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  1. corpse mystery lake

    Hey there! Things like this may change for Story mode, but in the mean time, there are others naming things differently and in their own way in game too. Check it out!: viewtopic.php?f=71&t=4742&p=28086&hilit=friend#p28086
  2. Localization issue - string "calories"

    Thanks for letting us know. I am passing this on to our translation team to see what can be done about this.
  3. Tejas Stalker

    Welcome to the forums! If you need any help, please feel free to send me a message. I am here to help!
  4. Lit flares disturbs wiew sight

    Thanks for your feedback on this, Denyo. It has been passed on to the dev team for review.
  5. Deer lack flight behavior

    Interesting! We will take a look into this. Thanks!
  6. We are looking at options around this for the future.
  7. The Long Oregon Trail

    You meet a man on the Oregon Trail. He tells you his name is Terry. You laugh and tell him, “That’s a girl’s name!” Terry shoots you. You have died of dissin’ Terry. Always good for a laugh. Love it!
  8. Unbelievable near death experience

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this! Incredible!
  9. Even More Resetting

    As Raph has said before, we try to make the game a bit better every day.
  10. Oil lamp

    Thanks for your suggestion! It has been passed on to the dev team for review.
  11. A few Suggestions

    Thanks for your suggestions! You will find there are other threads in our forums about these topics that you may also like to join in on. (Note: If you are able to keep each suggestion in separate threads (or on other threads associated with the same suggestion), that can be a great help for us to see the volume of requests for specific ideas more easily and keep the forum tidy. Thanks for your help!)
  12. I bought the game on Steam, but...

    Hello! Yes it will be available in our website store once it is launched (coming soon!)
  13. Jagd mit dem Gewehr

    Danke für Ihre Hilfe, Jonas!
  14. Things that would be nice if changed.

    thanks for your feedback! We appreciate it!
  15. Female survivor in story mode

    thanks for the feedback all! It is something we think is important.