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  1. So we can enter by captioning here? Mine would be "Safe and warm, for now". thanks! whoops, this is really old. dang.
  2. Hope you had/have a great day, don't work too hard!
  3. Speaking of loading an old save on a new update... will we get all the latest features when loading a previous save or is it better to start new again? I remember last year between updates something changed in the UI that I didn't see on an old save until starting a new character.
  4. I fired up TLD last night to try the new maps, it's been months since I played so I was excited to see all the new updates. Once it loaded I was instantly reminded of one of the main reasons why I stopped playing it; the narrow FOV. I know many games are designed around a narrow FOV, and expanding it later in development can be difficult if it introduces model clipping or too much fisheye effect. I won't dig up the old debate on how much is too much because it's up to the user to decide, I'm more curious why the slider is capped and if there's reasons it's not letting us go more. I'm aware of a steam forum thread with instructions of how to tweak it manually but it's unclear if it still works, and really, if it's possible to go more, why not just update the options menu?
  5. Do you think savegames will be lost or carry over into this next update?
  6. Isn't cloud saving in effect? The game has the icon in my Library but nobody has confirmed yet.
  7. The problem I have today is that I saw a twitter post today about a large game update, so naturally I come here looking for the details, but I find that there's way too many possible forum sections (at least for new members like me) to find what was in the update, or if it even exists. I'm proposing a section of the forum be marked more obviously for game changlogs, and sorted chronologically so they're easy to find. Please don't flame if you don't agree, but if the devs have reasons, please enlighten! Loving the game, just saw the game stats posted to twitter, Canada is #4!?
  8. I agree, I died very soon after my first wolf encounter and had no idea what I did wrong. This also pertains to some other elements of the game, crafting/repairing for example. The "failed Repair" message dissapeared so fast the first few times I didn't even realize it happened, so I was blindly exploring thinking I knew how to play but was very wrong about alot of things for a good while. I didn't even know you can stockpile items in a drawer to come back to later!
  9. Using the new steam built in fps counter, i'm getting 60fps indoors, and between 30-50fps outdoor. System specs: Intel i5 3570k MSI GTX970 8gb ram Win7 x64 I keep my system running free from background processes as much as possible, not streaming or recording anything, so it surprises me to see it struggling to keep 60fps outdoors, unless there's things happening in the background I'm just not aware of. Have the devs ever commented on engine tuning or game optmizing?