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  1. what's with the Cairns?

    Good question. I'm not one of the backers who got to add a cairn so I'm not fully informed (I think). But from what I understand not all backers with this tier have written their contribution yet. I'm a bit afraid that some of them never will as this eye candy piece of the game added later than some expected (makes sense to me as it's purely eye candy). I think some people even forgot about it. But this might be something a backer can confirm who was informed about what you have to do to write these. Or Hinterland themselves.
  2. Ah yes the road map with aspirational idea's, loved to get a view on it. Sadly a lot of people didn't knew that aspirational and promise aren't the same words. Non-map based is as far as I understand it what we currently have as terrain parts that can be recognised (unique) combined with the map you draw with charcoal (as it's not pointing where you are).
  3. Car fell on a bear

    Hahaha great share!
  4. what's with the Cairns?

    That's correct. These are contributions from the crowdfunding backers. For some tiers it was a possibility to add these things. I like them a lot.
  5. Happy Holidays from Hinterland

    @stratvox Ah thanks! I've been away for a small 2 months due to a severe broken pc haha. Best wishes!
  6. Happy Holidays from Hinterland

    Best wishes to everyone and a good and healthy 2019!
  7. Dev Diary - November 2018

    @Raphael van LieropI think that's a good thing. I liked the story a lot when I heard of it at first (and back then not much was known), it lead me to my decision to support you all with my small donation. Many things have changed since then but my appreciation for the story has only grown. There's a certain mystery which is being unfolded in Story mode, the way it's done is kinda like listening to a very good story teller. I'm very curious about the Redux but I don't expect any disappointment, some people are just very good at telling stories.
  8. More new about why GOG was removed. I though it would be nice if I shared it here too for those who don't read the mailbag: I'm glad there's communication about it. I appreciate this a lot. Thanks Raphael, thanks Hinterland.
  9. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #16

    A dev diary and a mailbag on one day. Lovely to read again, thanks for investing time into this. Much appreciated! I couldn't resist laughing at why bear noses glow in the dark. x'D About the countdown in 2017, the mixed feelings in the community were weird to experience. Some reactions (looks at writing negative reviews as respone) were way out of proportion. But I think you also have a very good and positive point, this is a nice and healthy community compared to what most forums and devs have to endure. I like going to this forum, cheers on everyone! I'm looking forward to the next mailbag! Edit: before I forget: thanks for sharing the reasoning about the GOG change. Much appreciated. like really I do appreciate it.
  10. Dev Diary - November 2018

    Congratulation new team members on joining Hinterland and congratulations Hinterland on the crew expansion! Sounds really cool to work for such an creative game developing studio. I started to feel really disappointed by the episode 3 delay but it fits with the same reasons of the redux. I was going to says that this too much delay BUT, the reasoning behind it makes perfect sense. Well done! Also I see the soundtrack now is available on Bandcamp! That's the best! I'm going to throw some money in your direction for some drinks by buying the soundtrack. I'm especially looking forward to the soundtracks from Sascha Dikiciyan, I LOVE those!
  11. The bad news is that Steam isn't a DRM free platform.
  12. Where is cairn #117

    That's very impressive! Haven't found it myself yet I think.
  13. I just took note that TLD won't be able for purchase in a short while on the GOG platform. I would like what has lead to this decision before jumping to conclusions. https://www.gog.com/forum/the_long_dark/the_long_dark_removal/page1
  14. Upvote or Like?

    Exactly how I'm using this system. Would love to hear if people use it differently and why. Could change my perspective on it haha.
  15. I agree with OP. I'd like to have some answers. Let's state the main problem here: complete utter lack of communication. I was very happy the past year because Hinterland made a major leap when it came to communication to GOG players.... we're back to zero again. Don't get me wrong I love the Hinterland devs and I really really love how the game turned out. I completely hate the current communication again, it's something I tell to everyone close to me while being interested in the game: expect to be completely ignored at random times for no apparent reason. Little note: I followed all the fun 4DoN stories this year, looks like an awesome hyped event!