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  1. I can see them being introduced in a spring thaw scenario. Mabe a salmon run where the player could catch and dry a lot of fish but the river is heavily populated with grizzlies competing for the salmon. The summer berry season could be the same deal - the player could potentially pick a lot of berries but...! The devs may have to introduce a 12 gauge with slugs to balance things out
  2. ...lucky guy. Also, he seems cool headed! http://nationalpost.com/g00/news/canada/man-punches-bear-in-the-nose-in-fight-for-survival-during-b-c-beachcombing-trip/wcm/182bb04e-6949-403d-b0f8-d2d681949714?i10c.referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fnationalpost.com%2Fg00%2F%3Fi10c.referrer%3D Anyone else looking forward to Grizzlys in TLD?!
  3. I wouldn't necessarily call it a bug, but its frustrating and maybe immersion breaking. I chased a deer up the railroad tracks from ML Carter Dam toward the Ravine. It seemed like a good strategy as the deer wants to come back to ML and is in a confined space, making for an easy shot. The trouble is that any shot arrows that enter the 'Leaving Mystery Lake' zone are irretrievable. You can see them laying there, but as you approach to pick them up you teleport to the Ravine.
  4. The new aiming interface is challenging (at least I think its new). In my first serious run in Cartographer It took 30+ days to find a rifle. I have put about 5 rounds through it so far and amazingly have killed two or three wolves. Amazingly, as basically the muzzle scribes a slow circle while aiming that is probably 5 meters around at 50 yards LOL. (sorry for the mixed units) Well I just found the Frontiersman book so maybe that will settle my aim a little. Also found 12 cartridges at the dam! Good times!
  5. ...but you do what you have to in a survival situation...
  6. I see a promo pic with a rifle magazine! I wonder if all my whining influenced this? I'm looking forward to the pending updates! I imagine Hinterland has a bit of a party planned for the team around Aug 1st? Stacey's soda on draft, sardines and peanut butter?
  7. In the spring of 2016 there were fundamental changes in the scope of the game leading to the need for much more development. This was explained at the time. I considered it great news the the game was going to be more and greater in its ambitions. The development trajectory and content seems to keep getting better. This is the stuff that actually should matter to players. The Steam malcontents changing their reviews to negative or, after hundreds of hours of play, deigning to write a pissy first review based on non-game PR issues is baseless and childish.
  8. I feel like I lose a couple IQ points every time I read Steam forums. It's trolled by a spleenful rabble of malcontents fomenting their tiny state of pixelated anarchy.
  9. I have enjoyed the game thoroughly (900+ hours) and look forward to the new content. The trailer looks great. Some of the negative reactions are disappointing. I clicked on the profiles of a couple of the more hysterical posters on Stream, some had more hours in TLD then anything else in their inventory, yet they appeared as apoplectic as a jilted teen on prom night. Some perspective is lacking there. The Oxford Dictionary has just updated the definition of 'First World Problem' - Feeling your expectations were betrayed by a video game countdown timer. Keep up the great work! Ernest
  10. Yes, I was thinking the Castaway scenario. Just thinking outloud... You go to bed on day 365 - upon waking, telescope ahead x years. Many or all of the pre-event buildings are uninhabitable, there are no remaining canned goods, matches. ammunition etc. This is balanced by your now honed skills of fire starting and and other neolithic abilities. New skills might be: Constructing a cabin Construct a canoe Constructing food driers and caches Flint knapping Making a powerful weapon - crossbow or...? Maybe reloading and making gunpowder. I would favour the inclusion of a black powder rifle drop, bullet molds, flint. Maybe you find it in a museum or as decoration above a fireplace? New clothing, so as to entirely clothe yourself in skins that are better and lighter as your skills evolve. Basically you totally devolve into a post-apocalyptic neo-neolithic being.
  11. I see your points. I would only advocate for more substantial building of cabins if the existing structures became uninhabitable over time. I perhaps see a metric where you make it through year one or two and then the game telescopes ahead in time some years. You find there are less civilization assets...anyway, this is conjecture and only in my head. I will argue the wolf/ grizzly dominance. Juvenile bears no, but a full grown male grizzly would be unchallenged by anything except another grizzly. 47:00 minute mark of this doc illustrates the interaction.
