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  1. Will dogs ever be added in-game?

    I'd love to see this, plus one thing I'd always wanted is a pull sled of some sort. A dog sled would even be better. I'd settle for the first draft of it even just being a menu thing, non animated dog. Maybe some text pop ups that let you know there is one you found , gaining trust ect then it can show in your menu. show its stats etc.
  2. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    You mentioned maybe being able to do something with bones. I'd love to be able to make fishing hooks with them as well as use them for sewing like regular fish hooks now. Any chance we will ever see a pull sled of any type to help with base moves? Another add that would be very nice would be maybe foxes and large snares to get them? In any event, love this game. Thanks for all you guys/gals hard work!
  3. How to get water?

    To clarify this. I admit, i ignored the radial comment above because i never use it. I assumed someone put the can on a radial menu. So.. for those like me. When you start the can is NOT in your inventory, but in the radial menu under camp craft.
  4. Test Branch update?

    or a month or two lol actually just saw this on his twitter Zeroing in on the final bugs for the FAITHFUL CARTOGRAPHER *Test* Build. Still aiming at a release tomorrow PM unless we find showstoppers.
  5. "Keep Forward" hotkey script (AutoHotkey)

    Yeah , i made this too! lol I use AHK for other games as well. Mainly 7 days to die, ya dont want to be clicking to take down a 10k gun safe at 10 pts a hack lol would be nice if auto walk was put in the game thou.
  6. Test Branch update?

    Sorry I didnt see if there was a test branch section of the forums. I couldnt find one at least. Wondering if there as been any more word. Last i saw http://steamcommunity.com/games/305620/announcements/detail/2367050445091504242 they said they are hoping for the end of the week. So not sure if that is today or tomorrow or an expectation of times? I'm not on here much so wasnt sure if i just missed it or if we have nothing yet
  7. Countdown

    well i'm going to head out of the discussion for the day. I'll keep playing from time to time only because i bought it. I have however lost a lot of my excitement, and enthusiasm about it and sadly will not be recommending it , unless they can really do what they say about taking the communities advice and maybe add some of the long requested features and communicate with the community better. I hope all of you that are mad, just try to take it in stride and try to salvage some joy in another form for your day
  8. Countdown

    maybe after enough delays and what some feel as an issue with dev, its no longer something they would recommend. i put in a lot of hours hoping it would come around, now seeing that is this close to release and still missing so much i dont feel its worth it. my bad review doesnt have to do with the countdown but rather was was revealed today
  9. Countdown

    because part of this game success is the positive reviews of it so far. it goes both ways without the reviews they wouldnt have sold nearly as much
  10. Countdown

    i havent been around enough in a long time to know what was known before this, but the fact ralph addressed seems to me they should have seen it coming. so why not even package up half an update "here is some new items to keep you going" something so that we wouldnt just be left with nothing. just let us put the tip in
  11. Countdown

    i agree with you on the price, however i disagree on the review point. I understand the argument of its about its game play. However for me, when I look at reviews I tend to find those that have other information like development, promises etc very useful. I may not want to put my money on a game where the development team may be flaky or updates delayed or on other things. i think its very relevant actually
  12. Countdown

    Yeah i was off today, but have to agree with it to a point. If i was not off i would have taken the day, because a lot of us expected at least something in the way of content today
  13. Countdown

    I agree with both schools of thought. If they are doing things that are getting them hammered in reviews they may change and many will change their reviews to reflect that. However when i do such things i leave both, a review about gameplay and about other things. would be nice if steam gave a different rating system rather than just yes or no 4 stars for game play 2 for development or something similar
  14. Countdown

    not the end of the world, but it will hit them , so far 11 neg reviews just today and i think they all reference the countdown , as a reason. valid a reason or not depending on your point of view its still happening. and thats only in the 90 mins or so since this was done, i have a feeling it will grow.
  15. Countdown

    Cartographer option is a huge plus I'll say that. If there is anything that will make me stick around it will be that, but i'm still really on the fence about it. Still think with others that they should have clarified it was not new content coming today or delivered some.