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    After I had already completed Lake Gunshots, I later re-read the text from Jeremiah and it gave me the exclamation point on the map again, then wouldn't go away when I went back to the area.
  2. I could be wrong, but it seems implied that there has already been a long slow apocalypse unfolding on the mainland and around the world for a while before the story begins. People are still obviously functioning on some level - he still has his plane and Astrid is able to get to him, but there are problems. This seemed to be confirmed when Will finds cash and says "huh I haven't seen cash for a while," or something like that. Like maybe the US/Canada dollar has fallen and people have reverted to a more local lifestyle. It's kind of a clever concept if you think about it - what happens to extremely outlying communities or isolated places during a global crisis? Surely they would be the first to be forgotten - cut off from the rest of civilization, accelerating the "apocalypse" in that local area. No one is going to be flying/trucking supplies to far-flung outposts when fuel and food prices spike and people are looting in the streets. Not sure how the aurora factors in.
  3. I find myself using Quonset more than I might otherwise prefer due to its central location and proximity to all the other zones.
  4. I'm not sure if the flare gun shells disappearing are being hidden under the snow...the same thing happened to me, but it seemed like they just changed from a stack of 8 to a stack of 1 when I dropped them.. could be wrong
  5. I feel like it signals their arrival to an area, but not sure at all..
  6. Just lost 7 of 8 flare gun shells on my way down the ropes from the peak on interloper...dropped all my stuff on the ground to go back up to the indoor cave to get other stuff and only one shell was there when I got back. Sucks to lose those!
  7. Interesting that DP got the fewest votes...I guess I can understand that. It has some of the most interesting buildings in the game (stone church, lighthouse, whale processing), but it doesn't really have any good base or place I have ever felt comfortable calling home.
  8. Do any of the boxes at the cargo container locations in Timberwolf Mountain have loot in them besides the ones at the peak? (interloper)
  9. This guy gets it
  10. I strongly feel that the devs should consider adding tauntauns for us to ride in the game. It's totally unrealistic that there are no tauntauns at all in such a wintery environment. Winter and snow are always associated with tauntauns, plus it would help us to move all of our supplies between zones, especially considering the harsh weight limitations and overburdening that we are experiencing. Even in interloper, there is way too much junk to carry. Having a tauntaun would make it easier and way more fun to run around the maps and still be able to carry 20kg of water and 3 hammers with me at all times. Also we could kill the tauntaun and sleep inside it, or eat it for extra meat and craft a tauntaun cape. The tauntaun could fight off wolves with its large talons and provide companionship (considering we don't even have any dogs in this totally unrealistic game). There should also be a rare spawn wampa living in the cave on Timberwolf Mountain. Or they could just add a new zone called "Hoth" and just have everything cool in that one zone. P.S. also needs more wendigos
  11. Bees are a good idea for when they add more seasons.
  12. I agree with mysifeid's suggestion to try and harvest the deer carcasses in DP. I usually go for matches and then harvest the deer in Katie's Quiet Corner right away. Sometimes I'll also try for the carcass down by the bear bridge, but you have to crawl around the bear to get it. I don't think many other carcasses spawn in DP in interloper usually, except the one in the cave. If you really want some serious food right away, try chasing a deer out onto the little bay area running from the direction of the blocked highway, through the gap in the rocks where the deer hang out. Usually a wolf will pick one up on the lake. Lure the wolf off and run into the car by the lighthouse. If you get lucky with no blizzard you can get some quick meat. This might take a few tries.
  13. Neat video
  14. Enjoy your new life in the ravine.
  15. My assumption since the beginning was the main character crashed in his own smaller plane. There would be many planes coming down everywhere due to the electromagnetic event. It's easier to survive a crash in a small plane than in an airliner, although there was that one case years ago where a stewardess fell out of a plane that broke up at altitude and survived by landing in a snow drift.