  12. Nice poll. My other thoughts: Grouse and a new arrowhead for hunting - a blunt or bird bolt could work on rabbits too. Wouldn't need the forge. I would need a mechanic to select your arrow ; broadhead or blunt. Improved animal AI. Change the crows into ravens. Ravens are more common in the bush then crows They should be all over kills if you leave, scavenging the meat. Large organized wolfpacks - could be terrifying! This might need to be balanced - so if you kill three or four maybe they back off Male deer should stand their ground to one or two wolves - antlers vs. teeth. Female deer should outnumber the males. The males could spar occasionally. Moose, should be able to easily kill wolves unless wolf AI is improved so they hunt effectively in packs. Grizzly bear - same wolf interaction as moose. They should always try to steal wolf kills - and your kills as well. Construction of food caches so food is protected. It would otherwise be scavenged and attract bears. Construction of a food dryer to make jerky and dried fish. The ability to keep meat inside when dry. On the macro scale I would be encouraged if the devs regrouped after Story Mode into developing the idea of seasons and all that that would entail; growing food, water travel preserving produce, saving the sinking fishing huts. I would favor the degradation of buildings over time and the need to build accommodations - a log house would make sense as a summer project.
  13. I recall the day I took the quad pic in a British Columbia region called the Caribou. It was later afternoon. I left the quad on the old logging road and trekked into the sticks. All around I could hear wolves howling from almost every direction although, never saw them. I comforted myself with the idea that there hasn't been too many recorded instances of wolf attack on humans. I was also somewhat comforted by the ten round magazine. I checked my '6' several times on the way back to the quad and didn't waste any time getting back to camp. No twilight hunt that day! Later on that hunt I encountered what was left of a moose. Just gnawed bones scattered over a wide area...and wolf scat everywhere filled with hair. I found a hoof and removed the cuticle. Its a bit like tortoiseshell. One day I will inlay it into my medieval crossbow.
  14. Mortan1234, Good thoughts. My rifle, a No.5, although old (1945) was in unused, unissued condition All the parts s/n matched. So it shoots like new, the casings all seem okay although I don't reload. The only misfire I have had was last year with the partly raised bolt, (Doh! Although the deer wasn't so lucky with the second round). I also, had some old ammo that was flakey and I disposed of it. Don't tell the CO - that magazine is not supposed to be in the rifle while on a vehicle. lol! That would be a fine in Canada.
  15. There is not much that will cause a .303 to misfire in RL. Its cold weather operation could be one of the reasons why the rifle persisted as the issued weapon for the Arctic Rangers until very recently. Although, the pessimist might claim that the government was just too cheap to upgrade the patrol. The military issued a canvas breach cover that could be tied onto the rifle with leather laces. I bought one to see what they were about. I have no idea when such a thing would be employed as it makes the rifle unusable until a bunch of knots are untied. Perhaps it was used on parade or when marching in particularly inclement weather? In heavy snow or rain I'm inclined to carry a rifle muzzle-down to avoid getting snow in the barrel. A hunting cohort actually puts a piece of tape over the end of the barrel. It doesn't seem to affect shooting and keep debris out of the barrel. A possible game metric could be a percentile chance of jamming the barrel into the snow during a stumble or a wolf attack. Or maybe in very heavy snowfall there could be a build up in the barrel based on time spent in the blizzard. This, unless cleaned, could freeze solid and cause catastrophic failure if fired. (Yay! A new way to die!). Another possible game mechanic could be a rifle safety switch and a chambered/ un-chambered cartridge state for the rifle In RL it's standard operating procedure (at least in my circles), when hunting, to chamber a round and then engage the safety. This prevents making a bunch of noise operating the bolt when the deer is 100 meters away. It is also common, in the excitement of the moment, to forget to switch the safety to the 'fire' position. This mechanic also opens up the possibility of forgetting to put the safety back on while traversing terrain, stumbling, and accidentally discharging the weapon (Yay! Another way to die!). My personal experience with .303 misfires is if the bolt gets bumped up a bit from from it's locked position. Easy enough to do if you're in rough bush. I had that happen last year in hunting season. Another issue can be if you have too much oil on the bolt it can collect dirt and create sticky bolt action. Occasionally you can have a bad round although this is rare with new ammunition. From a game standpoint, I might favour a metric that gave a percentile chance of a cartridge being bad, particularly ammunition found outside. The player might even get a squib-fire where a cartridge only partly fires but the bullet doesn't leave the barrel. If another round was then fired, the barrel could explode (Yay! yet another way to die!!). Otherwise the rifle would be inoperable until the bullet was removed with a cleaning rod, sometimes not that easy to do.