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  1. Thanks for looking into this. The waterfall is just an example where the directional sound is easily noticeable. The same effect is also present with campfires and crows circling a body, so I suppose it is a general effect for all sounds.
  2. I am running TLD on an Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS desktop PC with on-board sound, but occasionally also booting into Windows 10 on the same PC. A dual-speaker setup is used. Under Ubuntu, sounds from e.g. waterfalls appear loud and with proper stereo volume effect when the source is at the front or left/right. But when turning away from the source, the sound disappears almost completely. Under Windows, the directional effect is far less pronounced and feels more realistic. Im am curious if other Linux users experience a similar affect, or could this could be due so some improper setup on my PC? The sound setup in Ubuntu appears very basic, without any settings to change stereo/surround effects.
  3. Just completed replaying Wintermute Episode One Redux, and it was a real pleasure now to have an engaging story. Hinterland, you made the right call to take your time to change a first release from a lackluster experience to an excellent one.
  4. Thanks, worked nicely. No more booting into Windows to play
  5. DAY 4 (spoilers)

    Got the Midnight badge, but was a little underwhelmed by a challenge setup that encourages camping - there should have been other objectives in stead of lasting two hours/day. Day 1: Searched CH: Got a lot of candy bars and decent clothing. Went on to PV, and found my first cache between Outbuildings and Farmstead. Quit after entering Farmstead. Day 2: Searched the Farmstead, then camped for two hours. Day 3: Another two hours of camping, and then went to Radio Hut and found second cache nearby. Only had to shoot a single wolf on the way up there. Day 4: Camped for two hours at Radio Hut without even lighting a fire! Got the badge and found a pie. Then walked back to the Farmstead, just to see if the weather was so nasty as they claimed. Had to stop halfway to light a fire, but made it and was warm and fine after an hour in bed. Got enough candy for another week. Ok, nobody forced me to choose the boring camping strategy, but still it would be better if it had not been possible to get through that way.
  6. Items now respawning?

    I suspect some plant respawns have occurred between version updates - but could never tell for sure. Without implementation of seasons first, any plant respawn would be absurd. Currently, we are experiencing an everlasting, frigid winter.
  7. Oh, the silly things one does to get an achievement badge... After the latest patch, I one again tried to map the DP church in my old 250+ days Stalker game, started about September '17, to no avail. So - started up a new Pilgrim mode game and went through the maps, and finally got the achievement. 45 game-days of relaxed boredom - could have been less if I had not been foolish to take on a moose, just as I needed to climb a rope to move on.
  8. What happened to my Bow reticule (aim spot)?

    See the 1.27 release notes. The Long Dark Hotfixed to v1.27 [34908] on STEAM Calling it unplayable is streching it a bit. Some have demonstrated quite good bow skills without the reticle. I am not among them
  9. Conflicting Achievements?

    Yes, getting a skill level of 5 before reading the books relevant to that skill will prevent you from getting the achievement. I can confirm from experience
  10. Thanks for the patch, but so far things are not looking too good. Only took a couple of minutes before I saw the first crows fly into the ground near the stone Church on Desolation Point. And the Stone Church icon still fails to show up on my map, on a game started in the autumn (v1.15, I think). So still no Faithful Cartographer achievement without starting a new game.
  11. the long dark

    A bit outside town. Go along the main road, opposite direction of the bridge and church.
  12. Less Smoking

    The implementation of the breath cloud is completely wrong for night conditions. A cloud is visible because it scatters light. In darkness there is less light to scatter, so the cloud visibility must similarly go down.
  13. Quick, practise tonight in your last game of TLD. Tomorrow you will be living it for real Two Significant Solar Flares Imaged by NASA's SDO Spaceweather: "R3 (Strong) Radio Blackout Impacts" observed Sep 7 "G3 (Strong) Geomagnetic Storm Impacts" predicted Sep 7-9
  14. Steam Patch 7 Question

    Sure, but: I am pretty late in episode 2 and was affected by a bug. This was fixed by the patch, so I think it is safe to say that you will also benefit from it without starting all over again.