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  1. Does a moose eat saplings?

    Scary I wonder if it's intended or a bug... Was your sapling near a moose spawn area?
  2. Does a moose eat saplings?

    Soooo I was prancing around in custom mode and I finally found some saplings, but... This was a maple sapling, and it was already harvested. I didn't even know this part of the map so I'm sure I never touched it. And later, I found this two birch saplings, but only one of them was still there, the other one (on the right) was already harvested. This is a moose spawning zone, or at least I saw one kinda close from here. Does moose eat saplings, or do saplings sometimes just spawn already cut? Not complaining or anything, just curious. I have to admit this was a bit creepy... Did any of you guys experience anything like that?
  3. breath effect brightness/glow

    I'm beginning to think that the breath effect does indeed look different on different hardwares and settings. And to be honest, I think it's a bit bugged. At first I noticed it was slightly more transparent at night (outside at least), and while it was still a bit too bright for my taste it was an improvement for sure. There was a full moon and no clouds so it makes sense that the breath effect is still pretty visible. But later on I noticed that in a pitch black cave it looked extremely bright, and I think that's the thing that annoys me the most. If there's no light to reflect on the condensation, how can the condensation be visible? I don't really mind not being capable to see (especially in the dark since I can't see anything already :P) but the fact that the breath effect looks like there's way more ambient light is definitely immersion breaking for me. I don't know if the breath effect being so much brighter inside that cave than outside at night was an optical illusion due to contrast between background and breath, or if it really was brighter, but in the second case I'm pretty sure it's a bug.
  4. Ahhh yes I did suggest the same thing on an old thread of mine, and the possibility to read while "sitting" in a chair as well. I'll take the chance to repost here the UI mockups I made at that time hoping that some of the devs will notice and fancy them. Of course the UI looks different now, I guess I'll have to update my mockups!
  5. Tidying up

    The new, detailed interiors are absolutely lovely and a much appreciated addition to the game. Although when I play survival mode I like to hunker down and make my base more homely. The breaking down mechanic helped immensely with that but the new interiors are full of litter that you can't remove. Allowing for each single litter item to be picked up (maybe with 0% condition to avoid the excess of materials) would take a long time and be a waste of dev energies imo, but grouping all those items in a "litter area" that the player could interact with would give the same end result with less dev effort: some interiors could have one or more "litter areas" that would pop up a "tidy up" hint when hovered. The amount of interactive litter areas would depend on the interior's size. clicking on the litter area would popup a window similar to carcass harvesting, allowing the player to choose the amount of time to spend on it and remembering how much time was already spent tidying up that particular area when the required amount of time has been spent, the clickable area disappears and gets replaced with a cleaner piece of interior, similar to how limbs disappear once harvested So for example camp office could have three litter areas: one on the upper floor and two on the lower floor (stair half and workbench half), and tidying the whole place up could take several hours but once done there would be no papers on the floors, no cans on the shelves, books neatly arranged if present and so on. This of course would give nothing in return and could be implemented only if the added litter could exist on a separate layer, like logs and already harvestable pieces of furniture. Implementing different litter areas in the same interior could be a nice way to show the progress without having to develop too many assets. I know many here don't really care about how the interiors look like, but many others like myself love breaking down those ugly chairs lying on the ground in the PV homestead, or neatly arranging supplies on the shelves. It would be something to pass the time while a blizzard rages outside, although it would be only a slight cosmetic improvement that would of course have a low priority when compared to many other possible additions (real time cooking and moose, I'm looking at you!). But wouldn't it be so satisfying to finally pick up that darn cabinet door from the floor in PV?
  6. Ability to carry animals carcasses

    I personally don't mind the risk of freezing while harvesting carcasses, it's true that fires can't be started on ice when it's windy but I seldom do that and if I start freezing I just cancel the action and go warm up somewhere (or take the damage and finish harvesting when it's worth it). The risk of being attacked isn't that high since wildlife goes slow motion during time acceleration, I guess it would get worse while slowly crawling around dragging a heavy, smelly carcass. I reckon that not having a sled or snowmobile is the reason why it's more convenient to field dress and go home with 8-10kg of meat and guts, instead of dragging 45-70kg of deer around, if people don't want to do that with a vehicle irl I bet it would be even more exhausting by foot. Of course, dragging to base would be a big effort but dragging the whole carcass would absolutely make sense for example if it was a few meters away from a fishing hut. In that case making the effort of dragging for a short distance would allow the player to harvest from a much safer position. Mind I know nothing about hunting, my assumptions are based on what I read/saw and could be wrong. Of course in game the effort spent and the gain would be different, depending on how the mechanic would be implemented by the devs. Having the choice to either drag or field dress could be nice, since I don't mind field dressing big game I would do it anyway, but other players could choose otherwise. I would really like to pick up rabbits and bring them home to dress them tho. It would be really interesting to test both things and see which one works better.
  7. I never really felt the need for a free look mode until I tried one of those smartphone-powered vr headsets... oh man how awesome would be having the chance to look around you keeping the walking direction unchanged!
  8. Ability to carry animals carcasses

    Thanks @cekivi, that makes sense.
  9. Ability to carry animals carcasses

    I was recently watching a National Geographic's series (Life below zero) and weirdly hunters don't drag their kills to shelters unless it's small game like rabbit, birds, foxes and wolverines. When it comes to bigger prey like caribou/moose/bear or even wolves they always field dress them, skin them, gut them, quarter them and then load the pieces on the sled/snowmobile and bring them home. I still wonder why, but apparently there's a good reason irl to field dress big game and not small game. Maybe it's because they would be too heavy whole, and it doesn't make sense to drag all the innards and bones back to base just to discard them? I agree that carrying rabbits would make sense and be an improvement, but I'm not so sure about deer and wolves.
  10. Underwater exploration

    I think you need to take a look at subnautica
  11. UI: Accessing Info from Other Panes

    I like all this ideas, especially the different skin for harvested carcasses. I was thinking about it just the other day, it would be awesome to see skinned/gutted carcasses. A bit gruesome maybe, but realistic and perfect to know the state of a carcass just looking at it.
  12. Jumping

    I would personally avoid jumping while on the snow/frozen ground, while wearing heavy clothes and 30kg on my back , not to mention that... how often do you jump irl to leap over obstacles? I think that a mantle function would serve the same function while being more believable. But I guess that another problem about jumping/mantling is the maps: right now they're handcrafted in a certain way, but adding jumping/mantling would mean that the character could reach areas that right now are inaccessible, creating a lot of problems. All the maps boundaries would have to be overhauled to prevent the character from going where he shouldn't go and ending up glitching into the infinite void beyond the map.
  13. Wolf Color Variety

    @Silverhour, right on point. Small, black, barking wolves make me think more about a population of belgian shepherds gone wild and rabid, instead of gray wolves. It's true that wolves can bark but it's something they do just one or few times, when startled. Every time I hear the "woff-woff-woff" of a wolf that starts running after a prey in game it sounds to me extremely dog-like. The whole population being black is even weirder.
  14. I found it searching for a shortcut to reach the lookout. It's perfectly visible from the other side:
  15. Read in beds/bedroll

    Agreed, the UI could look like this.