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  1. Hello to you all . I've had this idea for a while, but haven't shared it yet: I think you should drop the container of your food after you eat one, for example, if you eat Pork and Beans you'd leave the can on the ground (just like you can find some cans already open), but you can pick it up and place it somewhere else. I think this is a good idea because you don't just make cans and stuff magically disappear. Anyway, good gaming to you all and bye!
  2. Thank you!
  3. Yeah I agree. And oh god I think they would have to make more than one take to say that :lol: cause they'd never stop laughing at that ahahha :lol:
  4. Auch... that might have hurt . And the pubic lice idea is fantastic, LMAO with that. But let's give 'em some time, I guess they'll figure out a way to introduce more diseases, I'm sure they won't stick with the food poisoning .
  5. Portuguese: Olá! Se estás aqui é porque és um jogador português (ou pelo menos falas português) de "The Long Dark". Este post não serve para muito, mas simplesmente para te introduzires à comunidade se quiseres discutir algumas coisas connosco em português. Quaisquer estrangeiros também podem introduzir-se, mas não garanto que toda a gente traduza os posts. Obrigado e bom jogo! Multiafonso 8-) English: Hello! If you're here you are probably a Portuguese player of "The Long Dark", or you can at least speak Portuguese. This post doesn't have a very specific point, but you can introduce yourself to the community if you want to discuss some things with us in Portuguese (or English, maybe). Although I'll do it, I cant guarantee that everyone is going to translate Portuguese to English. Feel free to introduce yourself, even if your not from Portugal! Thanks for reading and good luck playing! Multiafonso 8-)
  6. Hi guys I'm from Portugal, and I went to see how many topics were in the my country's community (actually, there where none), and I noticed you wrote Portuguese wrong: you wrote "Portugeuse". I'm not mad, don't worry, but I figured I'd let you know keep it up! Multiafonso 8-)
  7. I like the idea of more diseases, for example frostbite, pneumonia, etc, as you said. However, I recon there shouldn't be very specific diseases that not everyone might know. Everyone knows food poisoning and dehydration, etc., but not everyone knows all of those (I'm not speaking for myself). I also think frostbite (if it's added) shouldn't require amputation, simply for the fact that if you amputated your arm you'd surely die, so there's no point in doing it. I quite like the idea of the severity, but I don't think all mild diseases should have the risk of evolving into severe ones, they could have a 5-15% possibility of getting worse.
  8. I think there could be vehicles around the Logging Camp (not functional, of course), because I'm sure they didn't cut all those trees and organized them just with simple man power.
  9. I guess you're right. Maybe later they'll find a way to add more subtle injuries, but we'll see.
  10. Ahahahaha his face though
  11. First of all: Hello form Portugal! And thanks for developing such and awesome game . I'd like to see added some more animals (like bears, eagles, etc.) and maybe even some type of fish (you could build an improvised fishing rod and fish from the holes in the lake). I'd also love to see some more health issues, like a broken leg (if you fall of a long hill), which would make you walk like you're exhausted, and would basically mean certain death, unless you have tons of food, and take the painkillers and rest for a month or so. I don't know many people who can do that (I can't, for example). Similarly there could also be the possibility of a broken arm, which would make searching and handling tools much slower and sloppier. Although it may seem dumb, because it would ruin that save, it can be a fun experience, simply because it can happen in real life when you're surviving. As you were victim of a plane crash, I think it could be possible to start the game with an injury (sprained ankle, broken arm/leg, bruised elbow - if you add it, of course - etc.) Thanks for reading and good luck!