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  1. 1. Any plans for Wildlifes NPC vs NPC fights? It would be really cool to see a pack of wolves attacking a bear. 2. Any plans for survivor NPCs for us to encounter, partner with or even fight against? 3. Any plans for dogs as companions? 4. When will we know if savefiles will be confirmed NOT to be affected by the upcoming survival update?
  2. 1. Will the new survival update affect the current save files? 2. Will we find the revolver on existing save files? Perhaps only at areas we havent gone/searched yet?
  3. Obviously Survival mode. It is the primary reason The Long Dark is still alive.
  4. Raph stated he would bring one THIS week.
  5. Make sure to check the wikia to find where they spawn and general information.
  6. This is a highly popular request that the community wants to see in. A companion dog with its own needs (hunger, thirsty) which can reduce your resources significantly, following the character on the journey. Protecting the master, attacking wildlife on order (including hunting), etc. If I remember correctly, Raphael has stated that it is indeed a fact that everyone wants a dog in and is probably interested to add that. I might be wrong, that was ages ago. Now that the team has hired more animators and bought a better motion capture equipment, it will be no doubt they will add cougar, horses, etc. What do you think?
  7. With the new animation team members and the new technology, I am sure they will add Cougars, Horses and dogs (maybe?) in no time! They all require extensive animation work and as Raph stated, it was very hard to get them done due to animation work. It's fine Raph, take your time. At least we are getting the Redux Episodes.
  8. Bumping this just for a little bit! It's been months last time this was commented on so I thought bumping this MIGHT help new players settling a headquarters base! I hope that's ok.
  9. Hey Raph! I have a few questions. 1. Estimated time of release on next sandbox update? Or are you focused on delivering Episode 3 first? 2. Will NPCs ever make an introduction in Sandbox mode? If so, how would they behave? Hostile? Friendly? Neutral? Like... Would we see human patrols who would shoot you on sight and perhaps predators attacking them. Open-area shootout would attract deadly predators but I dont think this sounds good idea for this type game. 3. Will there ever be wildlife fights? Like.. a pack of wolves attacking a bear or even the moose. I remember this was in the roadmap but I was just wondering if this is still being considered. 4. Have you ever thought implementing a region inspired from... The Thing? - Or even a region based in something more city-like. Obviously this sounds quite a lot resource and time consuming. 5. Will the vehicles ever be more.. useful during Aurora? I have seen in some trailers as well as wallpapers that: - There was a bridge area where it was filled with more than 20 vehicles something which apparently will not happen or it was for future region. - All vehicles would flash their car lights and sort of stuff but none of these happen in-game. I would really love Aurora be something useful. Make fridges usable, ovens usable, radiators usable and so on. That's all, thanks!
  10. It's called easter egg I am sure it's Fluffy. I think many others agree it's Fluffy :c
  11. Seems like if I reside in Misanthropes Island, I got to chop a lot wood and haul them in. Especially if I got 2 cooking slots stove/campfire.
  12. That's a known glitch, at least for me. Even Scruffy does that. Not sure if you noticed it.
  13. Raphael has stated that Fluffy is alive and has moved from Dam to an unknown zone because her A.I couldn't pathfind in the new Dam. He confirmed that she is alive and moved to a new area. To this date (before Vigilant Flame) nobody found her at any area and Raphael didnt leak anything at all, likely to keep it secret. Now, Vigilant Flame released and several users reported sights of a wolf in a special cave who killed many of them if not every of them. The tweet was from January 2018. Therefore, this is enough to speculate and maybe confirm the fact that that the wolf in the special cave is indeed Fluffy. And we all are happy to see her return!!
  14. That's probably the Fluffy everyone been talking about. Does she respawn? If she does respawn, then it's just a wolf. Could you check it out please?