly already worth every Penny you've paid originally for TlD - but it simply isn't the final product. In a coffee shop, the seller lures you into buying a very unique and special coffee, in itself a oerfect coffee. On top of that you will get 5 cups and all that for only 2 bugs. While you wait, you get a standard Espresso but with a little bit of chocolate on top of it and then you get delayed evey 30 minutes. After 4 hours of waiting and 10 "special" Espressos you get the first two cups of the promised coffee but it isn't far from perfect. So the seller tells you to wait only a little bit longer to make it right and after another 4 hours and 5 Espressos you get 2 cups that have been remade. Sure, the Espresso already was worth more than you've paid for the "perfect" coffee. But you also spend all the day in the shop, hoping for the coffee and went pissing like a camel.
  3. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Why wasn't there an annoucement in the Forum about the 4 Days Event? I really wanted to play it this year
  4. No Moose

    Is started a new game, for the first time pilgrim (Faithful Cartographer and other Challenges) - i visited every place on every map, i am now at day 120 - ish but didn*t find any Moose. I've seen Moose in my Interloper run a few times. Is there no Moose in Pilgrim or is it a bug?
  5. Like the title sais, the bear at Unnamed Pond in ML is invisible. I can clearly hear him, but not see him. He doesn't attack and can't be attacked. When i walk slowly next to him, i can hear how he is following me (without charging - just following) till he is right next to me, but nothing is happening. I lured him towards the lonley cabin because i thought he is just stuck below me in the "underworld" and will become visible in a diffrent area, but he didn't. (Pilgrim, win7, 8GB, FX 6300, GT640)
  6. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, do you plan to send something to us or do you want to smoke it all by yourself? That would be a really amazing and funny addition to TlD, a cannabis plant. When you drink a tea from it, you will be able to sleep although you are fully rested. How cool would that be? "Adding more canadian style things"? - Here you go, i bet every gaming site would report about that. Any chances you consider adding this?
  7. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    I just started a new game for faithful cartogropher, so visited all places and thought about how TLD has changed over time and how every map has it's unique features. Then i realized that there is potentially a big issue regarding the story and how places are designed. Some places look like they have been abandoned for many years, others look like in the weeks after an catastrophy. Hydro dam for example looks like a place where people came long after the plant has been closed. At the same time you find to many things (loot) that tell a story of people all of a sudden just disappeared because they didn't even bother taking important items with them (abducted by aliens? ). In Maintenance Yard, a car is still on the lift with the toolbox beside it, as if someone who worked there just disappeared from one moment to the other. At the same time it looks like an abandoned place where vandals and thieves have raged over many years and also at the same time it has elements that says that people had to leave in a hurry, but will come back as soon the "earthquake" is over. Will there be an overhaul of the enviromental storytelling? I don't see how the story will explain why the whale facility (and many other places) looks like a place that has been shut down 20 years ago and since then has been scavanged, looted, experienced vandalism but you still find items you only would find if all people suddenly would have disappeared. If the story takes place in the weeks or months (even 2 years) after a catastrophy, where people would have left in a hurry but planning to come back, Hydro dam would be clean and organized (except damage caused by an earthquake or something).
  8. Custom mode Bunker

    well unless the locations have changed dramaticly over the time, i can assure you that i know all locations and can find them even in a blizzard back in the days i had a system where i would loot ML completlely and checked all locations for the bunker on day one and than went to PV to stay there, but the last time was long before Interloper came out and things have changed. That's why i thought it would be nice to try a custom game with basicly Interloper Settings but with the rifle and this time finding a bunker. I imagined the than would feel like TLD in the Beginning where there only was ML. So i was surprised, disappointed to not find a bunker.
  9. Frage zum Spielstand speichern

    Da gabs nen Update wo das Speichern verändert wurde, weiß aber auch nicht mehr wann und was. Im Sandbox ist jedenfalls alles wie gewohnt, also auch speichern beim Schlafen. PS: Sachen flicken im Storymode?
  10. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #10

    No, german is part of the game basicly since the beginning, no mod, official language. It's sad that Raphael didn't answer the question because i play in english and personally don't care. The problem with the official translation is discussed also here in the forum since 2015 multible times. I was just surprised that the devs don't care at all and didn't pass it on to the compamy or something else to make sure the release version (wintermute 2017) is as good as it gets. It's not a thing like "you could use a diffrent word", there words and names that are simply wrong and if you speak both languages you will automaticly think that the translation is made by an amateur or just by using google translator. For the time of the alpha it was ok because everybody knew that the game will be polished for the release, but it's the same. That's why i was asking politely if it's not possible that we create a proper translation here in the forum that is than passed on to the company.
  11. Game crashed 1.35

    Maybe one of the Mods can add this to "first steps for crashing or major .... " This problem happens for players using a 32bit system (windows xp, vista/7). Poblem: Windows is limiting the usage of ram to 2GB for programs Solution: ........ XP, Vista/7 It once was in the top section but was lost with the new forum.
  12. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    I just saw a gameplay video in my native language and the translation is horrible. It's like as if someone used a translation program instead of a professional translator. I normally play in english, that's why i was surprised seeing this. Are there plans to rework the translations either with the help of the community and/or with a professional translator?
  13. Game crashed 1.35

    It's an "old" issue that sometimes happens to players with 4GB RAM - you are running out of Memory. -tweak windows (google windows 7 faster) - there are plenty of guides out there to make win7 faster by disabling processes not needed. -disable all your programs that you currently don't need (autostart) - most of them shown on the right side of your taskbar - for example antivirus software, updater, printersoftware ...... -also google for reducing the usage of memory by windows You can adjust the use of memory by setting a specific number instead of giving win the freedom to do it automaticly: http://tipps4you.de/tipp-15-win7.html It's in german but there are pictures how it should look like and the numbers. I also have a 32bit windows 4GB - i have 4092-4092. But you also can try diffrent numbers.
  14. config file request

    I would like to have a simple config file where all ingame options like keys, sound, graphics .... can be adjusted manually. No need for an advanced config with additional values like in other games, just simply everything that you can do also ingame. Oh, maybe also some launch options. This config should be a simple textfile that can be read and changed on any system/pc and shoud be an redirected file from the original wich stays untouched but is temporarily overwritten when starting the game (so if you do something wrong, you can just delete that file and a new, clean one will be created with the original settings stored in the original config or cloud) It's a long time ago, but in my early days in Counter Strike (i believe in all garry's/valve games), i remember having a standard config and with "exec .... .cfg" you could create your own additional config if you didn't want to change the values in the original config. So i'm thinking of something similar. You could open these configs with a simple text editor on any computer.
  15. Game won't start

    Problem Fixed! For some reason steam launch options don't work - so i created a shortcut of the tld.exe and added the launch values to the shortcut and voila, it works again. .......\steamapps\common\TheLongDark\tld.exe -fullscreen -w 800 -h 600 When starting with that shortcut, the game starts normally again, ingame options can be changed without a crash and the issue with the mouse has gone. Anyway, hope this will help others with that problem too. PS: It would be great if there would be a config file where all the ingame options can be changed manually (a simple text file - so everybody on any system would be able to adjust the gamesettings in that file), so it would be easy to change the resolution, keys, sound ....