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  1. At first, Interloper was quite challenging, but then Hinterland added rabbits and added more spawns for matches and hammer/hacksaw. Now Inteloper is easy like pilgrim - just more redundant Therre are things you have to know about TlD that makes it so easy. The main tool to survive is fire. With fire, you can survive forever. In Interloper, you will find matches at the main spots (whale facility, Farmhouse, Lake cabin). This means after you've spawned, go to one of these places and you have fire and shelter. There are always cattails, carcasses and rabbits near by. If you have played the challenges, you will know that you can go from any spawn to any place within 10 ingame hours - to the next shelter or spawnpoint for matches within 1h ingame. This means with the worst possible start (blizzard, TWM, night) you will lose less then 30% condition till you reached the lake cabin (far less if in DP). So you know how to get matches - reach shelter - water right after the spawn and have plenty of condition left. The next step is to get food. You can either start a fire next to a carcass and harvest it by hand or just kill rabbits. Now you also have food without any danger. Depending on where you are, you also can just eat cattails and you are good for many days. At the same time, you search the main spots in your map (Famhouse, Radiotower, Barn - Carter Dam, Camp Office .......... ) and you will quickly find hammer and hacksaw. Normally you should have both within the first 24h. So after the first day, you have food, water, shelter, matches, hammer, hacksaw. And again, that's basicly guaranteed because spawns for matches, cattails, rabbits are not random (at the main spots). Then either establish a small base and live like that or start going for the forge. You could go to CH/DP on the first day or to ML - depending on you prefences or your spawn. So yes, actually pretty easy.
  2. Humble suggestions/wish list

    Food will last longer outside already. Fresh meat outside attracting predators would be a huge exploitable feature. I wouldn't go for long hunting trips anymore - just put some meat infront of my porch and get free pelts, guts and meat -> repeat. Although it seems interesting to have another firestarting tool, in my opinion there is already too much of it. Making a fire is the only thing you need to survive forever. Maybe a firebow for Interloper but then matches, lens and firestriker have to removed. "The" (or some kind of) spear will be added soon, they're working on it. Hot food outside also would make the game more exploitable. Why would i care about the weather anymore with such a bonus? I think drinking a hot tea/coffee is already too good.
  3. Stuck on the Spear Mission

    When you restart? So don't restart then. If the spear is back at the lodge only when you restart, don't restart. This means that you can pick up the spear, and the spear is also in your side-inventory? With the spear in your inventory, there should be a small animation sequence right before the transition between forlon and mystery lake. What i'm asking is to be more precise so we can exactly understand what the problem is or where a bug is, or what kind of bug. Now you said that the bug (losing the spear) appears when you close the game after you've picked up the spear, but before talking to jeremiah. Obviously i suggest not restarting. Or can't you pick up the spear in the first place? Can you take the spear but it isn't in your inventory? Is it in your inventory but the mission file sais you still have to pick it up? Is it in the inventory and the mission file sais "go back to jeremiah" but if when you close the game now, everything is lost? Please tell us exactly what you are doing and what is happening. Picking up the spear, there is a short animation, and also when leaving Forlon Muskeg with the spear (on the way to jeremiah).
  4. Stuck on the Spear Mission

    For me, it sounds like a missinterpretation or false conclusion. Try to go to Jeremiah! I bet you read the mission file and at the same time you don't want to risk going back the dangerous way only to find out that you missed something or it's bugged and you have to do this again. Also you couldn't find the spear in your inventory - so that also made you think like that. The spear is shown in the inventory of special items (like letters, Astrids stuff ..... ) If you have the spear, just go back to Jeremiah!
  5. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Maybe you've overlooked my question last time, so i try again: Can you please fix the animation of the lamp, so when turning the lamp on it doesn't move upwards anymore? Like it was before the animation? Some changes might bother a player, but afterr a while he gets used to it, but this still bothers me. Second: I'm not sure anymore if it's always, but with the redux update the progressing cycle now turns counter-clockwise (at least for some actions). Can you change it back to "normal" again please?
  6. Burning debris not spending warmth

    Maybe the fire actually does spend warmth, but it's too little to have any effect. If it's very cold in TlD, and you start a fire outside with just a stick or something else, it has no effect either. Even if you start 10 fires right next to each other, and you still can burn yourself. What i mean is, it's not really a bug although i get your point. Normally, at least you should be able to light a stick/torch there and take it into the cave.
  7. I think you don't need any of the skills later. If it would be important, than Hinterrland would've made sure that you've learned it while playing the story. Maybe there will be a quest that is going to be easier if you have learned the skill, or they will "force" you to learn a specific one later if it's important. My bet is, that these things are for players to learn for survival mode - like a tutorial within Wintermute without having any impact on storymode itself. So no, i don't think you have to worry at all about the skills or sidequests when pregressing Wintermute.
  8. Astrid's Case

    I just remembered the first scene in the hanga and it came to my mind, what happens when you leave the misterious case behind? You can chose to put 3 of 5 things in the box, what if you leave the case and her backpack behind and instead take the pistol, medicine and food with you? Did anyone try?
  9. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #20

    @tulkawen You can adjust the size of the hud! I have difficulties too with the very small icons but i changed it from "normal" to "big". Also, you have to know that Raph sometimes feels attacked for no reason and assumes that someone is insulting Hinterland or himself. Surly he is also right about it, but often times not. Maybe it is because he is reading too much of reddit-steam-troll comments. Anyway, don't make a drama out of something written in a Forum I mean, how often will the Head of a Studio engage with the community so closely? In the end, the mailbag format is a nice thing from Raphael and Hinterland. Just ask again for the next mail bag more precisely and i'm sure he will answer. Or leave it, because you can adjust the hud size!
  10. Mystery Lake Caches Side quest

    So it is as i thought it is. There is no bug, it's just a mix of assuming it is like in pre-redux and a little bit of cheating by looking up locations and guides instead of playing the game. In that case, you can either just play the game, like a game, or wait till updated spoilers and guides are out there. For me personally it wasn't worth the efford to search for the caches, so i kept playing the main story. For me it would've broken the pace of the story.
  11. Mystery Lake Caches Side quest

    What i meant was, that now some things are now connected to the story in anothe way. For example did i look too for the farm key and couldn't find it (because now there is no key). So although i didn't play the sidequests, it could be the same here. My question was, are you absolutly sure that these are two diffrent "sets of quests" now? Have you done the forest talker quest and all other things, now there are NO quests at all left (completed forest talker) but the supply caches are still open? This would be kind of a bug. But if you just assume that these are diffrent quests based on your experience from pre-redux, than that's maybe the issue because maybe now these are not two seperate quests anymore. So have you completed everything else?
  12. Improvised Knife

    What i still don't get is for what you need a knive? You can do everything without a knive, and in the end, you have the piece of scrapmetal that Will had his injury from that is the same as a knive? (Harvesting a carcass if you want to). So i still don't understand why players want to have a knive in story mode anyway?
  13. Paradise FarmKey

    Don't play like you remember from pre-redux. Play as if it would be the first time. A closed door?, No key to be found? -> proceed with the story
  14. Mystery Lake Caches Side quest

    I don't know if it helps, but found a few notes too and then got a quest when talking to a forest talker inside the lake cabin. I had to get something for him from log cabins and the dam. I had no hatchet (or just didnt find the thing in the hydro dam), so i stopped doing the side quest. I also never did these side queasts in the pre-redux version. So maybe you guys just think too much like in the old version? Just talk to the guy in the cabin and the mission is triggered.
  15. Need Help, Redux, Spoiler!

    Please post the bug in the report section so others can find it easily (and devs can fix it)